louis vuitton damier treviOne of the deciding factors when I purchase a new handbag is whether or not the bag is functional. If I can’t fit all my ‘stuff’ (which sometimes can include the kitchen sink) in it, then what is the point of paying upwards of $1000 for the bag? I am also not a huge fan of letting the weather dictate which bag I can carry that day. I just want to grab a bag, sling it on my shoulder, and run out the door! Thus, the Louis Vuitton Damier line has always appealed to me. These bags can take a beating and never show it! I have seen bags that are 10 years old and look like brand new. The problem with this line is that the bag has never been just right. The bags have always been a little too fancy and grown-up for my taste (e.g. Duomo) or a bit too casual (e.g. Saleya).

Louis Vuitton has finally got it right with the new Louis Vuitton Damier Trevi. This bag, just released earlier this month, is certainly functional. It can be a shoulder bag, or the strap can be removed and carried by hand. The zippered top provides security from prying hands. The pleat adds volume and a funky edge to keep it youthful, but not too casual. In additional to all these wonderful attributes the bag also comes in two sizes. The GM (16 x 12 x 8) is big enough to carry around the kitchen sink, while the PM (13 x 9 x6) is just big enough to fit all the essentials without being overloaded. And of course the price;at only $1725 for the GM and $1425 for the PM it is not too overwhelming! At least my bank account didn’t shudder in disbelief for once!

Contact 1-866-VUITTON for more details or shop at eLuxury’s official Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • Laura

    Gorgeous!!! That all I have to say, gorgeous. I’m not a huge LV fan, but these are beautiful. Functional and stylish, I love it.

  • Alexia

    I spent all of the evening oogling these bags on the LV website yesterday! Perfect. My fav is the PM though. I dunno why but I always seem attracted to the smaller versions of Lv bags.

  • Bagged

    I love the style! :mrgreen:

  • my new bag

    Wow, finally something to consider. Price is great, shape is wonderful,
    how are the insides? any pockets etc?

  • chloe

    i think there is a phone pocket and another lining pocket! and lining is red! visit the site vuitton.com to view :)

    this bag is indeed heartwarming! something to consider for me too :)

  • E

    My wife said NO when I tried to buy the GM version. I like it, she says it’s an ugly piece for old ladies :neutral:

  • Augusta

    Am addicted to LV bags, but dont seem to like this particular Damier type….sorry LV..guess u didnt get it right this time around.

  • sen

    i stared and i stared to see why this bag looked so appealing or what was so familiar about it.
    then i realized it looks like the MJ STAM! but without quilts!
    i still love it though!!!!

  • Moonlight

    It looks very appealing to me.. but still I have to see it in person to decide which size to buy…

  • Teresia

    This bag is classy and beautiful! Of course everyone isnt going to love it. We all have our own unique style but it
    takes a certain type of woman classy enough to wear this bag! It would’nt look right on anyone. Only the bold and the beautiful and those with the nerve! This bag has a life of it’s very own! You can wear it with jeans You can wear it with a suit, a black dress etc. But one thing for sure is You see the bag coming around the corner before the person. A life of it’s own. Come on ladies it’s a must have!!

  • michelle

    i bought the smaller one and it is so amazing im in in love with this bag because its still big enough to put all my stuff and the style with with strap is so classy!! this is the first damier bag i have as i am a lv collector and wasnt much for damier except the azur one but i must say this is for me!!(now i have to get the wallet to match lol).

  • baglover

    :razz: we went to ask how long the wait list is when someone actually was supposed to pick up one and did not show up. The sale’s lady told me we can get it if I want it. Now I have all my usual work stuff in it and I am loving it. This is my most expensive LV and I can say that it’s truly worth it.

  • fashionchic

    :cool: for those who see this as a mature bag or an ugly bag is surely dated people :wink: this bag is Only for people who know how to dress! Those ones who don’t know how to dress or with dated fashion sense surely don’t know what to do with this bag!

