I go on your site daily and love it!!. I love to read your reviews and have bought some of the bags you have recommended. I have a quick question. I am torn between two Louis Vuitton bags. I am interested in the Neverfull MM and the Speedy 35. I am going with the Damier version. I am looking long term and would be interested in your opinion.

I am more traditional than not and I am a stay at home mom. I did purchase a YSL muse bag over Christmas. I got the cranberry color. It really is beautiful. Also, I am 40 years old. I want it to be age appropriate.

Thanks so much,

Jenna E.

It has been a while since my last installment of Ask Megs. In fact, it has been 2 years. We get dozens of emails daily and many of them are questions about bags. Because I spend all day researching, looking at, and shopping for bags, I love to help anyone else out in their quest. This week I am spotlighting Jenna E., who is torn between purchasing the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull and the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy.

Jenna, it comes down to preference and what use you need from your handbag. That first line I just told you is entirely vague and probably annoying to read. But I promise to clarify my feelings on each bags, which hopefully will help you pick which is the best fit for you.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of the most classic, most iconic, most recognizable handbags of all time. Many designers have tried to channel the Speedy when designing a bag, but nothing beats the original. The shape alone is worth buying (which is a major part of it being a Speedy). Now comes in personal preference. The Speedy does not fit over your shoulder, at all. My Speedy bags sit at the crux of my arm, and depending on how much I put in the bag they end up being heavy and hurting my arm a bit. So I just use it as a hand-held bag, and that is the true use. If you are looking for a bag to go over your shoulder, this is not the bag for you.

Furthermore, the Speedy does not keep its shape very well. The larger the Speedy size, the more you will lose the shape. Also, the more you put in the bag, the more it will lose its shape. There are aftermarket items used to give the shape back to your bag, but without that, your Speedy will slouch. An inside zip pocket helps out with some organization, but not much.

It sounds like I only gave negatives for the Speedy, which was not my intention. I love my Louis Vuitton Speedys, and I own 3 of them. The 25 cm, 30 cm, and 35 cm. The 35 cm is best for everyday use and will hold more essentials. It will never change being one of the most classic handbags ever. I personally love it, but felt the need to share the downsides.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The bag you want to compare the Speedy to is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which has become another House staple. How can you not love this bag? It is lightweight, roomy, and reversible. The strongest point of this bag is its ease of use. The side laces allow you to tighten the bag into a more compact shape or let them out to a full tote size. Either way, the volume of the inside of the bag is vast. And of course, it is reversible, which is a nice touch and not found on many (if any) designer handbags.

It is not that the Speedy is not lightweight, but the large and long shoulder straps of the Neverfull will allow you to put this bag over your shoulder with ease and allocate the weight better for carrying. The shoulder straps are long and slender, without any additional chains or weight, which will not have it dig into your body.

The look of the bag is not nearly as iconic as the Speedy, but it is a great, simple, everyday tote. And an everyday tote is an essential for any collection. However, you did just tell me you bought a YSL Muse. The Muse offers a similar shape to the Speedy but looks more like the Neverfull if you have the side pulls cinched. I am having a hard time leaning either way for you. I would suggest deciding if you want a bag that can be worn over your shoulder comfortably or not and which looks strikes you the most. Hope this helps!

Buy the Speedy 35 in Damier at LV online for $715 and the Neverfull MM in Damier for $700.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Jo Ann

    I have the Neverfull MM in Damier and I love it. So roomy and I can carry it on my shoulder. fb

    • Ariane

      Hi Girls,
      I’m lookin for a Neverfull with the “Saint-Barth” script on it. It’s sold out everywhere.
      Any idea hu of where I can find that second hand ?

  • febi

    I love them both… wish i can have one :)

  • Candace

    Yes i would definitely go with the Neverfull , it’s cheaper, and more pratical … (fb)

  • Barb

    I think the Speedy is the icon of handbags! Speedy! (fb)

  • febi(fb)

    The Speedy look nice.

  • Dawn

    I’d go with the speedy. It is so iconic!

  • Brenda Cervantes

    I have a Speedy 30 and love it! It is definitely iconic and very recognized! But since you’re a mom I might go with the NF b/c you can put it over your shoulder. That’s the only bad think about the Speedy. I have a hard time hanging it on chairs at restaurants and have to squeeze it between my knees when I wash my hands.. Don’t get my wrong I still LOVE mine! My next purchase will be a NF!

  • Brenda Cervantes

    Darn I’m horrible! I forgot again! ^^(fb)

  • Leanne

    I have both styles, and I think they are both musts for any LV collection :) What I would suggest doing is getting the Neverfull now, because though it’s a classic shape, it may not be available forever, but the Speedy is iconic, and you can always get a Speedy. It’s one of their permanent pieces, whereas the Neverfull may not be.

  • GOALdigger

    don’t own not a one speedy. But I love that shape even when other labels use it. I feel so ladylike bag.

  • Leanne

    Although I wouldn’t suggest getting the Damier Ebene if you are going to go with the NF, I’ve heard that the handles peel on the Damier Ebene NF. If you would rather go w/ Damier instead of Monogram, I would suggest getting the Damier Azur, the handles won’t peel. However, I haven’t read about any problems with the Damier Ebene Speedy. Good luck!

  • Paulina

    I want a Speedy! (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Go for the Neverfull. It’s more practical and little less expensive. I always see people carrying the Speedy so the Neverfull will be something different. Best of luck! (fb)

  • Karla

    As a fellow mommy I say the Neverfull as it is a bit more practical with the straps. (fb)

  • Swags

    I still think of the speedy as a must have but if you don’t see yourself being able to handle a hand held bag, I would go neverfull.

    Another point to consider is that the speedy has one very small pocket on the side. That’s it. There’s no pockets for cell phones or sunglasses. I use a couple of small cosmetic bags to keep things organized.

    I’ve had my speedy since 2007 and use it frequently. I think its a classic bag and goes with everything.

    I would try both out at the boutique, look in their mirror and then decide. Good luck!

