UPDATE 2/24/15: We’re being told by multiple members of the PurseForum that the price increase for Louis Vuitton will be hitting next week, with one person saying March 1st is the date their sales associate told them.

We recently brought you news of an impending Hermès price increase, and now rumor has it Louis Vuitton will be increasing its prices soon as well.

While there isn’t a set date for this increase, many sales associates have told shoppers to expect the price hike around middle of February to early March. Similar to Hermès, the expected price increase is 6%-10%. In 2014, there was only one price increase for Louis Vuitton, but in years prior, there had always two increases per year. This is why some shoppers discussing this issue on the PurseForum are worried about the upcoming increase–the length of time since the last one may mean that they’re in for a bigger hike than usual.

However, it’s worth noting that some sales associates are telling their customers they know nothing of a price increase, and that if there is one, it likely won’t happen until spring. Typically, stores and their associates are not made aware of the date of the increase until a couple weeks before it happens, and that news hits the shoppers and our PurseForum right after. We’ll let you know if we hear more, but if you have been eying a Louis Vuitton piece, you might want to get it now–even if the rumors about a February increase end up being bogus, it surely won’t be long until prices do go up.

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  • Abbi

    This is so annoying…if brands want to create more exclusivity for their bags they should limit how many they sell each season instead of marking up to exuberant prices…I mean the LV speedy is around $1000(AUD) which is just simply ridiculous.

    • Stina Sias

      I bought my Speedy around 2005-6 and I don’t think it cost more than $450… it’s crazy how much they have marked up a canvas bag in 10 years!

      • Dee J. Chancellor

        I bought my Speedy 25 in 03 and it was $525. I remember because I was in graduate school and griped at the price back then.

      • Stina Sias

        That’s funny I definitely remember it being around $500 it could have been $550 and not $450

    • Jan Marilynfan Levitan

      Abbi- could not agree more– $1k is unreal. I paid $250 for a Speedy 25 in 1985. Wish I still had that Bag!

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Great! Handbag monopoly. What next shoulder bag OPEC? We’re at the mercy (what mercy!!) of Arabs for our gas and now we’re in the hands of the French for our handbags! I’m buying Coach, Rebecca Minkoff and Kors.

  • Sarah


  • FashionableLena

    I’m glad that I’m not an LV lover. I just have not seen a handbag in their boutiques that I would spend my hard earned money on, but I do like their small accessories and shawls.

    • Amazona

      It’s starting to look like they don’t want your hard earned money – LV seems to want only filthy rich people carrying their bags, shawls etc. so they jack up the prices to the level where regular people can’t afford their products anymore. I think it’s a stupid bet on their part; just see what it did for Mulberry!

      It would be wiser of them to start limiting the amounts they sell of certain bags rather than just alienating customers. I was thinking of purchasing a LV key holder but I think I’m going to find another manufacturer. Someone that actually uses, y’ know, real leather for their accessories rather than just coated sail cloth.

      • Mel

        Totally agree on everything you’re saying. I have 3 LV bags (Neverfull, the Eva clutch and a vintage crossbody) and I am extremely done with the brand. The only thing I would ever buy from them is probably their scarfs, but no more bags. Besides that, I would much rather spend my hard earned money at Fendi or Gucci etc.

      • FashionableLena

        I agree with what you’re saying. I have a pouchette from many years ago and paid $165 for it. Now, it’s $250, and I don’t find it to be any better than the one I have. I did price that keyholder, but like you, I’m looking at other brands because that one is also $250.

        Alienating their customer base, like Mulberry, will come to bit them. The resale market will reap the benefits of their price increases.

      • Amazona

        The resale market will thrive. Guess who else celebrates when LV and friends get greedier and greedier? Replica makers. People will start to look for AA-AAA fakes for the satisfaction of owning a “designer” piece, if the real thing costs almost 1,000€ and the fake is only 100-150 €.
        And guess what else? The design houses will have to fight harder to fend off the piracy industry, and that will swallow a lot of money. Which they could have saved by keeping their prices reasonable. And sell a lot more bags.

      • pbpink

        fendi! it’s awesome and has cute monster face in Aqua! check them out!

  • Winn

    How do price increases impact the resale market? If new is more expensive, does that increase demand for used? Will resale prices also go up?

    • idaydr3amr

      yes, resale prices will go up depending on item. for example, i bought a chanel classic flap in 2006 for roughly $1700 and now they are $4900, so i would like resell it for more now than i would have in 2012. different brand but same idea.

  • Aphrodite

    So disappointing! I really want to buy a ZCW wallet in mid-Feb and I have been saving up for a few weeks! Hopefully it won’t be until March.

