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Usually, Louis Vuitton artist collaborations are easy to describe. The French brand tends to err on the side of big, bold, graphic visuals, and subtlety usually isn’t a common trait among its collections with the likes of Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami. To say that the twee, low-fi animation of the brand’s recent video, The Great Journey of Little Bagcharms, is unexpected would be an understatement. It’s a good kind of unexpected, though.

Vuitton teamed up with artist Christian Borstlap to animate this short film to fete the launch of the new Louis Vuitton Montgolfiere Bag Charm, a hot air balloon carrying a classic trunk. Even if you have little interest in the charm itself, the video’s old school line drawings and the sweet song that accompanies them are a nice little respite from your lunchtime food coma. Check out a larger picture of the charm and pricing information after the jump.

Louis Vuitton Mongolfiere Bag Charm, $725 via Louis Vuitton

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  • kemilia

    So cute!

  • Daphne

    Beautiful charm!

  • rose60610


  • klynneann

    I love their bag charms!

  • Edia

    I know I wont get the song out of my head for a while. Still I think that woman sounds like a dying cat and i really dont like it…
    the video is cute though

  • India Creery

    I received the Louis Vuitton Montgolfiere today, and it is absolutely stunning. I have it on my Louis Vuitton Trevi GM…:) I have purchased other LV charms from Louis Vuitton Lenox in Atlanta, and this bag charm far exceeds all the others both in craftmanship and beauty.

    • The Scarlett

       I have this bag charm and it WAS hanging from my LV Tivoli until I noticed that one of the jump rings holding the trunk had become unattached. I took it to my LV store (in King of Prussia) and was told that it could not be repaired. Unfortunately there is not a replacement to be found ANYWHERE. One would think that a luxury brand such as Louis Vuitton would offer repairs on ANYTHING purchased from ANY of their stores. (And, yes, they had a record of this purchase.) Instead I am very disappointed and left to only pay a jeweler. For shame, Louis Vuitton!

  • Kim

    love love love

  • topandgd

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