  • Kutiekellie

    I went to the store today looking for a Marc Jacobs bag with my husband and the one I really wanted was all sold out : [ Then we went around the city and wondered into LV (I never reallly liked LV, it is so overpriced) and OMG little did I know. The moment I set my eyes on this beauty that reminds me so much of MJ purses… IT IS TRULY GORGEOUS. and Of course, my husband got it for me with a matching wallet! : ] AND YES. THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE BAG EVER… but like baglover said, it IS WORTH IT!!!!

  • Twinny

    It was love at first sight when I saw the intro of this bag on the website! I really like it! But no money :cry:

  • helen

    I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it! It reminds me of a little girl’s dress, with a cute bodice and pleated skirt. And-It feels so good to wear!! It’s the most functional bag I’ve ever had, and it goes with absolutely everything, from day time into the evening. It even withstands those November rains on the West coast!!

  • Kit

    I think I’m in LOVE. :oops:

  • david

    I’m trying to buy this bag for my girl friend. But its all SOLD OUT.. can anyone help me locate this bag?
    Is it really impossible to buy this bag during christmas season?

  • Jellibeans

    How about the weight of the bag ? Isnt it heavy ?

  • CPWLady

    I just got mine (Trevi PM) last Friday night it is just gorgeous!!!!

    Jellibeans – It is very light… but then again, that is relative. However, since it is made of coated egyptian cotton, it is definitely lighter than a similar handbag in leather.

    • Jellibeans

      Thank u for the info :)

  • Hazel

    Just bought the PM one in Paris two days ago. I absolutely LOVE it! :))))

  • Wing

    I’m still deciding whether if i should buy the PM or the GM. I personally love big bags, can anyone tell me if GM is too big? Is the PM’s handle long enough to be a shoulder bag?

  • chetan

    :neutral: chetan

  • robeast

    i have to agree that Damier is my fav line and i absolutely loooooove my Trevi PM!! it just looks down-right cool when you’ve got it on your arm and the shoulder strap just hangs over. And the pleat work is amazing!

    my last LV purchases were GM versions: Hampstead and Saleya ’cause i HAVE to rock BIG bags. but with the Trevi, the PM was just right. the is shoulder strap is long enough, and it’s great when travelling and running after kids. but you really want to carry the Trevi on your arm with the shoulder strap dropped.

  • Sara

    OMG!! I totally like it. When i first saw the bag, i was like… Gotta have it – NOW! So I told my boyfriend, and he said that i would buy it for me. But then i have to wait, to he got paid for his job, so i asked my mom. shit, she said that it was a beautiful back, but even though think it through. WHEN CAN I GET IT? I’m so in love with it, you know…

  • Sara

    I can tell you that the PM, is not TOO big, but big, in my opininon. Its like you can went somewhere for a weekend with the big one, :) I was in the store, and i had to choose the small one, since i was looking for something small.. To have my wallet and so in it.

    I have to mention that im not so glad for their wallets. I mostly like gucci when it comes to that.

  • kimmy

    I just bought the GM version.. it’s really big for everyday use but for a bag that size its pretty much a statement bag. My sisters, my mum and I collect designer handbags (mostly LV’s and Gucci’s), and collectively we have about 25 bags (excluding wallets, coin purses and diaries). so far this is my favourite of them all… maybe it’s because it’s the newest… i don’t know

  • Windy

    This bag is like a little feminine work of art to me. One day I hope to have the Trevi PM.

  • Keisha

    This will be my 1st LV purchase & I’m torn over the price increase LV has had for this bag over the past year. Do any current owners think the bag is worth $2000? I want a bag can carry everyday and all seasons. Please advise???? I LOVE this bag so much.

  • Mindy

    It’s crazy how when this article was written (just a little over a year ago). . .the PM was only $1425. A year and a month later, it is $1650!!! How outrageous, and yet, I still bought it. Why? Because there is nothing else out there like it, and yet I feel like this will be a classic that can be carried from now until a decade later. It is absolutely beautfiul. . .I am in love with it. I love the interior (surprised that the small cellphone pocket actually fits my blackberry curve!!!) and the exterior is chic and also unique. . .and I absolutely adore how you can tote it or sling it over the shoulder. . .it is perfect!

