Chloe Paddington Handbag

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I need all of your help for this one. It is about time I purchase a Chloe Paddington bag for this fall. But what color is the question? I know the bags are practically sold out everywhere, but I will keep my eye out and make some calls to see if I can get one (hopefully I can work some magic). So which color shall it be – blue, red, tan, or black? Let me hear what you all think and why!

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  • sonica

    definitely the blue! its a lovely colour – or faling that get the beige which is another gorgeous colour – but u havent put a pic of it up-

    • mel-rose

      what is the cheapest price for a real chloe bag???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ :???:

  • Michele

    I’m liking the blue very much as well! My second choice would be the tan. Those two colors seem to work better with the bag’s design.

  • megan

    I like the tan best but blue would defintly be my second choice

  • sonica

    I have the bag in the special edition ( for london vegas celebration) its silver with a diamond padlock – i love it – But Michele is right if I hadnt bought the silver would definitely go for the blue –

  • Jillian


  • Ilisha

    Out of the four colors showing I would go with the BLUE. It’s a lot saucier than the others and like denim it will go w/ everything. It’s looks like it would age really well too.

  • Kim

    I know these bags are almost impossible to come by but I want one real bad! If you find one please let me know where. They are gorgeous! And I have to agree, the Blue would be my pick.

  • Grace

    RED, RED, RED!

  • cork

    Well, honestly you have to remember that blue would be more of a summer than a fall. I would go with richer colors like red or tan. they will spicen up things a bit more than blue, and the blue reminds me a little to much like denim. Denim is cool but I think this is the season to get away from your normal wear and experiment a bit. TO: ILISHA saucier means sluttier.

  • Sarah

    Tan all the way!

  • billyjoe

    red is my number one
    second choice is BLACK!

  • lmpsola

    First choice, blue, looks great, second choice, red

  • Leilani

    I pre-ordered the blue and can’t wait to get it! (2 weeks more of waiting…) I agree with the comments that the color seems to go best with the style of the bag and would match all sorts of outfits.

  • Linda Nguyen

    I love this particular style & I definitely think the blue hue is fabulous:) I’m glad I’m not the only one who also thinks so.

  • Noriko

    I really like the red :) I’m hoping to come across one on vacation later this month!

  • chiangsi1980’s gonna be tan, khaki and this order ;)

  • Rhiannon

    I say Red too. It’s a nice deep fall color. yum!

  • Dulcisima

    Its gotta be Tan…I love my Tan paddington:)

  • Apple

    the blue is beautiful but since i have a lot of blue bags, i went for this fall’s red. oh my gosh, you will not regret this color! unlike last season’s rouge red, this is more of a vintage, darker red, and from
    afar, it looks more like a brown. it is very neutral-ish red and i just
    got mine from net-a-porter. i love it!!! RED!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    I vote tan! It seems the most versatile, it goes with everything. Just overall such a pretty color. I had the tan, but had to sell it :-(

  • inkypaws

    What are the all of the offical colors that the authentic bags comes in? I’m seeing several of these bags on auctions sites stating that they are authentic, but are in several different colors.

    Thanks for any help.

  • lovinthebags

    Lovin’ the deep red. Gorgeous Hot! Or tan, for fall. The blue is really pretty but more of a summer color… As for black, blah.

  • Audrey

    First, thanks for your website ! It’s just great to see people talking about real Paddington, not fake ones ! I bought the blackone last week at the Galeries Lafayette (I live in Paris) and I just LOVE IT ! My friends find it so beautiful too !!! That’s a very nice colour!

  • Nadia

    Definetly the red! Like others said, more of a fall color. The blue is pretty too, and the tan. Black is boring though.

  • Lexi

    def. the cranberry…fab…does anyone else think the yellow is hideous? i do…disgusting

  • Sher

    How do you tell a fake Chloe Paddington? Just bought a black one on ebay..

  • mog

    All the bags on ebay are fake-BEWARE!

  • carla

    i need your help. I recently bought a paddington on ebay and know i read that al bags sold there are fake.How can I tell the difference?

  • jess

    i have blue but i was unsure of it but now that u people are all voting for blue i feel much better. im suprised u didnt like the black i was going to get that but they didnt have it. ohwell thanks for the confidence booster!!!

  • T

    I hear everyone saying most chloes are fakes, but I haven’t heard one clear comment or sign telling a person how they would know they were fake. If you know how to tell a chloe is a fake, let us all in on it, before we go out and spend a thousand on a fake purse. Thank you.