  • Nika

    The speedy is totally up my alley. Too bad I can’t afford it (fb)

  • Pat

    While I’m a fan of both, I like the Speedy more. I’m partial to more of a handheld handbag over a tote. Whatever fits your needs more I guess. (fb)

  • Mai

    I am saving for a Neverfull MM and that’s I choose this over the Speedy. Sorry. Just not a fan of the shape… :/ (fb)

  • Sonia

    I had the Speedy but I could not stand not being able to put it over my shoulder. I plan on purchasing the Neverfull. Practical and elegant. (fb)

  • Cherul

    speedy is a classic beauty. but NF is very handy for a mom with toddlers. run to the nearest LV botique coz you can never go wrong with “love at first sight”(fb)

  • nina

    both!!! they both hold 2 different functions..=)

  • Colleen D

    The neverfull is going to work better As a diaper bag, depending in the age of your children. If I had to choose based on look and style, I’d pick the speedy. Good luck choosing. (fb)

  • Terri

    I bought the Speedy 30 last year and will never regret the purchase as it is so iconic, but really do wish I could throw it over my shoulder sometimes. Good luck! (fb)

  • Michelle

    I love both and think that both are classics, however as some of the other ladies have said, the Neverfull would be more practical for you since you are a stay at home mom. But then again if you are good with a hand held bag…..then, oh I can’t decide!! I would just suggest go into a store, try both and see which one sings out to you. Because in the end the only one who can decide for you is you. You are the only one who knows what would be best. Good luck with your decision! (fb)

  • Kristin

    My vote goes for none of the above and get a Damier Bloomsbury PM! It’s deceptively roomy and can be hands free when used crossbody. Love the red lining too. (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I am planning for the Neverfull to be my next purchase (as soon as I could afford it!). I love the shape, and I like bags I can carry on my shoulder. (fb)

  • Kim

    I recently sold my speedy on ebay. I’d had it for more than 20 years and had not worn in in probably 15 years. I loved it at first, but didn’t like the way it lost it’s shape and while I do like the bag, I prefer something I can put on my shoulder. By the way, Megs, could you tell us more about the after market item you can buy for the shape? I have a BV bag which I love when it’s stuffed with paper, but it totally “bottoms out” when I anything in it! Thanks!

  • Chris

    I have a speedy 30 and NF MM. The NF gets way more use, but the Speedy is definitely a statement. For an everyday bag, the NF is practical, but the Speedy oozes LV class. If you have lots of bags and change regularly, go with the Speedy – icons become icons for a reason. If you do not plan to change up, go with the NF.

  • Chris

    Dang – I forget the FB!!! Regardless of the winner, both bags rock! (FB)

  • shiela

    go for the neverfull, its roomy and much comfortable to carry as shoulder bag. it might not last that long in the stores also. then try to save money for a speedy 30, use a base shaper so that it would look better. speedy 35 is too big…looks like a keepall.

  • Shelly

    I would go with the speedy, i like the fact that it has a zippy and its the perfect size (fb)

  • Carol

    I don’t have one, but would pick the Neverfull because of the shoulder strap. (fb)

  • amai

    I love them both…i agree, it really depends on what you need from the bag…i lean more towards the speedy cuz it’s a classic (fb)

  • Val

    I have them both..and I prefer the speedy for everyday things. (fb)

  • ragamuffin

    I have both. My vote would be for the Speedy. While I do love my Neverfull more than life because I can cram tons of junk in it, I also loathe it because I can cram tons of junk in it.
    But my real tipping point is the zipper. I really do prefer a bag with a zipper. When it falls off the car seat-in crowded areas, I know my stuff and wallet will stay inside it when it tips over or some dirtbag thinks he wants to rummage for my wallet in a mall. (fb)

  • Mika

    i prefer NF being a mom NF is more convinient and easy to carry. ( for me) (FB)

  • Jane

    I just love the Speedy!! (fb)

  • Daniella

    I have a NF, I absolutely adore it. But I’d love to get a Speedy as well!

  • Courtney

    I have the speedy 35. Love that bag, but I thin, all this chatter just re-ignited my interest in the neverful. To Jes : I would vote for the speedy first and then the neverful down the road sometime. BTW, I got the speedy when I was a new mom, myself and I never regretted it. (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    NF is def more practical! (fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    go for the speedy – I still have mine from the 80’s – I use it a my pocketbook when traveling because I can stuff it full in duty free.. It never goes out of style (fb)

  • Nata

    Neverfull is more fun. 40 y.o. is not old :) Speedy is little too boring to my taste.

  • Maxxie

    i have the NF and i love love love it! its more convenient to carry than a speedy and more versatile..

    but i do consider getting a speedy myself too.. maybe in the future.. it is THE most popular LV bag after all.. but if i do get one, id probably get the newer model with the longer straps.. =)

  • Ali

    I agree that the Speedy is iconic. While the Neverfull is more my style, if I were to buy an LV, I’d definitely go with that classic Speedy shape. (fb)

  • Shine

    Hi Meg, thank you for enligthening me as well, like Jenna i am also confused to choose between LV Speedy bag or the Neverfull(same size i am considering hahaha). It was a wonderful reveiw and I really took in consideration all the points you’ve given. I prefer comfort and functionality and with this i reveiw now i know that i will settle for the Neverfull MM.. I did consider LV Monogram Artsy MM but i is way to much expensive for me and i really cannot afford it.. thanks Meg(fb)

    • Glad I could be of help to you as well! Good luck on your LV purchase!

  • LynnDenise

    I vote for the Neverfull. Sometimes it can be a pain to try and get things from the bottom of those round satchels. (fb)

  • Marcie

    I would go with the Neverfull because of the shoulder strap. (fb)

  • Dania

    I vote for the neverfull, that is the one I am going to get. I have to speedy’s and although I love them dearly I see way to many of them both real and fake.

  • Dania

    Also as a mom it is easy to store essentials in… (FB)

  • Megan

    Speedy :)

  • Kim

    speedy. i like the zipper option. i feel like stuff will fall out of the never full bag and it’s easier for ppl to steal crap from you.

