Louis Vuitton Antigua Navy Striped Cabas PM A little bit of ocean, beach, yacht, sand, boat, lemonade, sailing, or whatever suits you for summer, is just around the corner. I have a thing for a preppy clean cut look, it reminds me of going to the country club and charging many mini-pizzas and candy onto my parents account. Yes, I was that kid that skipped tennis lessons and went to the pool to order food. A handbag that makes preppy summer feel like it is here is the Louis Vuitton Antigua Navy Striped Cabas PM which boasts cotton canvas with contrasting dark shoulder straps and striped lining on the canvas. On a simple beachy bag, there are engraved golden rivets and a golden logo plate. The dimensions are perfect for your summer bag, 9″ L x 8.5″ H x 2.3″ W. I can picture myself throwing this bag on my arm, putting on some oversize frame sunglasses, a white skirt, and Lacoste shirt. Perfect mental image of a preppy outfit for a preppy summer bag. Buy the Louis Vuitton Antigua Navy Striped Cabas PM via eLuxury’s exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • Plain_Jane_Too

    $540 for a canvas bag… :shock:

  • Megh

    I like it, but it’s way too pricey for what it is!!

  • DCfashioncat

    Wow $540 is like a car payment! I’m looking to get my mom a nice purse for her birthday, but I can’t spend that much. I think I’ll stick with Lord and Taylor on this one. All my female co-workers say they have great purses. I still like that bag though!

  • Heavensent


  • scholastican

    very cute, very preppy, but no big deal. if you guys think this pricey, how about the Hermes garden party tote in canvas? doesn’t that run around $1-2k? any fabulous handbag is worth it, if it’s worth it to the buyer.

  • I have the Antigua PM in pink on pink. It really is very fabulous and a decent price entry-level for your first Vuitton – but I wouldn’t waste my time on the other colours or sizes. Different strokes for different folks notwithstanding, they just don’t look as cool. :grin:

  • irini greece

    i like very much :smile: but it is expensive

  • mai bongas

    i’ve been eyeing this bag for awhile…is this bag available here in the philippines because i heard there are certain bags that are not locally available..thanks.

  • Naggy

    Way too bland. (ipad)

  • Meena

    Today I saw a bag of louis vuitton which was blue in colour,it was the on 4 page of timenstyle beauty in The Times of India.I am planning to buy that bag. Please let me know the price.
    Thanking you.

  • Maria hernandez

    I got this bag, but it looks dirty now. Can u give me suggestion on how to make it look clean again? Thank u

    • Becks

      Were you able to clean it? Mine got dirty too and nothing seems to get out the stain it’s really frustrating

  • Michaellandolfi

    this is such a fake everyone knows just looking at it far away that the real has blue squares small gold plate and suede and canvas straps..at least make a good copy u might sell them for the price u r asking…too fake girls trust me!!!