We remember the recent coverage of Louis Vuitton’s lawsuit against the Korean carmaker Hyundai in March. This time around, I am afraid that LV’s next legal slapping may just involve the lovely Mythbusters crew and multiple layers of explosive, tightly-wound pork skin.

Since I am currently abroad in Germany, I did not get to watch the latest installment of my favorite Discovery Channel show Mythbusters until earlier today. The myth at hand sought to prove whether or not ancient armies could have used animal hides to build their canons. The first all-leather build failed miserably, so in best MB tradition, Kari, Grant and Tory went on to build a pig-skin-super-canon with several reinforced layers to withstand the blast of the black powder.

As a silly play on designer leather handbags, Kari adorned the whole barrel of the leather canon with their own flavor of ‘MB’ monogram. It just so happened to closely resemble the Louis Vuitton monogram, which had been subject of several lawsuits in the past. As we know, LV is very protective of their brand and their logos – I for one would just hate to see my favorite geek crew get in trouble over this awesomely busted myth.

Time will tell.

You can view part of the episode here [discovery.com].

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  • Mary

    That’s kind of funny, but I get “Mythbusters” humor. :) However, when is something obviously just a homage and when is it crossing the line into infringement?(fb)

    • Stacy

      Good point Mary, about homage and infringement. I wondered the same. (fb)

  • marian t

    i guess it depends if its worth for LV to go after mythbusters crew, who knows! (fb)

  • Sheryl

    I think it’s all kinda silly, but I kinda understand where LV is coming from (fb)

  • laprns

    Hard to draw the line between this homage and the yards of material being sold illegally at flea markets. I can understand the humor with the mythbusters but in the end it is the same thing as the upholstery and clothing.

  • Cynthia B

    Seems there are no original ideas these days…it’s not like they were selling the canon. It was just for fun. Relax, Louis! (fb)

  • Melissa

    I love Mythbusters and Kari is my favorite!! I think this canon design is hilarious!! BUT, I’m afraid LV probably won’t see the humor in it.

  • Maryann

    I hope LV doesn’t bring file a lawsuit with Mythbusters, but I’m afraid with all of their current legal activity they might. I love that show! (fb)

  • kim

    I hope LV doesn’t sue. I love the MB crew. (fb)

  • Tangentially related: I will marry Tory Belleci if it’s the last thing I do. Come to mama.

  • Monique

    Happy Monday (fb)

  • Lizz

    I hope LV doesn’t sue.. it’s not like they were using the monogram-ish pattern for profit which is what most infringement cases are based on. (fb)

    • Tamee

      I agree with you on this one Lizz. I think intent should definitely be looked at. I can’t see MB looking to profit from the monogram pattern on their cannon. (fb)

  • Charlene

    we’ll see what’ll happen..(fb)

  • Prisilia

    Hopefully no lawsuits coming to MB. It’s just a joke (fb)

  • Shelly

    wow they better not get sued (fb)

  • Deana rooks

    Wow. That will be a tough one. Though seeing how it is so close, can you blame them? You think the show’s legal people would have caught that! (FB)

  • Pat

    I love Mythbusters! LV shouldn’t get their feathers ruffled over this, but I guess it just depends on how they feel. (fb)

  • Karen K.

    I understand how it’s very tongue in cheek and playfully done, but a brand is a brand, and you have to protect it if you want to uphold it’s integrity. If it was my company, I would probably sue not because it was extremely detrimental or it caused severe harm to the company, but because you sometimes just have to in order to set a precedent and preserve that which you have created. (fb)

  • That is what I was wondering too, did the Mythbuster legal time decide this was ok or think about it? Because the Hyundai one was for a split second and LVMH caught that too..

  • Sofia Nolan

    canon design is so funny :) I`ve seen pictures on the Internet with houses, cars, phones and other gadgets covered in LV symbols, love them all.

  • zaali

    Why do they even have to do that- they could have done their own design for their show- (FB)

  • Bex

    Hmm I hope LV doesn’t sue them! (fb)

  • BLynnT

    I agree completely with Lizz. In the case of Hyundai, they were trying to use the logo already associated with luxury to improve the image of their own brand. In the case of MB, they were just being silly which they do so well and in such an entertaining way. Hopefully LV doesn’t sue this time. (fb)

  • Reese

    This looks like we will ‘discover’ the truth behind LV’s precedent happy history. MB is one of my favorite shows, and if this caused a ‘project runway’ like issue I”d be pissed. It was a joke, but I think LV won’t take it that way. (fb)

  • justa9url

    This is sad and funny because my boyfriend loves this show and I love LV. =) (fb)