  • Handbag Lover

    I love my Speedy but i get tired of always holding it in my hand. Sometimes, i want to put it on my shoulder especially with just everyday use. I also don’t like that everything sinks at the bottom of the bag. I know they have LV shapers on ebay but that’s not for me. I am actually thinking about getting the Neverfull soon.

    I like them both but i would suggest the Neverfull. Hope this helps. :) Good luck.

  • Shamron

    I’m also a 40 year old SAHM and I love my NF. (fb)

  • leyla

    Most certainly the Speedy! I’ve owned my Speedy for almost a decade now and it is the best. I use it to travel, I can fill it quite well.

    I ALMOST bought the Neverfull and I am so glad I did not. Those shoulder straps are too thin, the bag is flimsy and I think it has a lower perceived value.

    The speedy is a classic, originally designed in the 20s. SPEEDY ALL THE WAY

  • Wei

    I have both, but if you need to carry stuff for kids, i vote for NF! It can hold a lot of stuff, and easy to find! I got 2 kids myself, i use it for diaper bag, food, snacks, all kinds of stuff.
    If you don’t need to put kids stuff in it, then go for Speedy, its classic, cute, matchs almost every outfit!
    But it all depends on what you are looking for!

  • marian t

    speedy! (fb)

  • Jean

    Speedy! More suitable for your needs! :)

  • gacats

    For me, it’s the Neverfull. I can’t bear to run my hand past a zipper, it makes me queasy. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Wow! I could use that! (fb)

  • Dayzley

    I would prefer the speedy,i have the damier azur and i love it.its lightweight and roomy.:-)

  • Lisa

    I was also asking myself this same question recently. I decided to go with the Neverfull. I think I will purchase a speedy soon but am trying to decide if I should go with the 30 or the 35?? (fb)

  • Cathy

    SPEEDY!! My first Speedy was a 25; I had it for 20 yrs. I gave it to my goddaughter for her going away to college present and it’s still fabulous. I am currently wearing a 30. Classic no matter where or when. Good luck!

  • Raleine

    omg, i definitely have the same question. thanks for the info. i definitely want the Neverfull bag because i like bags that can fit on my shoulder. thank you so much for enlightening me on this matter. (fb)

  • w.y.h

    They are both iconic but I am choosing the

    Speedy! there are too many people with neverfull already…

    Here whenever I am out around the shopping district I will spot at least 5 neverfulls ! (fb)

  • Mary

    Everyone I know talks up the Neverfull and mocks the Speedy as something that is just faked too much. Honestly, heavily faked or not the Speedy is a great bag. Either one is a great classic tho!(fb)

  • lamyoush

    I have them both but the neverfull is a lot more practical and useful as an everyday bag, travel bag and even beach ir gym bag. It reallyv is never full! :)

  • Tiffany

    I sooo love my Mon Monogrammed Speedy 30! Why did I wait sooo long to get one?
    LOL! The neverfull is nice also..maybe that will be my next one! Shhh..don’t tell dh!

  • Tania

    I have them both (in Damier as well hehe) and find the NF a lot more practical. The Speedy is only nice to look at and not functional at all (fb)

  • Roxanna

    I went through this same dilemma about a month ago. I bought the Speedy and decided that the hand-held wasn’t for me so I exchanged it for a Neverfull. As soon as I got it, I knew this was the bag for me. (fb)

  • Connie

    No contest — Speedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fb)

  • Lianne

    I like both of them, but for me the deciding factor could be the fact that the Neverfull does not close at the top. Just in case of bad weather, I prefer a bag that I can zip shut (or something similar). Also, it just feels more secure. (fb)

  • Valentina

    Speedy, no doubt. (fb)

  • kim

    I’m having this same debate now! Think I need both! (fb)

  • Melanie

    It depends on whether or not you want the option of comfortably carrying the bag on your shoulder. Obviously the speedy is a ‘hand’ bag and the neverfull is a shoulder bag. Even w/ the attachable strap, the speedy is uncomfortable over the shoulder. I have the damier neverfull and it’s very user friendly.

  • zaali

    Oh dear Megs…I am also stuck between LV speedy and neverull and then should I get the LV monogram or the LV damier or LV mini lin….I like both and both have different functionality. What to do now? (fb)

  • Pamela Giordano

    I prefer the classic LV logo personally but I doubt I will buy another LV because the leather interior on 2 that I have is rubbing off on anything I put in the purse. What rubs off is never coming off what it stains either. I can’t use them, and refuse to foot the bill for repairs on defective purses. Sad.

    • Vincy_elizabeth

      It is not suppose to do that if it is authentic! I would advise you to take it to a lv store and get it checked. If it were a defect, the repair would be free!

  • Karren

    I’d go for the Neverfull for practicality, but I’d go for Speedy for the looks. I suggest you buy the Neverfull for everyday use (like errands) and the Speedy in 30 for going out to the mall…etc… (fb)

  • Alyson

    I definitely say the speedy. It is classic and I feel the neverful is more for a younger gal maybe because it reminds me of a beach tote, and the speedy is so timeless. I love mine! Good luck!!

  • patricia

    i personally have the speedy 25 and love it! and would love to get another one sometime (35) as an upgrade. i love itss shape and how it holds itself. (fb)

  • Celeste

    Love the breakdown! I’m not a huge LV fan but the Neverfull is one of the few of their bags I would consider for the reasons you point out! (fb)

  • Joyce

    SPEEDY! Just seems for for casual wear. I love it. I want it so badly!!
    I’m waiting for a few more years… and I’m still contemplating if I should even get it.
    My thought is Speedy LV or Goyard ??
    Anyways, my preference is the Speedy!! <3

  • Rashida

    I think I prrfer the Speedy but the neverfull is nice too! fb

  • Cate

    I feel like the Speedy is more “age-appropriate,” as Jenna has requested, but as a mom, she may prefer the Neverfull, as it is much easier to reach into when you need to grab something quickly for one of the kids. Also, I think that it would make a for a better everyday bag. (fb)

  • Irra

    I bought my Speedy 25 Ivore Epi Leather last August and I love it. I can wear it with anything and anywhere. Everyday to work. Weekends for formal occassions. Even to wet fish market. Speedy is very versatile. Elegant yet chick. Preserves the prestige and quality of the brand.