    Keisha: buy it. For me the GM is way too big but the PM to die for and a purchase you can never regret!

  • Jen

    Keisha/Mindy: It is a terrible price increase. The first time I took a look at this purse at my local LV store it was at 1400 range for the PM and thought it wasn’t the time to buy it then. The next time I checked… it was sold out everywhere even online at the LV site. A few months ago I was looking into purchasing the neverfull but wanted to ask the saleslady if maybe they had a Trevi available and she was surprised to see that they actually did… the last one! So eck at a total of about $1750…. i am in-love with my purse! Thank you to my ever so loving husband who said yes! I tried on both purses (Neverfull and Trevi) and he definitely went for the better looking one (according to him). Enough said! THE PURSE IS GORGEOUS!

    —and old lady bag??? I am 25 and don’t see anything old lady about it. Ladies just need to know how to carry their accessories…. just like their clothes. =)

  • Serene

    I was in love in my 1st sight to this gorgeous bag…:)
    My hubby wanted to buy a LV for my birthday..starting we decided to get a Bagtinolles..but my hubby noticed that i actually fall in love with Trevi PM….end up we walked out with TREVI PM…!!!!

    WOnderfuL…functinal……not too heavy…just nice for a lady….even < 30 ….

    Highly recommended!!!

  • Erica

    Do you guys know if the trevi only comes in ebony or does it come in azur as well? Thanks in advance!

  • Tamstopher

    It’s just simply HAWTT!! I saw it on someone and it was so nice .e specially the PM <3

  • azira a rahman


    LV Damier Trevi? I bought it for the price of RM6250. Malaysia Money last week 11/2/09. At LV Shop KLCC Kuala Lumpur. This is my LV first handbag. I admire this bag so much and I just couldn’t sleep while waiting for the stock in. I did a research like Burberry, Gucci, Prada, CD etc but nothing can compete my Trevi!I am glad that I have it now. I easily can match with my black and plain clothes in my closet. This is my first investment so far and I just LOVE, LOVE LOVE it. My opinion; this Trevi would match any occasions such as…formal or in formal. It just like another kind of satisfaction when I bought this bag. And bare in mind I am not maniac handbag. I only owned Guy Laroche black handbag so far which cost me only RM799.00. This bag match those who are 30’s. Burberry is not bad….maybe later…those who have extra budget for luxury handbag shold go for Trevi! Thanks LV..

  • azira a rahman

    Me again….I did research on Coach as well at the KLCC…To me this brand; it’s just a another childish design I must say…so sorry…they should redesign their handbag pattern..I hate their BIG COACH writting and their striking color on their handbags! Urgh.. Coach I will consider your product if you create something like Classic and Elegance look. Just look at your competitors such as LV and Burberry then you really understand what I mean..Thanks!

  • vang

    Does anyone know if I could order the shoulder strap? It’s much shorter than their adjustable straps that are available for sale alone. I would like to get one to attach to my Damier Canvas messenger bag for additional shoulder-carrying.

  • anne

    Does anyone know how much the LV Damier PM cost in Paris?

  • kt

    If you go to the Louis site you can select France as your option it shows the price in € there. With the current exchange rate its a couple hundred less

  • jenn

    I’m in Paris nw and i got it at EUR1070 before tax refund 12percent. =)

  • lxsc300

    I’ve never own an LV, thinking why pay such a high price for a PVC bag…But, after trying on Trevi PM, I am seriously in love. The bag is great with dress up or down. I will be owning one really soon. However, the price tag is outrageous, knowing it was only $1425 when it first came out.

    You can special order the GM in Azur, however, it is 30% more than the Damier line.

  • cirruss

    Im not a LV fan and i do not go for branded bags religiously…..but but but i fell in love with the damier trevi PM because of its design with the centre pleat! Its absolutely stunning ! Anyone knows what is the price of the damier trevi PM now?

  • yanie

    hi m yanie n m a proud owner of two trevi PM. 1st was a birthday gift from hubby and i lost it over my house break ins sometimes last yr and i purchased the 2nd one frm a friend in UK. Its TDF bag and I’m loving it!!!

