I got an email last week of a PurseBlog reader looking for a sneak peek at an upcoming Louis Vuitton bag. Lea asked and we can deliver! Welcome the Louis Vuitton Damier Rivington which is said to be available starting August 1st.

You know why I love this bag? There is a large shoulder drop and a seemingly good sized body with the sturdy Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas. The Damier canvas is a favorite of mine. It works well with many outfits, seasons, and years. Keep your eyes out for more from Louis Vuitton items hitting stores this summer! Approximate price will be $1030. Shop via Louis Vuitton online.

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  • qudsia

    i dont like it =/ it reminds me too much of any generic nondesigner bag (not that im hating on non designer bags, just saying). i love the montorgueil, and i wish they would make that in damier. i would get it in a heartbeat!

    • qudsia

      actually, i may change my mind.. it has alot of the good qualities that i like in a bag, esp the zipclosure! maybe i should see it IRL before i make a final judgement. i wonder what price point LV is going to put this at…

    • designerbaglover

      I had the same idea–I even e-mailed LV to see if the Montorgueil would come in Damier, but they sent me a message back about the new Cabas Rivington. I bet the bag will look much nicer in the store. The cartoonish photos never do LV bags justice. There have been many designs that did not look so swift on the LV site but in person, they look better. I’ll be lining up for this one next month!

  • Lea

    Thanks for the quick response!

  • Sofia Nolan

    replica Rivingtoooooon when are you gonna be released!!!

    • Is that being for real? Because we do not advocate replica or fake bags at all here.

    • Jo


  • Sofia Nolan

    love the design so much, it makes me throw my Artsy away and do something to get this one as soon as possible :)

  • MizzJ

    This is actually pretty nice! Always been a fan of this LV print.


  • FashionIsMyHobby

    This one is worth seeing and wearing IRL.

  • heather

    i actually think this is a great shoulder option. really nice. now can someone give me one as a gift?

  • Alyssa

    I just don’t get all the hype over LV bags.

  • smoocherooch

    Another thin straps from LV like their commonly seen Neverfull. LV, SOMETHING NEW PLS!!

  • Cadence

    I am not a true fan of the Damier print. But I like the shape and size of the bag plus you are right about the shoulder drop. I have been looking for a bag with a reasonable shoulder drop. Too far down and it’s bumping your butt. Too far up and it’s impossible to just throw on without doing strange body contortions!

  • 19yearslater

    Ooo, me likey. Similar shape to the classic Speedy but it can be carried as a shoulder bag. Very handy.

  • louch

    Like this very much. But it reminds me of the Montregueil (sp?) which I already have so that’s probably why!

  • hannah

    can you please do a cover on the Tresa as well? thank you!

  • swags

    I love the damier pattern but this particular bag isn’t calling my name. I think I’d go for a speedy over this one.

  • Er

    Not for someone have a height like me

  • Er

    Not for someone have height like me ><

  • CoutureCoco

    I like the body of the bag but the straps seems too thin and just too long for me as I am petite. I am not liking the dark straps on their new styles now. :/

  • candynilson

    This bag is looking awesome specially the colour and the simple look of this bag. this really suits my personality. Even this bag is easy to handle as it seems quite light weighted.

  • Claire

    I have been thinking of what my first LV should be. This is a candidate!

  • mochababe73

    I like the Daimer print alot better than the classic LV print. I love the shape and silhouette, but I am thinking that for me the straps may be too long.

  • Shelly

    i think some of the stuff out now is better than this

  • Annie

    Is the strap adjustable? Looks like it is….

  • Annie

    But then again, no point making it longer….can’t wear across body anyway…..

    as a Mom of 2 toddlers, this is definitly a must-buy…..can’t wait!!

  • vicky

    This looks like a Duomo with straps. Gotta try it IRL. I just wish LV would make more bags with outside pockets!

  • Marian

    I would not get a Speedy because I need a bag with shoulder straps. This bag could be the LV that works for me. It looks like an easy bag to wear and one that wouldn’t cause worry if caught out in the rain. [fb]

    • j.g.

      i agree. this will be like a shoulder-bag speedy. nice design. hope they’ll have it in azur

  • Zaneta

    This bag is absolutely fantastic. No surprise though from Louis Vuitton. I’m a big fan of his bags and he never disappointed me. I think it’s time to go shopping again soon. :)

  • YSL handbags

    Feeling very retro

  • Sofia Nolan

    looks great, but of course, it`s Louis Vuitton :)

  • Jessica


  • LJ

    love it! practical but stylish

  • Reni

    I loved the bag!!! It lokes very usefull and it is gorgeos!!! congratulations !!!

  • Tony

    It is a simple bag, but I can imagine the circumstances the designer had to work under. I believe she, the designer, pulled it off. It is a fresh take on the LV Foundation. Like the bridle references on the strap attachments and the fact it is a shoulder versus a handheld. The shape adds to the existing LV reperatoire.

  • Damian

    C’est trés beau et bien prtique

  • Glenda

    Got this bag last Aug 15 and I love it!!!

  • lays

    I have this bag! Actually, I bought the Montorgueil PM. I like it, but it has to go back ;( . I have a lot of stuff in my bag and I can’t fit it on the Monty PM. My husband said, GM i too large for me ( I am a petite). This one is a perfect bag for me and I am loving it ;)

  • Tracey G

    another perfect bag! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love the design!. (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    need this bag in my life! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love LV bags and this design! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    would love to have this bag for spring! (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    very nice addition to the LV collection, i would like to own this bag some day. (ipad)

  • matahari

    I just brought home the Ebene Damier Rivington and am in love. It is as roomy as the Speedy but you have the option to shoulder carry or hand carry it. It’s very sturdy, and holds as much as my Speedy 30. It’s waterproof, so it’s so nice to use since we’ve had rain for 5 days and another week of predicted rain-I don’t have to worry about the Ebene canvas at all.