  • Leona

    LOL, I think it’s funny… DH thinks it’s amusing….
    What could they sue on? Mockery? They aren’t proffiting – not directly at least – but now because of TPFers, thier ratings may increase temporarily :) (fb)

  • Cerise

    I can see where LV would be a little bent out of shape. I would also hope that they can take a “joke”. Come one LV, MB is the shiz :) (fb)

  • An4

    I love Mythbusters! they should not be sued because they’re way cooler than LV (will they take that into account in court?) if LV sues they could always bust a few handbag myths and stop us from spending all that money on “quality, durability etc.” :P

  • Maria

    love LV…but hope they don’t sue this awesome crew… (fb)

  • Shine

    I guess that “MB” monogram was kinda similar to LV monogram on the lether print on the canon, perhaps its more suggestive: that LV leather are of high quality and that it is a very durable and strong kind of material that LV is using on their bag. I found that their intention was just to be funny.(fb)

  • madz

    hahhahaha! i wonder if this was grant’s idea… i’m so fond of grant! amazing, funny, funny show! i love their humor! (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Hm this is fun! I don’t see how LV would really take this seriously…but who knows. (fb)

  • Kayla

    I love LV and respect that they value there logo, they have the right to sue over there property but I don’t think they will over a pig skin covered canon. (fb)

  • Leslie

    I really like that show and apparently most of you do too. I was just reading up on how LV employs a whole team to prevent any infringement and all that but I really hope they don’t sue MB either. Sometimes i think some companies takes things way too seriously. (fb)

  • Sue

    It looks like parody, note the letters say MB. Is there any risk of consumer confusion? OR detriment to the brand?

  • Vicky

    I like this show, too. :) I think it’s just a joke and LV shouldn’t take it seriously. I mean the company will look so stupid, at least in my opinion, if they decide to go so far as to sue the Mythbuster team. Oh… come on… Everyone knows it’s just a joke.

  • abitnerdy

    Yeah, I hope LV doesn’t bust them. It was used as a parody, nothing else. (fb)

  • Leticia

    Hahahhahahahahah this is super funny! (fb)

  • Mai

    I love this show!!! Wish I had more time to watch it… I think LV is going to bust them on this… they always do! (fb)

  • Irene

    Hope they don’t get in trouble, would be a shame (fb)

  • Pe.Riche.

    Cases that involve Intellectual Property disputes have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the consumers would absolutely confuse the brand name (in this case LV) with the generic representation (as presented on Mythbusters). The plaintiff, LV, has to prove that their product reputation and rapport was damaged by the synthetic interpretation of their logo presented on the television series, as LV also must prove that their clientele and possible future customers were somehow confused by what was shown on Mythbusters.

    Honestly, in this case, there is strong evidence on either side, but I hope that Mythbusters doesn’t get in any trouble. LV should be happy with all of the free publicity that they are receiving. And being a company so well established and recognized such as LV, they should know that this is just something that goes along with the territory. I think they should be more selective in the battles they chose to fight.

  • Debbie C

    I highly doubt any LV fans out there seriously thought that LV was producing monogrammed leather cannons. A lawsuit in this case would just be ridiculous. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    LV should take it easy and not be so serious. (fb)

  • Roxanna

    I understand LV’s stance on copyright, etc. but I think they take it too far. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is just for fun. As long as they are not selling anything I don’t think LV should care. (fb)

  • robyn

    Ha ha ha…this made me giggle! Kind of unreal actually! (fb)

  • sheri d

    i’d buy that canon lol love the show (fb)

  • Hakan

    :)very good:)

  • Denise

    I immediately wondered if they would get into trouble when i saw that episode. I hope not, that is a great show! (fb)

  • Sylvia

    hahaaha, this actually made me laugh. I hope they don’t get in trouble though (fb)

  • Amanda

    I love myth busters and loved this episode.

  • Brenda Cervantes

    LOL why don’t people learn not to mess with LV! But I don’t think LV should go after the geeks. They weren’t doing it to pass it off as LV or misrepresent the brand. They just did it to be funny! I agree, I don’t think anyone will think LV is now selling cannons! (fb)

  • Joyce

    Lol. Definitely creative I would say!
    LV really should stop with the law suits.
    It’s not like this effected their image. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    mythbusters! science for kids (fb)

  • faith24

    how weird! never heard of the show either (fb)

  • Jen

    I like that they have MB on it!!! Way to go man! Its soooooo innovative hehehhee

  • Jen

    and pls, this show is not for kids! its for adults too! Its an educational program. Must better than watching movies or useless variety shows

  • Jocelyn

    LV should only sue if they try to sell it. (fb)

  • OY

    I love watching MB! So was there a lawsuit in the end? (ipad)