  • I’mAlwaysLate

    Just returned DE Clemence wallet today at LV in Hollywood, CA. The SA stated price increase looming in about 1-1.5 wks. He said most likely first week of February. Also new items are going to to available on February 1. Like the clemence wallet in empreinte leather. And some Valentine Day looking things. Couldn’t really see the catalog but the store manager did show me some pics of new items coming soon.

  • Hermes and LV putting their prices up. Not Fred&Eve! (well, not just yet anyway!) http://www.fredandeve.com

  • Elisa Nue

    Will they increase Louis Vuitton Clemence Wallet during the price increase as well?

  • fashion.foward

    we are paying $1000 USD+ for a few cotton fabrics with a printed waterproof top sewn together with a machine…

  • Julie Anne DeGuzman Jose

    Just bought an LV Speedy 30 at Greenbelt Makati, Philippines last Feb 18, 2015 at 49,000php (roughly 1,200USD) … and yes… its too pricey! but you know its LV .. the “IT” BRAND

    • ami

      I bought my Speedy a couple of years ago for P24,000 in Paris.

  • Sofia

    Those damn ubiquitous monogram canvas bags have really tainted the brand for me. I don’t find anything from LV appealing, monogrammed or not.

  • Maya

    What is up with all these price increases…seriously???!!! This is getting ridiculous!!! I’m starting to hear more and more people who are just not buying anymore, I know I’m not! Prices are just not justified anymore, they weren’t in the first place but now they really are not!! …I wonder how it will be like in 5 years time, will it cater to only 1%, I’m not sure LVMH can make money only off of 1%-ers…

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    It seems like they are trying to alienate the American buyer for some reason.

  • Charlie_Lewis

    As much as we don’t want it to happen but it’s going to happen anyway. Everyone else is adjusting their prices to make the brand more “exclusive” and reflecting on the inflation (they said)…

  • eee

    As the saying goes………if you like it find a way to buy it or in 6 months it will cost you more. That’s most luxury brands. I love them…….hate the price…….but love the bags.

  • Uptown23E.weebly.com

    I personally like the price increases, it keeps the bags at the top of the market and more exclusive. I hate walking around carrying a bag that is super easy and generic to obtain. Louis wouldn’t have to keep increasing their prices if there wasn’t any interest. There obviously is so they can get away with doing this. They will continue to increase it to weed out people who can’t afford it so that the bags are more note worthy. Every company does this, especially when you consider inflation. They do this to stay relevant and they do this to keep their doors open (although I don’t think that louis would have a problem anyway)

  • DW

    I’ve been liking LV more and more lately but still haven’t found a current bag amazing enough for me to spend $1500-3000 USD. I have been looking at eBay for vintage items— so much cheaper and some unique, classic styles.

  • I can only see myself investing in a bag made from leather (from any brand). Anything else just doesn’t feel worth it to me.

  • Pam

    I’m glad I bought all the LV I want already. And it seems that only Chanel keeps its resale value.

  • pbpink

    btw, the link for hermes goes to an old article from 2014

  • Kiddo

    Omg…here we go with the cheap comments. The handbags are too expensive and I can’t afford that! Why are any of you commenting on items that you can not afford to begin with? Some of you are not thinking clearly. When you purchase an expensive handbag…you are helping the employees who help make and sale you the handbag. Asking for the prices to be lowered is like asking someone can I pay you below minimum wage? You are paying for the brand…the style..the status and it won’t be cheap…fashion is a business at the end of the day.

  • Sheldon

    It’s because of those damn Chinese that keep getting more and more wealthy every second. They have zero fashion sense, they look horrible, with LV or without, yet they buy everything expensive and “fashionable” they can get their hands on like maniacs, simply because us Westerners like these brands. Since they buy SO MUCH its only natural for LV and others to increase prices. Soon only Chinese and few selected Westerners will be able to afford LV.

  • bagfreak

    Last night there was an increase on all the bags in the range of 15-20%. So the speedy 30 was 1080 USD increase of 120USD. This morning when i woke up it was the same old. So Anticipating the increase is impending, ladies buy it sooner than paying more bucks for the same bag

  • Fwilkos

    I am extremely disappointed with this new designer Nicholas. I don’t find his rebranding of the LV logo on various bags appealing or artistic. It makes them look cheap, a word, I never thought I would use in the same sentence with my beloved Vuitton. Mark Jacobs had the LV vision. The only purchases I made this year were designed by Christian Louboutin and Carl Lagerfeld. Unless these designers get commissioned to do show bags next year, I won’t be purchasing any of the hideous designs displayed in the fall 2015 runway collection.

  • DEE P

    The speedy is ugly and crappy in workmanship. The bag looks like plastic on steroid even China won’t make …

  • DEE P

    By the way, why are LV used bags almost the same price as new ones, especially the Artsy bags? Why would eye buy an Artsy from Ebay when it’s been used and I could get a new one practically at the same price? People are crazy.