  • Ceecee

    for all those chloe paddington owners, are your zippers silver even though all the studs & other metals are in gold? and also does it open up (almost like a jacket zipper?)I bought the green one from designer & they said its guaranteed authentic, i just have my little doubts. pls help me put my mind to rest…thanks!

  • Louisa

    Hi there. I am the proud owner of a black Chloe paddington and I highly reccomend it. Leather is easily knicked (especially if your a klutz like me) and the black has hidden wear and tear very well. Also, the black tends to go with everything! Have fun with the bag its absolutely wonderful, I literally never use my other purses.

  • V

    Red deinitely – it’s just screams SEX!! lol

  • katrina

    Hi All,
    I have a WARNING about BLUEFLY. I recently bought a paddington from them. I actually ordered two of them in different colors. When I got them, they were both the same color but NOT the same quality. One or both were obviously fakes. The leather was crappy, the hardware was scuffed, the zippers didn’t close easily and there were many inconsistencies between the two like different sized and fuzzy embossings. All the signs that they weren’t authentic were there. I sent them both back and am buying only from trusted e-retailers like Bergdorfs and Neiman’s from now on. So, I would buy high end items from bluefly with care. You could get a fake!

  • janet

    Hi: i just broke down and purchased two bags from Neiman marcus, one in Whiskey and the other tan. I have been looking for one that had a houlder strap and the tan one jsut appeared yesterday on the NM site. So my Whiskey is coming on Monday and a week later the tan with shoulder strap. Is there anyone out there that can tell me if the shoulder strap is not a good thing? I tend to only wear shoulder bags that is why i had to have one. As for EBAY and fakes. My research has told me that on most authentic bags the stitching is a darker color then the bag, the sippers are silver, the code is within a pocket and can be either 6 or ten digits. If the bag stands up on its own it isan’t real also. Hiope this helps? Once I get mine I can tell you more.

  • katrina

    That’s funny. I just did the same thing. Except I got the whiskey and the zipper satchel in taupe. I’ll decide which I want when I see them. Berdorf also has a good selection that is sometimes different from NM, even though they are owned by the same company.

  • janet

    Katrina I sent the Whiskey one back because I loved the tan with the strap. I wonder though if NM and BG get fakes. I know mine must have been a return from someone else because it was sold out and then appeared one day and it was gone after i purchased it…I mean gone in a minute…I heard that the stitching should be darker but mine is almost the same color as the bag itself. I am just about going to give up whether it is a fake even coming from NM because we will drive ourself crazy and never be able to really tell…so enjoy your new bag

  • lucy

    hey is there a definite difference between tan and whiskey bags?

    • mel-rose

      yes if they were the same they would have differnt names!!!!!!! :roll:

  • ike

    can anyone tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how many models are there out there for chloe paddington? I’m so desperate to buy one, but they’re sold out everywhere since 4 months agooo! but then i started seeing other chloes…is there a difference( as in the models) at all between the top 2 bags (pictured in this website) and the bottom 2 bags??
    are they different model? different style??
    if so, how are they different? are there newer models coming in…how many are there? I dont want to buy the “wrong” model. please help me out, thanks muchh!!!

  • Jyushang

    Okay girls, I had recently purchase a Chloe Paddington bag and the colour is whisky (camel tanned brown) and I am totally in love with it. The bag I bought is rather rare. It is an oversized Chloe Paddington bag which is the only one found in Australia or perhaps not many in the world. My friends who recently travelled to Europe did not find any of them in the Chloe boutiques either.I am very fortunate to have found it at Robby Ingham store in Sydney amongst others. It costs AUD$2900 which is rather worth while as it is soft cow leather and it is big. I guess I am a bag whore, actually a male bag whore!

  • Jyushang

    by the way, if you girls are looking for Chloe bags, they can be bought online on

  • Rinni

    well, about the collour, i like red or whisky. it more into urban style. if want somethin more like classi looked. i would say light brown.
    anyway!anyone, can tel me wat kind of collours do they have?..thnks

  • Pilar

    If a black paddington has black stitching, is it authentic?

  • Jesse Lee

    I have, and still have and love, the red paddington with the shoulder strap from the very first run. it’s classic and i believe to be an investment in a little piece of fashion history. while i will continue to get new bags every season i will always return to my red paddington 2005! only problem, i have to admit, is thatthe lock is very heavy. which is true of the first run purses. after they started to make them a bit lighter.