  • Amanda

    It would depend if the person who asked about which bag to buy had any other speedy’s or NF’s in any other of the LV patterns. If she does not, I would always go with the speedy first. :)

  • mishie monroe

    I would choose the Daimer Speedy 30. Its a classic. I love the neverfull but it doesn’t zip or close.

  • Henry H.

    Its ‘lose’ not loose. Reading that excerpt about the Speedy I was confusing the bag as being some sort of wanton harlot.

  • Theresa W

    I have owned both of these gorgeous bags, both in Monogram (Speedy 30, Neverfull MM) and Damier (Speedy 25, Neverfull GM)! While I don’t own any of them anymore, I found that the Damier Neverfull (GM) got the most use because of it’s size and versatility. I have two small children, so the Speedys were not a good option when I needed both hands. And the Damier makes for a very worry-free (aka vachetta -free) bag. :) (fb)

  • Kate

    I would take the speedy in the ebane and the neverfull in the azure FO SHO (fb)

  • Shronda J Smiht(fb)

    I Personally choose the Speedy! its classic and it never ever will go out of style. Plus it zips versus the Never Fall. The neverfall looks like a tote anyway. I think LV in general are gorgeous handbags. I love the ones that I have and will keep purchasing them.

  • Dina

    I have the Speedy 30 & love it to bits. I think the Speedy has a more classy look compared to the Neverfull, which I think is more casual. So I think it depends on a person’s preference.

    • Dina

      Dina (fb)

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I have both, Mono Speedy 30 & 35 and Mono NF MM and Damier Ebene NF GM…love all of them!!! Depends on whether you like handheld or shoulder bag. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it will definitely be the right choice!! (fb)

  • Anna

    Speedy, def!
    Its a classic, one of the four classic bags you must have, and the cheapest one!
    I have one damier ebene 40, although the most classic one is the LV 35, i think the 40 is more functional and more irreverent. I love my bag and use it ALL the time!

    • Dira

      Anna, what are the other three? i guess it will be Chanel 2.55, Birkin…and is the third one Kelly?

  • Jill

    I have both and I find Neverfull more functional, but something always draws me back to my speedy 25.

  • ginny

    the speedy is such a classic (fb)

  • Sally

    Speedy; 100% lv classic, suitable for all occassions, match well with all kinds of outfits.
    Neverfall; chic, run away bag for sure. But the style, i think every designer has this look, dont chu think?

    I pick speedy, simply shows the brand easily, match well with anything, and look classy at any moment! at any age too! =)

  • Sally

    sorry (fb too!!)

  • Leticia

    I’d say Speedy, it’s a classic! The Neverfull is beautiful but so casual! If you’re going to invest in something long term, then Speedy is definitely the way to go. (fb)

  • Sarah Windsor

    I personally like the look of the Speedy however find it very inconvenient when I have a bag that won’t go on my shoulder. (fb)

  • faith24

    i do love the look of Speedy but if you are going for a practical bag then i would suggest Neverfull- based on the fact you can actually put it on your shoulder. Also, while i love Speedy, after watching the Hills I tend to associate this bag with Heidi…. It is just a personal association and I just cannot shake it off. (fb)

  • Marsha

    it’s speedy for me………..(fb)………..i have one an love it too!!!!!

  • Kayla

    I have a speedy 40 and I love it! But I think it’s a personal choice, what’s more practical for you. (fb)

  • annabelle

    i prefer a neverfull, and i think it’s perfect for a mother. since it has no zipper on top, you’ll be able to grab things from your bag faster? rather than unzipping and zipping your purse. (fb)

  • Melissa

    “I spend all day researching, looking at, and shopping for bags” Megs you have got to have the coolest job in the universe!! (fb).

  • Leslie

    I never knew the neverfull was reversible, it doesn’t say so on the website. Personally I like the speedy’s better but I can see how the neverfull would make a better everyday bag. (fb)

  • Lisa

    I love the Speedy but think the Neverfull is more practical for a stay at home mom. Tough choice! (fb)

  • Jinjin

    Neverfull: classic, functional, and very functional [a shoulder bag when you need your hands to be free]

    However, if you are a petite woman, Neverfull can look big on you. Otherwise, get Neverfull.

  • Jane

    Okay so your a mom which means you have to have your hands free pretty much all the time, you have to juggle your schedule as well as the families, and you never know what your day will bring. So with all those points in mind I say go for the Neverfull Tote. Its large, you wear it over the shoulder, its reversible so two bags in one, and its sturdy because you know your always in a rush. I can’t stop listing all the reasons why the tote will work the best. The Speedy is a wonderful classic bag I am sure you will use it, but if your looking for that everyday kind of bag go for the tote, but if its a bag you want just for yourself on those days that the kids won’t need you 24/7 than I say Speedy. I hope all these help you decide can’t wait to hear what you pick in the end. (fb)

  • Annie

    speedy <3 (fb)

  • Anne

    what a dilemma! i’ve had the same question, since i want to invest in one over the summer when i go to paris. (who needs shot glasses when you can get a proper bag? ;)) i’ve always loved the speedy, but the one thing -THE ONE THING – that held me back was how it sags the minute you put something more than a kleenex travel pack in it. i’d like to know more about these aftermarket items to help retain its shape, though. i’ve also fell in love with the neverfull as well, and from what i’ve seen, it holds its shape somewhat better than the speedy.

    here’s a crucial point that hasn’t been mentioned in the comments and posts i read (if there were, sorry – i didn’t read them all): neverfull does not have any form of closure, unless you consider the side ties to be one. (i’ve never seen anyone use those yet.) if you need to have that in the floor on the back of your car or in your passenger seat and reach in to grab something, you won’t have to fiddle with the zipper getting caught or limiting your ability to just get it. everyone that owns the neverfull usually has it gaping open. if you don’t mind that your bag is left open, then go for it. i remember my best friend saying she no longer carries the kate spade baby bag i got her because she was out one day with her family and some homeless guy just dipped his hands into it and grabbed her wallet and other things out of it. (suffice to say, she gave him hell and he gave it back. don’t mess with a mom. ;)) she uses the bag only for “special” occasions where she won’t have to stress out, but it brings to mind that having something that exposed… you never know who or what will try to grab things from your bag. also, the larger the bag… the more things can get lost in it?

    so i’m nowhere near where i should be in terms of getting either the speedy or the neverfull… chances are, it’ll come down to which one will i get *first*. good luck on getting the one that’s right for you. (fb)

    • m

      Hi Anne,
      To eliminate the sag in your speedy.. I bought a ” Base Shaper ” on Ebay.. just do a search..
      Hope this helps..

