My Latest Obsession Is Loewe Bag Charms

Plus they make the perfect holiday gift!

While I am already a major Loewe fangirl, so much so that I think 2023 should be the year of more Loewe bags for all, I’ve never fully committed to being a bag charm girl. I like a charm fine, but I’ve only recently begun to get back into them. As I am surrounded by more and more people with similar designer bags, I’ve found that we can stand out by adding a charm or strap to change our bag up. Enter Loewe.

I found myself mesmerized by this Loewe Instagram Reels video, one in which you can watch a craftsman intricately create an enameled bunny charm from a mold and then complete the process by hand. Honestly, this video sold me on the charm because this isn’t some machine-made, press a button and forget it kind of charm. It takes time and precision, and watching the process made me a fan.

Charming Charms for All

Loewe Bag Charms 1
Loewe Bag Charms 2

So when I went to Loewe’s website, I found so many more options for bag charms that I started this obsessive path. I now have three Loewe bags, two Puzzle bags, and one Flamenco Clutch, but I feel like I will add more to my repertoire. What I also want to add is one, or a couple, of these charms. They are the right amount of playful while remaining luxurious, and they offer the ability to add a personalized touch.

There are ceramic options with leather calfskin straps and key rings along with other intricate all-leather versions like this funky Octopus. My love for all things tiny and cute is drawn to these felt animal charms, which also have leather straps and keychain closures. There’s a deer and puppy along with so many more. You could always opt for this cactus charm, it’s surely complex in the way the details come together.

The Bunny Charm Bag

Loewe Puzzle Bag Chinese Monochrome Collection

Loewe is quite clever, as the Bunny Charm that hooked me in is being exclusively sold as part of its new Chinese Monochrome Collection of Puzzle Bags. My color of choice would, hands down, be this Pale Aubergine Glaze; it is the definition of heavenly. Otherwise, this bag is the classic Puzzle bag you’ve come to love from the brand. There’s fully monochromatic satin calfskin leather with tonal hardware (with various colors offered), a tonal jacquard strap with the Loewe name in white, and the bunny charm in porcelain. The reason for this being part of the Chinese Monochrome Collection is that the charm and overall color scheme were inspired by the monochrome glazes used in ancient Chinese ceramics. Price of this bag is $3500.

Loewe Bag Charms 6
Loewe Bag Charms 5

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