  • Amanda

    I just bought a Trevin PM last week at LV store Hollywood. Does anyone know about where to find the date code?? The total price came out to be a little more than $1800 (including tax)!

  • Emily

    Can anyone help me decide whether I should get the Damier Trevi PM or the Damier Berkeley – pros and cons of each? I’m very attracted to the way the Trevi looks. I wear a lot of business suits, but also want to wear this casually, of course (anytime!), so I would love some feedback! Thanks.

  • Baby

    Is it true that all Trevi’s are stamped made in the USA? I was in Paris two months ago and regretted that I didn’t get this bag. I bought a Tate GM and the new Totally Azur PM instead. Now, I really, really like the Trevi again but I didn’t look at the inside of it closely then because I know that it was one of the priciest pieces from LV. Thanks.

  • Han

    I just bought this gorgeous bag…..it is costly….but worth it. Frankly speaking, this is my 1st piece, I was given a chance to own a speedy and neverfull instead of 1 trevi pm, i wasn’t regret to choose trevi pm, really!

  • Karen

    Hurray I finally bought the LV Trevi … A bit costly but it’s real great … Simply love it so much :-)

  • Samantha Koh

    Really like this bag, but I’m 24. Do you think it will suit me? Would probably be going for the PM one.

  • DYNY

    i really love the style…excellent quality i presume & a facinating bag!!em in love with it every minute…its a must have & such a steal!!the PM is definately for me bcos i can throw everything in & bring all my everythings….^_^ love it!!!!

  • LV lovers

    this is amazing i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • LV lovers

    this is amazing, i like it very mucho:)

  • Loren

    Hello! I’m going to purchase my first LV. I’m in love with this Trevi damier but it’s quite pricey and with the amount, I can buy a speedy and neverfull already. Any suggestions? should I just get the Trevi or get the speedy and the neverfull?

  • jglassk

    hi Loren-

    I have the neverfull and the speedy but think the Trevi is far more versatile. The neverfull is more of an everyday tote and the speedy can only be carried on the arm. It all really depends on how you prefer to carry your bags (shoulder/arm) and what ‘look’ you are going for. The Trevi looks classy yet can be used everyday as well. What size are you going for?

    Good luck!

  • WTeo

    Luv my newly purchased Trevi GM, versatile & functional.. glad I bought it :)


    One of the greatest and most beautiful bags of Louis Vuitton .. ;)
    I like it , i Hope to get The GM the larggest size ..
    i like large size of handbags .. :)
    in the United arab Emirates brands boutiques bags finish quickly and also the shoes , clothest … what ever

    :) ITS COST ONLY 6700 DHS which in UsDollars >> 1800 $

    Thanks Alot LV ..


  • Opaq

    The PM cost IDR 19.190.000 here in Jakarta.

    I just got this beauty as an early birthday gift, I’m flying happy!! :-D

    • cas

      hi opaq,

      are you sure it cost only IDR 19,190,000 there?

      • Grce

        last time i checked the Trevi PM cost 19,400,000 IDR .. They cost more here than other country

  • doris

    Hello, hello! I ADORE the Louis Vuitton Trevi handbag, the PM and the GM model as well! My only worry is: Is the bag a little bit too have carrying on the shoulder? I have the LV Lockit Horizontal, and I like it very much, but to me it is a little heavy, and I have other bags that more comfortabel to carry because they are not that “heavy”…. So, what would you, – owners of the absolutely gorgeous LV Trevi bag – say: Is the bag comfortable to carry? many regards! :)

  • stella

    am in love with the the Trevi GM, and the Bowling montaigne GM,dont know which to choose??
    should i buy the Trevi GM and the Epi speedy 30/ Epi Alma??
    or should i get the montaigne GM and the damier Alma??
    really confused…….pls sum help my fello LV loving sisters??

    • stella

      ok i have made my decision……its definitely gonna be a Trevi GM and an Mongram Alma PM….yayyyyy!!!!cant wait!!!