  • CoutureCoco

    I have a similar lifestyle to Jenna E. and would definitely choose the Neverfull for purely practical reasons. I have the Speedy in LV and other brands but don’t use them nearly enough as my tote styles.

  • Alex

    I personally would go with the Speedy, don’t like that you can’t zip the Neverfull. If you need a shoulder bag, try the Saleya in Damier or wait, until they release the Totally in Damier Ebene. Or you might want to check out the Verona. If you can, go to a store, line them up and compare and go with your feeling (call ahead to make sure, they have all models you would like to see). (fb)


    oh thats difficoult for sure
    but i think you should go for speedy!!!
    because you can wear it everytime everywhere and with the cross body extencicon (ok sorry i dont know whats the name for that kind of belt that make it croos body) its even easier!!

  • floral

    This really help me coz I was wondering which to buy between these two.Thanks.(fb)

  • ad

    if it was me, i would choose speedy over neverfull in any given day since im not a fan of tote design. besides altho the speedy design is quite overrated but it never failed to make me wanna look twice when i see a women with their faithful speedy. it is definitely an epitome of classic and you can never go wrong with it. so i would say go for speedy! (fb)

  • bebekay

    Dear Chanel expert(S)/ lover,

    If I post on the wrong page, pls forgive me. I do not know where i can ask all these questions. So hope you guys can help me. Many thanks in advance

    I am looking forward to buy my first chanel bag next month ( and I think it might be the only Chanel bag I will have :-).
    1) I am torn between BLACK Chanel flap bag Jumbo and Maxi?
    2) Black bag is better with GOLD chain or Silver chain?
    3) Do I have to choose for caviar or lambskin?
    4) I love this model very much. But I only see it on picture..so i am just wondering is this bag for my age and my lenght? I am 33 years old, and 5.24 feet (1.60 m).

    My husband said that I should go for the shoping bag model . But I would like to use the Chanel bag for many different occasions. So I think that if I choose for the shopping bag , i could not wear it by formal (like wedding, cocktail party) occassions. Am I rigtht?

    Sorry to bother you guys so much with all my questions. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your help again

  • Abraham

    the neverfull is not intentionally reversible, don’t gospel wrong megs.

  • Mhairi Graham

    I do love the speedy, but the sagging puts me off – if it loses shape the zip can become a bit naughty. Looking on the popular action site for a clear plastic insert that help the bag hold it’s shape – highly recommended. (fb)

  • Karelia

    I would never buy a Louis Vuitton: there are really too many around!… I’d put my choice between a Jimmy Choo’s Ramona or a Riki!! (FB)

  • Abraham

    and btw, i simply wouldnt ask megs on issues like this.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well everyone has already said everything !! But I agree that you should go to a store and try them both on your arm. My pet hate is a large bag that doesn’t zip, and this one doesn’t even have a magnetic closure… Will this drive you crazy or not? Or are you more comfortable with a closed bag on the crook of your arm? We look forward to hearing what you decided. (fb)

  • Julie W

    I wouldn’t go for either!! Being a mother of 2 young children and just about 40 myself, I go crazy for an everyday bag that has a zip AND you can put on your shoulder. Have you considered some of the other LV bags with these features? There are tons to chose from – if you can go to a shop and ask, they are usually very helpful and meeting your needs. Good luck with your search!

  • Danielle Szikszai

    speedy :-) BUT as a mum maybe go for the neverfull….

    megs, best job EVER…..


  • Channy Burden

    I own both (from the Sprouse collection), and love both. However!… I rarely use my speedy, but use my Neverfull all the time. You can just fit so much in!… And I love a bag that you can sling over your shoulder. The lack of a zip can be an issue, so if you like the Neverfull – but wish it had a zip – then try the Totally MM or Totally GM.

  • Helena

    As owner of a speedy I would vote for the neverfull- can carry more stuff -can get over your shoulder and since you are a mom you need your hands clear to hold the child and groceries etc. (fb)

  • Helena

    I wanted to add for the comments regarding the Neverfull’s lack of zipper-it has ahuge pocket with zipper on the inside that can carry wallet and keys and mobile easily …(fb)

  • Monique

    speedy (fb)

  • Zaneta

    I own the Neverfull and it’s just great. I’m a mom as well and it can be very handy especially when you need extra stuff for your little ones. And the absolute benefit is that you can put it on your shoulder and have your hands free. Louis Vuitton is a legend and his bags were, are and always will be unique irreplaceable pieces. You can tell I’m LV lover. :)

  • BLynnT

    Personally, I love the speedy (can’t go wrong with that one), but Megs is right that the speedy only works if you know you won’t need to put it on your shoulder. Having the choice between these two beautiful bags is still a great problem to have! (fb)

  • JennMSU

    since you’re a mom, go w/ the neverfull, but i agree w/ a few other posts — try the totally w/ it’s zip top. it’s a bit more $$, but it may be more useful. i have a speedy and love it, but i use my BV more because it’s a tall tote that goes over my shoulder. i wish it had a zip, but it’s tall enough w/ the dog leash-thingie. (fb)

  • Claudia varela

    The Louis Vuitton Speedy is my favorite !! (FB)

  • Ruth

    I love my Speedy – I am a mom of 5, and even though I wouldn’t use it for long excursions with my kids, it is my go-to bag when it’s raining, and for long car rides. A classic! Was never interested in the Neverfull because of the lack of zipper. (fb)

  • BeHappy

    I am lucky to have both. speedy 35 in Mono and neverfull GM in Damier. Bought the speedy first . never thought i would get another so I wanted the classic piece. I guess you have to decide which way you will carry your bag more. shoulder or hand. I think the Neverfull is more practical for everyday . especially with the kids.. easier to carry all there toys and stuff.
    good luck!