  • sonia

    does anyone know where I can find a person who authenticates a bag? or tells that it is fake so you get adocument on it?

  • Mel

    I have an 05 red paddington too! medium satchel with front flap~ SO delicious; and the red stands out of my outfit instead of hiding in obscurity behind my clothes! The red really ads luxe to an outfit, especially when paired with the gold detailings of the bag and with red hot lips, the lip color of the fall season!

    I say blue or red. I’m sure ya’ll already have a million tan and black bags, like me.

    For the inquiries above, yes, the 2 zippers are silver while the rest of the metal hardware is gold and the stitching is the same color as the bag. Also the leather should collapse. It shouldn’t be stiff AT ALL. A legit bag holds its shape very poorly because the leather is very soft. I’m pretty sure my bag is real, as I bought it directly from the Chloe store. If u have doubts about obtaining a real Chloe~ is the only legitimate online store for Chloe.

  • nic

    who cares?!

  • costy

    hey girls listen up; I’m from milan and I can tell you that it aint that to find a chloe paddington bag over here… if you happen to be nearby…… hurry!!!(try Banner in via della spiga, thats where i found mine and I’m LOVING IT!!!) I chose the tan version as its classic, works with every outfit at any season…..the blue version wasnt available but I have to admit its jaw-dropping!!! although it is more particular and harder to wear…….oh what the hell I just love all of them!!!!

  • Charlee

    ok well i saw these bags and i fell inlove!!
    i want it sooooooooo much and my dad is getting persuaded its quite a bit of money but its sooooooooo worth it

  • Sarah

    I am head over heel IN LOVE with the Paddington bag(I love it in white). However I don’t think I will be able to afford it in at least another 20 years. BUT–The good new is while I was “window shopping-ing” last week, I came upon this site , they have a non-designer version of the paddington for sale. Well that day I ended up NOT window shopping-ing – for once! Now I am saving up some money for my next one – In brown!

  • Mary

    has anyone’s lock gotten scuffed where it connects to the bag? the top of my lock is losing the matte finish and now looks a little shiny. the ring thing it hooks onto has also had this problem.

  • katie

    Hi there!!- How to spot a fake chloe you say? You can easily tell a fake because they have a boxy, shapeless apperance instead of a soft, shaped sloucy look(they should never ‘stand-up’ on there own!Also on most fakes the ‘chloe’ embossings are in much larger writing.The ‘c’ shape buckles on real chloe has chloe stamped on the top of one buckle and on the underside of the other.Also the brass hardware is brass colouerd and NOT gold!! Other signs include rough looking stitching , gold zippers (they should be silver),and leather that feels the same as a bag you bought from barrats!! The leather should prob be the softest you have ever felt if you have not owned a designer bag before.Also the padlock should be hefty as is made from brass on the real thing and should weigh 3 onuces if it is less than that the bag is a fake!!!Hope this helps you people out there!!! REMEMBER- THE FAKES ARE GOOD BUT NOTHING MAKES UP FOR THE REAL THING!!!!EBAY has nothing but fakes, but if that is all you can afford then go ahead because you will be pleased but if your looking to buy the genuine artical off ebay then go for a seller with the ‘MY POPETTE’ recomendation, as these are the only origonals on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dd

    i think you should get the gold one. I have the gold one and it is great for an evening out since it really stands out. It is easy to match cloth especially going out cloth and also it can jazz up any monotoned ensemble instantaneously!


    This will sound like a stupid question. But where are all the discounted Paddingtons coming from? How do the Ebay power-sellers get them? And don’t say ‘because they’re all fakes!’ I just purchased a genuine one for £150.

  • INGA

    Hi, i have just bought 2 chloe paddingtons of ebay, they are so fake they are pvc,paypal wants letter of authentication – where do i get this from

  • Larke Nunn

    Interesting reading. I bought a black Chloe Paddington from Bluefly and it looked OK to me … had the silver zippers, the dark brass hardware, even fell into itself where the lock goes over the middle. I compared it to a brown one that my sister in law brought for me at Net-a-porter. I really didn’t see any difference except for color. Did a closet clean out and recently sold the black one on ebay. Turned out it was a fake – my buyer really knew her Paddingtons and sure educated me. It all worked out OK, but now I’m wondering about the brown one. Anyway, BEWARE about buying bags from Bluefly.

