2024 Is the Year of Bag Accessorizing and Loewe Reigns Supreme

It's a charmed life for designer bags...

Out is the clean, under-the-radar, old-money aesthetic, and in is the overly ornate bag accessorizing.

I, for one, love it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes my bag is simpler, but I have always been drawn to bags for their ability to further define my style and be an extension of my personality, all while having a bit of fun with it!

If Loewe had no fans, it would mean I am no longer on this Earth because Loewe continues to delight me and be the brand that I find myself constantly coming back to sing its praises to everyone and anyone.

Being a Tropical-weather dweller year-round, I always look forward to the on-the-nose specific summer drops from brands and one that easily makes it into the best of category yearly is Loewe.

Loewe Bag Charms

Now, I will share plenty more of the bags from this collection, but my focus for this article is on the bag charms, pins, and straps. This is where I am splurging for the season!

Loewe offers more than just the ornate, playful bag charm, which is plentiful; this season, it also offers these fun pins that you can use for your bag (think of it as a brooch for your bag).

I can’t seem to decide on which items I want, and my cart is filled with so many options, but this is one of those aspects that makes me feel giddy about bags.

People often ask me if I still find excitement when it comes to bags, as I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, and my answer is yes. But the things that now excite me differ – I want bold, fun, and different. I want seasonal iterations that are more rare to spot. I want something that makes other people smile and brings me joy at the same time.

My Favorite Bag Accessories

Below are my favorite offerings from Loewe! I plan on accessorizing my Loewe summer bag, so I will follow up when I do!


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20 days ago

I am obsessed!!!! I need to buy like 12 of these!

20 days ago

I’ve always loved the Loewe theme bags (elephant etc) but these are just awesome. I especially love the pins!

16 days ago

I’ve never felt compelled to buy the Hermes charms for my bags, hope I’ll still be approached by an SA walking into the store with one of these on my Kelly or Birkin!

19 days ago

I love Paula’s collection!!!