  • yeh-yeh

    According to your story, I vote NEVERFULL.
    However when your kids have grown up or when you opt for a city bag for outings, dinners and just a staple for cute outfits, think of an other size for Speedy. I don’t know why, but everyone seems to reason the 35 is the best size. I would like to tell Speedy wasn’t designed to be this roomy. The original Speedy designed for Audrey Hepburn was 25, one third smaller in volume.
    If you want more room than what the 25 or 30 offer and still a zipped closure, buy an Alma for iconic elegance or like a lot of ppl have said: Totally MM, or Palermo.

  • Chris

    First of all, I love this new “ask Megs” category. :-)

    As others have said before, the Neverfull does not have a zipper or a magnetic closure. I have to admit, I do not like that, especially as the Neverfull is intended to hold a few things. Therefore I prefer the Speedy.
    Other than that, you are right, Jenna should go to a shop and try them both.

  • Monique

    both are too rich for my blood (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    I like the speedy’s appearance. but I like to carry purses on my shoulder. (fb)

  • Julia

    I love the Speedy, but it looses it shape. But, it also has a zipper closure and I like being able to close my bag. The Neverfull is great because it fits over your shoulder and is probably a better choice for a mother. (fb)

  • Sue-ellen Brown

    If she wants something age appropriate she should go with the Neverfull MM cause I’m 24 and I think the Speedy is for the younger crowd…the color is perfect and it will always be a classic…(fb)

  • kemi

    Mmmn, I like both bags. The neverfull would be great for everyday use since you can fit more in it, but I prefer bags with zippers/closures. I would go with the speedy, bc its a lovely shape, it has a closure, and you can still fit a good amount in it.
    In conclusion, I would go with the speedy!! (fb)

  • hec

    if long term is the matter in hand id go sppedy 35 is a very chic size but being a top handle its better long term you will wear it more and this bag can also have a shoulder strap on it (sold separatly ) but i kind of think the speedy is a better bag over all the look shape size style and durability and its safe think airport again i have to say speedy

  • brenda

    well put!… I own and love both of these bags in the same damier canvas!!! I do really appreciate the fact that I can put the neverfull over my shoulder and put a lot of items in it!! either way, you cannot go wrong!

  • dguerrero3

    I am a 40ish working mom & I have both the neverfull & the speedy. I use my neverfull more than my speedy, in fact I use it more than any other bag. It is light weight, functional, it’s great for lunch meetings or running around with the kids (since everything fits in it). (fb)

  • Tamee

    I like the tote style of the Neverfull. Even better if it’s lightweight! (fb)

  • CC

    Speedy all the way!

  • Candice

    As a mother of two, I would have to say go with the Neverfull. It is more practical for a mother with two children and probably always on the run =) (fb)

  • Britt

    Hideous. This bucket-style bag doesn’t look fashionable at all. Hate it!

  • Alicia

    I am lucky enough to own a Speedy 30 and a Nerverfull GM and to have experienced the pros and cons of owning both bags. The speedy is much more elegant looking but is a complete inconvenience if you have your hands full, because you constantly have to hold it.
    I am a nanny, and when I am with the children I prefer to have my neverfull. The neverfull can have sort of an awkward shape when you put too many things in it, and I have problems cinching it correctly. However, the neverfull allows me to be hands free so I can carry things or hold a child’s hand. It also makes a great carry on bag, and I use it for my school books.
    So, that being said, I would make the purchase of the neverfull. I would also suggest going up to the GM size (kids seem to require a lot stuff on the go.)

    Hope that helps!

  • Sofia Nolan

    Let`s stick to the clasics. Definitely Speedy. All the way :)

  • Bonnie

    What about the LV Saleya or the Totally Monogram? The Saleya is my favorite LV bag because it zips, can be carried over the shoulder, is fairly lightweight and yet not as difficult to navigate as the Muse when it comes to finding your wallet! It is not that I don’t love my Speedy, Neverful and even my Muse, I just think the Saleya is the most functional.

  • bindc

    Great summation Megs!

  • Victoria

    I love the Neverfull (great name!!) This would be a great school bag. I will be considering this purse for next semester!! …Louis Vuitton’s are always a great investment!

  • Tracy Kennedy

    IMO, the Speedy is an icon and if you can only buy one and not the other, you should go for the Speedy. However, if you’re looking for function over style, then the Neverfull is probably the better option. (fb)

  • giovanna

    actually there is a new Speedy 30 called Idylle with a body stripe, so you can have both the classic icon and a shoulder way or a hand way to ue it. On the website, I saw it in Paris and it is new and classic at the same time.

  • Bibi Wan

    I would go for Neverfull as I can stuff anything in it!! (fb)

  • Sher77

    I love the Speedy. I bought the shoulder strap, also, so it could be a shoulder bag, when I need it. It also has a zipper closure, which I like. I don’t like open totes.

    • matahari

      the Speedy cannot be converted with shoulder straps. That’s the whole point. It can only be held as a tote. That’s why although iconic, it’s a pain.

    • christinamle

      Which speedy do you have? I have the Mini Lin 30 and I search all over the inside of the bag an cannot find the LV plaque or logo…. is it suppose to be in there somewhere? Usually LV’s have the Made in France, Spain, ect.

