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  • janenuqui

    I saw this in white at the boutique two weeks ago. I am usually not very impressed with LV (just not a fan for some reason), but this handbag was the most gorgeous thing in the store. The leather was luscious and thick, and the bag is sophisticated – even the logo is tastefully done.

  • Jujubay

    For 5g I rather buy a Chanel classic flap

  • guest


    • Ruth

      I paid $3,500 for my sofa.

  • Jade

    I usually don’t like LV because all the logo’s, but I really like this bag except for the weird handle attachment ring thing. I hope they’ll make more bags like this.

    • I think the brand definitely will! Bags like these will likely be a big part of LV’s repositioning strategy going forward.

  • Anna

    the only LV bag I like

  • laura

    I really like the bag but I’m not sure if I would pay over $5 k for something so simple. I’d rather buy a Prada saffiano lux tote.

    • Yan

      Don’t get the Prada saffiano lux tote, my huge regret , it was terrible quality, u should see some online comments

      • Michelle N

        Agree with you on the quality of Saffiano tote… bad quality even with minimal usage of it. I personally think LV bags are better in terms of it’s leather quality and durability

  • Has to be the best LV I’ve laid eyes on. I would SO purchase this but the price is so crazy. I understand that they want a higher end clientele but they didn’t need to reach that far out with their prices. Hm, will have to take a look at this bag in person!

  • marina harbor

    Love the simplicity of the bag… My first impression was it looked to formal, for older woman, but then I saw Angelina and it looked young and chic. I really like the design of it.

  • Sandra

    It is lovely….and I may consider purchasing. My hesitation would be the fact that I can purchase wonderful bags like the Givenchy Antigona for a couple thousand less….and if I like them equally what is the motivation to spend the additional $$. While I will spend good money on fashion….I do not want to be taken advantage of…and some of the bag prices make me feel exactly that way.

  • pe.riche.

    These seem like the LV version of the Lady Dior bags. While both beautiful, there’re a little too structured for my taste. But still stunning.

    • pe.riche.


  • louch

    OOH – an LV bag I finally like. But as everyone else says, the price is a bit much. Obviously trying to up scale things to the Hermes level.

  • louch

    OOH – an LV bag I finally like. But as everyone else says, the price is a bit much. Obviously trying to up scale things to the Hermes level.

  • ellavanw

    I love it. My concern is that I have had major quality issues with LV in the past, and the idea of spending 5k and then having the handle fray and tear (as happened with a tote I bought two years ago) is too unnerving. Chanel or Hermes seems like a safer bet at this price point.

    • nafnaf

      but they provide excellent after purchase service. and the warranty covers that..

    • Addie

      LV does have a 2 year warranty so if it’s been a little bit before 2 years, they will replace or repair the bag! They did so with my Artsy bag after 1 1/2 years.

  • Mercy Wey

    Gorgeous bag, but not keen with the price, with 5g, I would rather go with a Hermes or a Chanel.

  • QuelleFromage

    Um, it’s a Kelly.. Considering there is a flap tucked in there…I do love the cutout logo and general shape but then, um, I love Kellys ….unless one is a diehard LV fan, I’d just buy a Kelly and have the real thing.

  • Sonia74

    Beautiful & elegant but too much. Is a shame their asking so much for it.

  • Canuck65

    I love it – LV has traditionally been too busy for me with all its logos. The price is steep but it looks like a classic/timeless bag. The orange is my favourite.

  • ShirleyStyle

    The bag is simple and classic. I think the purple and red ones are the best!!

  • chris

    This reminds me of the wonderful Italian box leather “lady” top-handle bags my mother carried in the 1950s and ’60s from non-branded Italian makers… Why not just buy a well-made leather bag and forego the logos altogether if you want miminalism? This price point seems way too high for the branding and workmanship.

  • Kay

    Gorgeous, understated bag. Mmm, the only LV bag I’m tempted to buy. I sort of agree with the price – it will distinguish between the ones who can only afford entry-level LV, and the ones who want LV but don’t want to show it :P

  • isee

    I have a Black Capucines MM for sale in new and unused with receipt. London, UK. Just search for it on the well known online auction site. Cheers

  • Foxybrown

    I think they need to understand that LV is for rappers, girlfriends of drug dealers, strippers, soccer moms, and low paying receptionist that save all year for a monogram purse.

    Although I like this purse I will agree with the below posters that it is wayyyyyyyy toooooo much for a crappy LV that falls apart easily.

    10 to 15 years ago every average,poor, poverty level girl wanted a LV to prove her worth and the price set was in their reach. I think the damage is done and I would never buy another LV as my only one was stolen by some low class thief. I have a Chanel now and I LOVE it! Stupid poor folks don’t know fashion only what the rap videos tell them.

    • Yinkus

      dude chilll! yeh the monogram is not great and is viewed as cheap. But i think you need to calm down considering the fact that you only have that ONE chanel, now what is the difference between you and these ‘rappers’ and ‘soccer moms’. I bet you saved all year for your chanel lol, and now you think your better than certain people, please get over yourself

      • Foxybrown

        Get over myself because I’m honest?

        Even LV understands that their brand has lost it’s exclusivity due to rappers/strippers and it’s price point being in reach of the avaerage wanna be.

        My Chanel was a gift just like my Burberry and Prada purse. I don’t think I am better than certain people. They themselves don’t think they are worth anything unles they have an expensive purse hanging off their shoulders while renting a crappy aptartment listening to the music that glorifies success being nice watches, purses, and fancy cars they CAN NOT AFFORD.

        You have me messed up because I am complaining about the idiots who buy this crap and can not afford it but have to have it so they can feel they are worth something.

        This is America and working hard to save up for something you want is fine. But spending your money on a purse when you are poor and struggling is sad. I am not rich and I’m not trying to pretend but I am friends with people who are wealthy who have gifted me these beautiful gifts because they know I would never buy them but admire them and they love me.

      • john8349

        therefore you opinion is invalid because you cant afford it, so your opinion does not matter to the company one bit.

      • Foxybrown

        You and I both know that LV already understands how their brand was cheapen hence their strategy to considerably raise the price point. My opinion only matters to those who give it energy. Thanks for taking time to reply to me. I appreciate you reading my comment.

      • Deborah

        you really are a fool

      • LouisVuittonCapucines

        CHANEL has lost its classic image. Due to stupid celebrities, its used as a sexual image! For example, Miley cyrus, She strips on stage and acts like a whore AND MOST OF HER BAGS ARE CHANEL.

    • Diane

      What a rude madam you are.

  • Trendsetter

    Well the “priced it prohibitively for aspirational customers” so that makes the bag rare and elite and most of y’all can’t afford it … The End !

  • Mel A

    I usually don’t buy designer labels, but I wandered into an LV store, and couldn’t believe how beautiful this one was. The leather is thick and luxurious. The lining is beautiful. It’s so simple and timeless, and really a lifetime piece. I love the subtle branding, also. I almost bought it on the spot, but came to my senses. Really, it is one bag that seems almost worth it. I love the comment below about how someone spent 3500 for their sofa. Kind of puts it in perspective (and that’s kind of an expensive sofa!!). So here I am on a purse blog figuring out if I really want it!