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  • Amazona

    My own resolutions are
    1) to get rid of the bags I don’t use, don’t pine after when I’m not using them and that aren’t current for my style/lifestyle anymore,
    2) to only buy 2 bags this year; that suede fringe bag and something small in the lines of Nano Luggage. Probably RM Mini Mab, though. The smooth leather version is lush and the price is at a level that won’t get me to fear using the bag. The suede bag has been haunting me for 10 years so it’s time to do something about it!

  • Lisa

    I bought several bags last year as I’m steadily upgrading my collection. But I still own way too many bags considering I always reach for the same half-dozen favorites. So my resolutions are:

    1) Continue to get rid of bags I use only occasionally and/or don’t love and save that money for a higher-end option.
    2) Buy fewer but better bags. Don’t get distracted by less expensive bags that seem “affordable” vs what I really want.
    3) Don’t be seduced by the hype surrounding an “it” bag.
    Don’t buy any more large bags since I don’t work in an office anymore
    and if I need to carry a lot of stuff I can add a tote bag.
    Buy only 2 bags this year: either a Lindy or Bolide (traveling to
    Europe in March and hoping to find a relative ‘bargain’) but ONLY if it
    is a color I love, no compromises… and a med/lg Chanel CF in red if I
    can find the exact color I want.

    Wish me luck sticking to 2 purchases!

  • Passerine

    I have three resolutions for 2016
    1. Enjoy and use the bags I have and spend less time thinking about the ones I don’t
    2. Buy quality and buy for the long-haul rather than giving in to impulse. What do I want the bag for — work, evenings, going out on week-ends? Which bag will work best for that niche and will I still be pleased to carry it years down the road?
    3. Inject more color into my bag selection. I admire bags in luscious colors but seem to default to dark brown or black too often. My bag collection needs brightening.

    In terms of putting my resolutions into action, I would like 1) large, seriously stylish work bag that I can carry to events where I mingle with senior management 2) a true evening bag 3) a work/going out bag that’s not black or dark brown, and 4) one work/fun week-end bag. The bags for each of those categories that I have my eye on
    1) LV Montaigne GM in empreinte leather (yes, this one is black)
    2) Jimmy Choo Sweetie (and happily I already have this one in a gorgeous metallic plum fade color, it was a Christmas present I bought for myself in Milan)
    3) LV New Brea MM (a late 2015 reinterpretation of the older Brea style), probably in Amarante, although I might go for fuschia or will see what Prada or Gucci might have…maybe even a new (to me) brand
    4) Balenciaga City or Velo bag in blue or a fun color

  • Sandy

    I made a resolution a few years back to only purchase one bag a year and to make sure that bag was going to be relevant for years to come. This was due to some mistakes years ago…purchasing on impulse. The one thing I truly love and look to you for is Intel on new bags or new versions of bags. For example the Intel you just provided on the Givenchy logo bags…please keep that a big part of your posts, love the information!

    • We always want to bring you the latest news on bags and brands you love so we will!

  • Vbogaert

    I’d like to see much more of the lesser known or less popular bags by Lanvin, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, the Row, NinaRicci, Valextra…. Even Balenciaga, Chloe and Dior don’t seem to get enough coverage, whereas it seems there’s always a post about Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy…. I know their bags are popular but maybe that’s because they get an inordinate amount of coverage.

  • Sparky

    Could you do a post on bag pouches and practical bag accessories (not decorations)?

    I read about the handbag raincoat here on PB and bought one. Such a great idea. It’s come in handy in unexpected downpours!!

    • Yes! This year we are focusing more on what goes inside the bag than we have in the past!

  • Sara

    *Feature New Designers* – YES please!
    I am desperate for some new blood. There must be dozens of unknown/lesser known designers from all over the globe. It doesn’t always have to be high-end. Innovation and quality don’t always come with a hefty price tag.

    • Totally on it! I am going to set up an email address for people to share their lines or lines they would like featured!

  • Jess

    I have already downsized my collection and sold some bags over the last months as I
    had to raise funds for my first Chanel bag. Although it was sometimes hard not to give in impulse buying, I am glad I chose quality over quantity. This is the way I want to continue and so these are my resolutions for 2016:
    1. Get rid of all bags that I don’t use anymore.
    2. Stay away from too colourful bags. Don’t get me wrong – I love colour, but turquoise or yellow bags just don’t work for me and these have been the bags I have sold recently.
    3. Only buy bags that are on my wish list. To get on the list, the bags have to meet some criteria (Is it a colour that will complement my wardrobe? Is it a decent size? Does it have a zip or flap closure? Do I need the bag?)
    Wish me luck!

  • SydneyEastCoast

    I would really like to see something on bags for work. Not just totes but well thought out bags that a senior executive can use in a male dominated industry. Not flashy but luxe and practical; fits paperwork and essentials but isn’t a briefcase. I imagine a bag that takes away work stress as it is so buttery and gorgeous and makes bad days at work feel better.

    Thank you!

    • Passerine

      Hi Sydney, that same type of bag is the top of my list for this year as well. After looking at more than a dozen bags from “serious” designers, i narrowed my list down to two candidates: the Dior Lady bag (large) in black patent calf leather and the Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM in black empreinte leather. The Dior bag is gorgeous and has a top zip, but I found that it wasn’t quite big enough and it was a little difficult getting stuff in and out. the Montaigne GM turned out to be exactly what I need. It’s fairly expensive, about 3000 euros, but will look good for years and while stylish, it also has a strong business look. It’s not strictly a tote. There are several reviews on YouTube (for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgwMo6HxtE4 ).

      • Grace

        Yes! More on stylish work bags please, especially those that can be used for a laptop.