  • matahari

    I have the new Idylle Romance Fusain Speedy. It comes with shoulder straps which can convert to cross body strap. I’m SO GLAD I waited and did not buy the regular Speedy. It’s just a real pain to have to constantly hold it in your hand or over your arm. Sometimes you just want to hitch your bag over the shoulder to have both hands free. I can do that with the Idylle Speedy. Have you considered the monogram Montorgueil? I have one, and it has the holding capacity of the Speedy plus full zipper plus straps that you can either hold or put on your shoulder. I think the Speedy is overrated and everyone has it because it’s the cheapest (relatively) bag in the LV line. If you just spend a couple of hundred dollars more you could get everything you want in one bag and not have to make a choice!!! Perfect solution, n’est ce pas?

  • Lucia Barreto

    I have both bags, the speedy and the neverfull, and I have to say that I prefer the speedy. Although the neverful is very convenient, and easy to carry, the speedy always looks better. It is classic and more elegant. If I were Jena, I would certainly buy the speedy

  • Elina

    Definetely Neverfull for me as I can reach my SLR camera much better & quicker from that bag. Many thanks Meg! (fb)

  • maritza A

    I love the speedy so my vote goes for the speedy (fb)

  • Beth

    Depends if you want all your stuff to fall out. I prefer the Neverfull but the Speedy is probably much more practical. (fb)

  • Tami

    I vote Neverfull. You said you were a mom and moms usually have their hands full of all kinds of stuff! If you’re carrying a baby carrier even more reason to get the Neverfull!

    I have a 3 mo old and *almost* bought a speedy the other day. Luckily I took my little one in the store with me and realized there is no way I could carry both at the same time! :)

  • otter

    I have both, but use the Neverfull far more.

  • Kate

    Neverfull! I regret my speedy as my everyday bag. (FB).

  • justa9url

    SPEEDY! I have the speedy 30 in Damier Ebony and I love it! It sags a bit but it doesn’t lose its shape since it’s suppose to do that… You have to love the sag to love a speedy. =) And personally, I NEED a zipper on my bag. (fb)

  • Monique

    It’s Wednesday. I’m hopeful about the Linea Pelle giveaway! (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Neverful!!!!! Easier to carry around! (fb)

  • Chicken

    I think the speedy is a classic shape that every girl should have! (fb)

  • Denise

    The speedy looks better but is annoying to carry around (fb)

  • Ali

    Love the look of the Neverful! (fb)

  • courtney

    You’ve just convinced me that I need a Neverful. I have a speedy already and love it. (FB)

  • Alanna

    love the shape and structure of the neverfull, seems like the perfect schoolbag!

    as iconic as the speedy is i just don’t like handheld bags, i like having my hands free to be able to do stuff. (fb)

  • Cheryl

    I will choose the Neverfull, because it seems more versatile to me. (fb)

  • Robin

    The Neverfull would be my first choice for an on the go mom. It’s a very versatile bag and like the Speedy will never go out of style. You can’t go wrong with either, though!

  • catsinthebag

    I just bought my first LV bag last week … got the MM Neverfull in the Damier Azur and love it! I thought a lot about a Speedy, but just can’t do handheld bags. The Neverfull is large, holds its shape, and if its not overstuffed, will stay closed between your arm and your body. I got the Azur canvas because I wanted a light-colored bag for summer that won’t show much wear. Love the Totally too … may consider one in the Damier Ebene for fall!
    Great article, Megs!

  • TxBelle

    Get both, Speedy is my favorite. I am 38 and if your looking for a bag that is timeless. I’ve been carrying a LV Speedy since I was 13-14 years old. So, it’s a bag that never ages and looks good no matter what age you are. I use the largest Neverfull in the monogram,Ok for travel and if I am running around to the gym or mall and need storage. But happy with both nonetheless. Good Luck to you!

  • Suzy

    Neverfull! I have a Damier Neverfull GM and I love it. Its easy to wear, stylish, and can hold EVERYTHING that you need for the day. Given that you’re a mom, I imagine that you’re often running around doing errands and dumping stuff in your bag. This bag is perfect for that. It also works as a travel tote or a school bag if necessary. The Speedy is great too, but it’s a lot harder to carry…

  • Gabrielle

    I have both bags and far prefer the Neverfull! (The awkwardness of a Speedy becomes painfully evident whenever you try to haul it through a revolving door)

  • Jocelyn

    I would pick the Neverfull. (fb)

  • Shelby

    Love both bags, so got both. :)

    Neverfull MM for traveling, and Speedy 30 for everyday use. :)

  • olivia

    I have the white multicolor speedy, at first, loved it, but now, it is becoming softer and drapy on the bottom, so I made a hard board to fit the bottom to keep the shape. The truth is, you are probably not in your school age, but still may carry books, magazine and other things. Mind is a speedy 35, still i have to fold my magazines into my bag. so for an everyday bag, the neverfull will be more value for your money, but the handle will cause some painful shoulder if you carried too much, too heavy. Bottomline, either, I do not like either of this bag, I use my LV Verona GM most of the time and love it, my recomendation. Good Luck.

  • eunice_sa

    can i know how much neverfull mm selling in malaysia?

  • meghan

    I am interested in the speedy 30. I don’t carry too much in my bag typically. Usually just my phone, small makeup bag, wallet, change purse, water bottle, small pad of paper and pens, and occasionaly a paperback book. I wouldn’t be using it every day because I go to school and just use a tote. How long would it be before it slouches? I don’t really like the look of this on a speedy.

  • ingrid

    I got both bag. The monogram neverfull MM and the damier ebene speedy 35.
    I love both of them and wear it in many occasion.
    My suggestion if you can afford it just buy both.

  • Kristy

    if only the LV e-shopping website does international shipping! *sigh

  • johnass

    i got a neverfull mm and a speedy and TWICE i got stolen from the neverfull its just too open!! :(

  • Mark

    I have gotten so sick of seeing both these bags on people. I love the speedys honestly the neverfull is a great bag but i feel that it falls appart, and i own just about every neverfull. My only neverfull that is still intact is my graffiti…… but damier is a great pattern. its a great bag that you can just throw aroumd

  • vila

    I have a couple of lv bags and they are all shoulder bag. I like both of the two bags and have consider them is a matter of wanting to hold a bag it in your hands or on your shoulder.