  • PlaneJane13

    HOW TO SPOT A FAKE CHLOE PADDINGTON: Color of the metal, all of the rivets, key & lock should be the same color metal. On most of the authentic bags it is a dark antique brushed brass color, The fake ones have a bright brushed brass color or a darker lock & shiny brass rivets.

    The stitching on an authentic bag is a thicker nylon stitch

    The handles have an extra peice of leather around the top of the strap. The seam should be pointed outward on an authentic. This is a big one. Most of the seams you see on eBay are pointed inward.

    Ivory bags have the edges done in brown, NOT ivory. But, be careful some newer fakes have the brown trim. If the Chloe tag doesn’t have the color on it or the correct name for that color, it is a fake. If the 2 stickers are on the inside of the Chloe Tag – FAKE. Chloe puts one on the inside & the one with the color on the back of the circular Chloe tag.

    The area where the handles attach should be rounded, not squared off.

    Regarding the rivets by the handles, the seams should go through the center of these, not off to the side. The same is true with the little round pieces of leather to which the rivets are attached. They must be pretty much centered as well.

    Lock: The stamp of Chloe on the top of the lock is small on an authentic, about 1/8″. Also & this is a good one, lay the lock on the table, with Chloe stamp up. How does the key hole look? Is it right side up or upside down? If it is upside down, you bought a fake. But, some fakes have it the right way.

    The best indicator of all is the tag inside the bag. They all have one in natural leather with numbers stamped on it. If the numbers are small it is a fake. Most importantly, hold the tag where it is attached to the pocket. Are the numbers right side up? If so, it is authentic. If not it is a fake. Chloe puts their tags in upside down so the numbers are upside down if you just grab the tags end.

  • Louisa

    Does sell genuine Chloe handbags? There is a link to them on this website

  • Michelle

    Hi There,
    Just wondering, I have heaps of bags in all sorts of colours and I wanted to buy a Chloe paddington for everyday use in a colour that goes with everything. I was thinking a cream colour or Tan (Whiskey) what do you think?

  • Simone

    I would suggest the one in tan. Cream was the “in colour” of winter bags, but winter’s almost over (although the colour certainly looks nice). Moreover, next summer white is the in colour of clothing and a whiskey bag does look better than a cream bag with these.

  • Christine

    Does anyone know if the Chloe bags on are real? thanks!

  • Andrea

    Does anyone know where to buy just the chloe diamond lock and key in black? I really want these instead buying another paddy

    • shari

      Were you able to find your lock?
      I have a Chloe paddington as well and I lost my lock!
      I just need to buy a lock!

      let me know
      Shari (desperate for a Chloe lock so I can use my Paddy again!)

  • annabell

    Hi , recently bought a fake one for £20 . dont see the big deal leather feels the same as my friends real one , it slouches just how youve all suggested the real ones do . Mines definatley a fake though. Not that it matters no ones really spotted the difference so to be honest I’d rather get a fake and save the money – anyway dont feel so guilty when your blusher explodes in your bag. But if your going to get a real one make sure its from a reputable retailer as fakes are pretty convincing

    • Laura

      were did you get your fake one? I have been looking around everywhere. Just want to hear were you got yours first.

      • Dawn

        hi laura, if you are still wanting a chloe paddington, let me know, as i may be able to get one for you, but it wont be till january. wot colour are are interested in?? and whicg chloe style? the paddington comes in 2 sizes, baby and large…

      • Verla

        I would love to have a paddington in the large dark red. Would you be able to steer me in the right direction? Verla

  • Lisa

    Just received a paddington bag as a gift (black). The lock on it is black – some parts of the “painted” metal are scratched – especially where the locking mechanism actually gets secured into the hole. Fake? I have never seen a black lock before.

    • mel-rose

      a definate fake!!!!! send it back :mrgreen:

      • christine

        is the black lock fake? ironically, i saw the black version, with the black lock, and a shoulder strap… i’ve never seen a paddington with a shoulder strap before?
        could it be fake? it was in a department store..

  • hannah

    i have a red one got it from house of fraser at blue water paid £720 as 10% due to loose stitch
    i love the bag but hate that all my friends are coping and buying cheap fakes

  • Khloooo x

    Hiii!.. Wow these bags are gorg.! Loveee em! im such a bag queen i cant stop myself, everytime i go out shopping i would usually have to buy a bag!??? I would definatly have to say that the red would be fabulous! :grin: so definatly red for my first choice! i would then say, the silvery grey colour, blue then tan.

