It probably won’t surprise you to hear that we are staunchly Team Treat Yo’self. Everyday life can be drudgery, and everyone has to find his or her own ways to make it sparkle. Our preferred method is the stalking and eventual acquisition of beautiful accessories, and if you need a little extra encouragement we’ve got it below.

This time around, we’re doing it in the form of Real Housewives GIFs–not only is reality TV another common indulgence around these parts, but there is somehow a Real Housewives GIF for every occasion.

1. You are a goddess.

The world at large is not kind to women, but, somehow, we still manage our homes, our romantic lives, our families, our careers, our physical appearances and the expectations of those around us. We all deserve a treat every time we get out of bed in the morning.

2. Haters Gonna Hate.

No matter how you choose to treat yo’self, someone’s going to have an opinion about it. Might as well give them something to talk about, right?

3. You Can’t Take It With You.

Of course it’s important to save money for future expenses and emergencies, but eventually, you have to live a little. If you tend toward financial conservatism, you’ve probably well earned a treat by now.

4. “Retail Therapy” is a Real Thing, According to Science.

Seriously, even Psychology Today says buying yourself something nice actually will lift your mood.

5. Bags are a Functional Treat.

There are a million valid ways to do something nice for yourself, but bags have a rare combination of fashion and function. They’re a treat you get to use again and again, which makes them the best.

6. Surely There’s Something to Celebrate.

Got a promotion? Increased your gym time? Didn’t smudge your manicure as soon as you got it done for the first time ever?

7. Maybe You Got a Tax Refund?

The average US tax refund size in 2012 was $2,700, which is plenty for a new bag.

8. It Doesn’t Have to be a Huge Splurge.

Even if you’ve only got a little extra money to spend, you can probably afford some kind of treat–might we suggest a bag charm?

9. If You Won’t Treat Yourself, Who Will?

Even if you have the world’s most thoughtful spouse and family, you’re going to have things that you need to attend to yourself, and that includes occasional indulgences.

10. Because You’re the Boss of You.

There’s a lot of things about being grown that suck–bills, jobs, commutes–so you have to take some time to occasionally enjoy the things that don’t. Eat a donut for breakfast tomorrow and order yourself a new bag. No one can stop you.

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