  • emme


  • Janelle

    I know this was posted several months ago, but I would suggest getting the Speedy. The Neverfull doesn’t zip closed and the shape is so common. You can get that shape from just about any brand. I would definitely go with the Speedy.

  • Tamara

    I don’t really fancy Neverfull coz it seems like many other brands have the same design. Speedy is true classic. And that’s why I’ve set my mind to get Speedy 30 Damier Ebene for myself tomorrow!! Tie an LV bandeau around the handle and voila!

  • petitenoe

    definitely neverfull, neither of these bags i own. for LV bags, i have 8 of them. With my experience, right away my friend in LV always stirred me away from the speedys, he or maybe it was my brother that called it the wet diaper bag, anyway the name stuck with me. although my friend at LV did mention that if i had to get a speedy, he recommended the white multicoloure one just cause “it looks expensive”. hehe never was convinced. neverfull is affordable n i could totally see it just thrown around the beach, its open n u can put everything in it.

  • wes

    NF is a must have for every mom :).. but the speedy is a ‘me moment’ when u r out with ur friends. :)

  • Michelle

    I have the Speedy in Damier and the NF in Monogram and I love them both. The Speedy’s my evening bag and I use the NF when running errands or going shopping so I can easily stuff my junk in and pull it out when I need it. Also having my hands free when I know I’ll be busy is key. I did just get the new Delightful in MM and LOOOVE it! Think I will be passing my NF to my mommy since I have a replacement tote =)

  • abby 1002

    hi jenna,

    i have both and each has its own use. speedy for me is so roomy and everything i have inside is secured since it has a zipper closure. neverfull is so convenient to use since you can easily throw every stuff inside, yet it’s so open since there is no zipper closure. especially that here in our country you always have to be on the look-out on your belongings hehe.

    they’re both so useful though and both are really really cute. neverfull for me is more of a weekender type of a bag. the speedy is more meant for corporate styles.

    hope i have helped, somehow.

  • beanyce126

    uh oh now i am torn btwn these two bags, some day ill own the speedy, as for mommy time, i guess i go wth the NF MM in the sames pattern. (ipad)

  • OY

    I love the Neverfull! Its a great everyday bag! (ipad)

  • Tish Waldson-Villa

    The Damier Speedy is my favorite bag…. I was very pleased with my purchase from http://www.designerdowned.com, It came with the lock, LV Dust, and the quality was superior even in the inside. I would definitely recommend this store for any loving for the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 30 N41531.

    Happy New Years……..


    • 2classy4u

      Hi….checked out the site….those are fake purses….u can go to NY, n get them for 50.00 if u want one….

      • Tish

        Hi… the $50 purses in NY are also fake. Of course you’re too cheap to buy a $500 one. I understand.

      • Lvlover

        Um, he was saying that the fake you bought online can be bought for $50 at NY…

  • Iq_tmt

    i have one for sale only 400$ contac me at iq_tmt@yahoo.com

  • Bilja79

    too bad your not into the monogram print. I do have the speedy 30 bandolier and absolutely love it!!!!

  • Marie

    Search on ebay. I got a neverfull for £400. I love it soooo much <3

  • Marie

    check this one out ladies http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120923776321#ht_500wt_964

  • Brenda

    Never full i? awesome…. Speedy i? ? hero purse

  • Loulou

    I have both bags in the damier ebene print and my most favourite of the two is the neverfull because it is so roomy and easy to reach things inside and also can be worn on the shoulder or over my arm or hand-held. I almost regret buying the speedy and find it awkward and cumbersome to access, but I’m trying to love it, lol. The neverfull, on the other hand, is a superb bag and I want to buy it in the monogram print as a present to me for my birthday!  

  • Cree73 creolad@hotmail.com

    Where did you purchase the Neverfull for $715…. I have only seen it for around $900. Just wondering

    • Blush baby

      This post was 2 years ago when the price was that low! :(

  • Bettyboop

    What year did the first neverbfull come out?

  • lv1

    The Louis Vuitton Speedy DOES NOT have an inside zipper pocket (as mentioned above) There is one interior pocket without a zipper.

  • Gianna

    Speedy has the zipper across for security
    Neverfull is open, hands can snap up anything

  • Yahaira

    Why anyone would lose a hand by holding a Speedy by the handles, or walk for hours on end with the bag on the forarm… makes no freaking sense. At all.

  • Rokhsona

    Hello I hope someone came help. I have not both the speedy and neverfull in the same patterns, both purchased from the LV store in the UK and I found imperfections from pretty much the day I bought them but felt to shy to go back and speak up which I now regret. However putting those issues to one dos my neverfull had actually lost its shine! And the plastic leather style pumps look a lot more definded (smiling to replicas of you have seen one)

    I feel very upset as when I wear the bag people have actually said to me the bag is fake when I know it’s not … The more I look at it the more the quality, shine, texture and colour looks completely differebt(when I first bought it the neverfull was shinier and had a nicer colour to my speedy)

    Do you think its possible the staff at LV sell replicas , or maybe someone I ibow has switched my genuine bag with their replica behind my back or do does this happen within time (purchased 3 years ago)

    Thank you

  • Joana Richard

    I sell my neverfull GM because everytime I try to catch something from my daughter, or grab her :) a think fall from the bag… So for me as a mom bag Its a big no no! Oh well

  • I am 43 and my daughter is 5 yrs old. I have a speedy 35 andEv a lot of other bags shaped like the speedy (it’s my favorite style). One thing I can tell you is that I don’t carry them at all when I am out and about with my girl. As Megs pointed out, you will only have one hand free if you must carry your speedy. And we, mothers of toddlers, sometimes may need more than two free hands to handle our angels!! The neverfull is a better choice in this case. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s open and there is no closure. So anyone near you has access to your things. Other than this it’s perfect.

    Personally I bought my speedy when my girl was 1,5 yes old. Even though I knew it wouldn’t be handy , because I loved it. I intend to buy a Neverfull soon. So my opinion is this: if you like them both buy them both!