  • Mazura

    Wow ! This is what I call ‘HandBag’. I own one of this and I am very proud of it. It worths every penny I spent on this one.

  • Dayzley

    maybe il nuy this bag when i go to singapore this coming march.with all the testimonials,im now sure,its all worth it to buy it.:-)

  • Che

    I have a Trevi GM. I bought it last year , for by baby stuffs , that’s why I choose him. My baby is 1 year old now..and I am still carrying it more often than my other bags. (Manhattan GM, Beverly MM, Neverfull MM(damier) and Speedy 25 epi ivoor)
    Cause I really in love with this bag!!! (and I have only Koala Damier purse, that’s why )
    Luv it..luv it..luv it…!!!

    Come on girls..you have to have THIS!!

  • bag hag

    My BF just got me the Trevi GM and I’m totally loving it! But does anyone know if the pleats and everything is supposed to be symmetrical throughout the entire bag and the bulges even? If so I need to exchange. I am super critical when it comes to my bags and just checking to see if this is normal or not. Thanks!

  • caffeinebabe

    Thinking about Trevi for several years. Can anybody tell me how much does it coast now in euro? PM and GM.
    It’ll be wonderfull if someone tell me)))

    • JustShopping

      There is a very reasonalble PM on e-bay in Australia being item : 290415518234. And 4 days to go.

  • Crystal

    i juz bought Trevi PM in Barcelona, it is Euro 1100

  • stella


  • L

    Hi girls, I have a Trevi GM for sale. Hardly used. Please contact me at koh_lindsay@yahoo.com for enquiries.

  • M

    I am also interested in Trevi PM, where is the cheaper country to purchase it? or everywhere the price is about same?

  • Hanis

    Im currently torn Between this bag, Fendi Mia and also YSL downtown. i love all 3!

  • catherine

    may i know this trevi pm sell at euro is how much thanks

  • To_LV_Lovers

    To LV Lovers whom wanna pamper herself for Xmas & New year

    Want to sell:
    Current price: S$2460 (can call LV boutique 67883888 to double cfm)

    I bought it for my galfriend as a bday gift.
    She din like it at all so she din take it.
    I decide to sell it now coz we juz broke up (sad.. i know)
    Willing to let it go at $2360, slightly discount.

    Condition: Pls see photos http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g370/To_LV_Lovers/
    NEVER used
    As NEW as you get from LV store
    Comes with original dustbag, paperbag and invoice fm LV ION (cost me $2510 at that time)

    Only one piece, Limited chance, action fast you are really keen and serious to buy.

    Contact NOW: HP9-8-4-3-1-1-6-8

  • www.purseblog.com

    Louis vuitton damier trevi.. Corking :)

  • metshel

    Just gotit few months ago..love it..

  • Maya

    I just bought my Trevi PM yesterday from Paris. and I am truly IN LOVE.
    Originally I went in ‘wanting to get the Berkely but once in the store i saw the trevi and my heart just set on it. i tried it once and bought it straight away, way more classier than the berkely. As for the carrying, i always carry my bags at wrist level, so i didn’t care much for the strap but just made sure that its detachable. I haven’t even worn my bag out yet but it seems quite comfortable yes :D
    all depends on how u rate comfort, and how ur used to wearing your bag!

  • Maya

    Oh and as for the price- 1,250 EURO

    happy louis vuitton-ing everybody

  • Jane

    I got Trevor (my nickname for it) for birthday a few yrs ago from my sis. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Looks great after the years, loads of room for my stuff and I can see myself wearing him as I get older. Only downside is the bag itself is on the heavier side but still so worth it. Definitely a show stopper, Trevor is the one to beat in my closet.

  • Rarescorpio

    Yes……. I finally got my Trevi GM for 1,530.00 € in Paris, France minus detax vs $2,410.00 in the USA……. I am so excited(I know it’s just a handbag) but I ABSOLUTELY love it!!!!!!

  • JJ

    Bought the Trevi PM frm Barcelona last month at 1290 euro.Cant wait to bring the beauty out for shopping and functions. :)