    • Ellen

      Strong second – would love to see more “work” bag ideas that are big enough to carry a lot but are not just a tote a la Longchamp or the Neverfull. Thanks!

    • Mille

      Your should take a look at the Loretta bag from the Swiss (?) brand RODTNES. Apparently the brand started out with this particular bag and an intention to reinvent the work bag for women. It’s functional and has a laptop compartment but it’s also soft and stylish – and is really a lovely handbag! I don’t have it myself (yet) but I am seriously considering it. You can see it here: http://www.rodtnesbags.com/product/loretta-laptop/ And I read about it here: http://design-milk.com/loretta-laptop-bag-by-rodtnes-bags/

  • FashionableLena

    I miss the What’s in Her Bag posts. Vlad’s pictures are amazing. Which leads me to my next request-more pictures from Vlad!
    My only resolution this year is to get another Chanel. Thinking of going the vintage route.

    • On it!! Vlad will def be photographing more this year to share with you all – we have some great features that we want to work on and they all need Vlad’s photography!

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    • Imgoingbroke

      Going vintage Chanel is ALWAYS a good choice. Go for it Lena!

    • Jess

      Yes what’s in her bag is very helpful especially if you’re not sure which size to get. I’m always wondering if my sunglasses case will fit as I don’t wear sunnies on my head. I have been looking on youtube for what’s in my bag for particular brands like the Pandora Givenchy, wasn’t sure to get the small or medium then I ended up with both. It’s also paved the way for getting a few different pouches so more can fit instead of one chunky wallet.

  • Lori

    I would love to see new French bag designers featured, such as Moynat (who has been around forever, but is new to me). I feel like there are wonderful bags being made in Paris that aren’t the big brands and would love to know more about them. Also, great post! As always.

  • CN

    What happened to the Weekly Roundup? It’s my favorite category!

  • seres

    Perhaps some features on how to colour match outfit to coloured bags? Perhaps even by the colour of that months gem stone. I must not be the only colour challenged person out there who has coloured bags she rarely uses because colour coordinating the outfit is so hard.

  • Lena

    Many of my friends have been obsessed by Tom Ford bags lately but i don’t know that much about his bags. I like the Natalia and the Jennifer and i’ve seen some good bags from the brand but maybe you can feature some of it bags on the site and brands like Moynat even Versace (their SS2016 collection was amazing in bags)
    Happy new year :D

    • Imgoingbroke

      I LOVE my Jennifer bag. It is the best, most comfortable crossbody bag I own.

    • Jess

      Another excellent suggestion. I agree!!! His bags are beautiful. He really has hit the nail on the head with the hardware. Any bag with additional zips is amazing. Isn’t that weird. I’m totally drawn to zips.

  • Hanakimi87

    Please do an in-depth review of the quality of BOYY bags! I’m so curious about them but it’s hard to find information on the quality of the bags themselves. (Style is one thing, but the feel of the leather and the lining and the weight and whatnot is another.) Happy New Year, PB!

    • Jess

      YES YES YES!!!! I may never own a boy bag but a review would divine. Good thinking!!!!

  • Jess

    I absolutely adore ‘many bags of’. I have been known to go back and look at old ones. One suggestion actually that I do have, when you do the many bags of could you not cut out the shoes the celebrity is wearing? I’m sure there are plenty of shoe lovers out there reading these posts, and when I’m reading them Í’m like oh nice bag, like her outfit but she has no feet!!! where are the shoes!? Many of my shoes and handbags are purchased because they look so bloody good on a particular celebrity (Hilary Duff – Isabel Marant boots, Kylie Minogue – Jimmy Choo biker boots, D&G leopard print anything, Alessandra Ambrosio/Kate Beckinsale – Givenchy pandora (dont get me started)…. Love you guys!

  • Jess

    My resolutions are: to wear a different bag everyday, get more organised so I think a few pouches are in order so swapping is quicker as mentioned in the post, get my hands on a particular YSL bag. I would post it but I’m afraid someone will buy it and I’ll miss out. Can only find this particular style on one website!!! Selfish I know! And this sounds ridiculous but carry some make up with me. I got a makeup pouch for christmas but it hasn’t arrived yet. Wear more lipstick!!!

  • pinkngreenpurse

    Frye Handbags

  • RR

    Nice to see the resolutions that many of you have here to get rid of some bags that you don’t reach out for, but may have purchased on impulse. I too, have some bags like that. Would love to know what some of the cost effective ways are, to achieve this. I know that I’ll lose some money, but curious to know the ways in which some of you plan to achieve this. Besides selling on ebay, are there other good options to consider?

  • Ariel Zhu

    The Prada bag you have in picture is exactly what I have. I bought it in HK, Nov 2015. I’m so glad you use it as the pic of this article, because I feel this bag did not get the attention it deserved. It is a super pretty color and very nice style in my view.

    • Ariel Zhu

      oh, and I did a review video on this bag for anyone that wants to know more details: https://youtu.be/RUPhdanetrE
      it is a gorcious bag

  • Vildan Aslan

    You should def check MANU ATELIER. Their Pristine bag is one of the most original shapes we have seen in years. I’m using it like everyday!:)

  • Purseblog is what I read with my coffee at the office every morning and the only place I can be part of an active luxury handbag loving community (because, sadly, in my real life I am the only handbag lover I know)! One thing I would like to point out is the fact that it often feels like Purseblog is more American than International. If I am getting it right,most posts are more focused on the US luxury market and the everything around it. I mean It’s fun to read all the news and stories and good places to shop or pamper my bags in the US, but I don’t live there. I would like it a lot if you included more about the rest of the world! :)