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  • Sparkletastic

    I really wish I carried clutches because that Alexander McQueen is really weird / funky / cute!!! I would grab it if it came with an option chain.

  • Courtney McAlexander

    I have been eying that YSL bag for a while but need to see it in person. I think it’s just going to be a tad too small to be useful for me.

    • It’s similar in size to the Gucci Soho that I have and it fits far more than you’d think. I love it!

      • Courtney McAlexander

        That’s encouraging!! I have the Soho in red and I love it! I have type 1 diabetes so I have to carry a bit more off the bat than most people so I need just about all the space the Soho has to offer. That said, I’m coming to NYC next week and I’m definitely going to check it out in person. Hope it works out for me b/c it’s gorgeous and significantly more reasonably priced that almost all of YSL’s comparable bags, IMO.

  • Dominic Leto

    I completely understand how $1000 has evolved into “the great divide” when it comes to handbags. Everything under is considered too accessible. Yet, everything enviable is two to three times the price point. There are far too few options between $1-2k.

    However, I feel there is such a farce about pricing a bag $5 under $1000. Designers would gain more praise, positive press, and profit if they were to realize that cutting an extra $100-150 (which is pennies compared to the markup over production cost) gives them a larger edge on the market than playing into the price-raise pissing contest.

  • ElainePG

    The Ferragamo Nolita tote is an amazing find, Megs! Before I followed the link to the NM site I fully expected it to be a mini-bag. Nope… a honking 12″ across and 8″ high, AND a strap, AND it only weighs 1 pound. Oh, and that yummy Iris blue! This one definitely goes on my Gotta Have It list.

    • Yep! It’s a GREAT one. I found it and thought it was like finding gold haha. I love Ferragamo and their bags are so well-made, it’s quite a great bag and price!

      • Guest

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  • Shelly

    So many from Neiman.. don’t you just LOVE how they have actual videos of the bags??

  • Pursepro

    How big is the Givenchy wristlet? I carry a iphone6, lv card case, keys, and wallet. Will it hold all of this? Thanks :)

  • Audrey Loves Buddy

    You should look at Lotuff! I love their #9 zipper satchel. $940. Lined in leather. It’s really fine craftsmanship. Very elegant. Understated. Beautiful.