  • Tammy

    Every color seems to have it’s own personality and validation for use. I just think the warmth of the whiskey color seems to say, ” I can take you from a westward themed weekend to the pitfalls of the day in a New York doldrum job”. It’s just asking to be your best friend. Red seems to feel a little more English equestrian or plaid and fall.Blue seems cooler and chic, don’t get to comfy…we’re on. Black just always feels uptight and “just the facts m’am”, to me.

  • Hector Martinez Pinnichio III

    Black is the Shiznit my Ladies!

  • wishuwereme

    hey hot stuff need help im too cool 4 other people and chloe bag broke and there too exspensie to buy a new 1

    • Re


  • wishuwereme

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :oops: :idea: :grin: :evil:

  • ruth

    i have this tan color ang i like i so much..costy but i love it..

  • danie

    blue blue blue!!! i got it in blue and it’s absolutely fabulous

  • Emma

    BLACK!! Ive just brought a brown one for £14.99..and i love it. Wow, worship ebay! x

  • ayesha

    hi, I have a chloe lookalike bag in white and cream. if ure interested, please leave a message.

  • ayesha

    hi, email me at if ure interested.

  • Sarah smith

    I’ve got a bag from bagadellic, cost me £105, I know its a fake, but the quality is superb. 100% leather unlike that rubbish on ebay

  • Wendy

    I bought myself a fake black Paddington for £150 on Ebay recently and when my dad returned from the States last week, he got me the real deal as a present (good dad!!)!!

    Comparing the two, the quality of the fake is UNREAL!! They are shockingly similar – from the slouchy leather to the silver zips, xx-xx-xx serial number in the pocket, “Chloe” engraved on the side buckles (one at the top and one on the bottom). I cannot believe how convincing these fake manufacturers are!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
    As I have 2 black Paddingtons now ,I am going to sell off the fake one; as i only got both bags last week, it is still new – is anyone interested? The biggest difference is how the keylock is upside down butI really don’t see who on earth is really going to notice this!! I can provide all detailed photos of it and can post via Ebay if it makes you feel better. You can mail me on

  • candle

    Iam looking for a Fake Chloe bag!! $ 100.00 Please e mail me if you have one or know of someone!!!!

  • angel

    Do chloe bags ever have a silver padlock?


    :???: hay i think the black chloe would be good hard to get dirty

  • Nicole

    Mi Blanc Cloe Paddington is divine :mrgreen: Love iit!! :mrgreen:

  • Chris

    I recently paid £200 for a Chloe Paddington bag from a site called
    Has anyone bought from here before and are the bags real. I have done alot of research and the bag looks and feels (and smells) genuine. They say they buy from authentic dealers but i got spooked as the bag was sent from China!!!

  • Dawn

    Hi there, i woukd just like to say to all you sinics out there.. please stop slagging off ebay chloe bags. not all of them are fake. i have sold and bought chloe bags from ebay and have never had a problem. if i couldnt afford a realchloe, id rather have a proper fake for much less. not everyone can afford the real thing, and yes while somne fakes are so awful, there are some fakes that are so perfect you cannot tell the difference. i put this to the test. bought a proper fake off ebay, took it to miss selfridges in london.. the manager inspected the chloe, and compared it to the real ones and couldnt tell the difference. the fake was immaculate.
    all i can say is if you do want a fake, then do your research first. a genuine seller on ebay or anywhere wont mind you asking questions and asking for more photos etc. and a genuine seller will always offer a refund. look out for this for ebay or ebid or any auction site…..

  • Louisa Swann

    Hi Chris (13/12/2007),
    Did you actually receive your bag from stylerunway? I have been toying with the idea of a paddy from there, but all the feed back is so bad i didn’t do it. Some techy person found out that their site is hosted from Kiev, Ukraine and has the same IP address as a site called, allegedly there are several claims being made against them currently. I’m told they’re fraudsters and the bags are fake, how did you get on?

  • tracy

    has anyone seen a paddy bag with white padlock? I ordered one from NAP (on sale) and the padlock and key were white..the bag itself is gray. please let me know. NAP is Chloe online vendor so I suppose the bag is authentic..

  • Dawn

    i found out something interestng from net a Not all chloe bags have serial numbers. Net a porter say that chloe are not consistent in stamping serial numbers in the bags. also the paddington bags with the crystal padlock and key are authentic. they are a new version paddy.. so dont be afraid to buy one. ive just bought a tan pady with the crystal key and padlock and WOW!!! it is stunning. all my girlfriends now want one 1 hahaha. im buyin

  • shari

    I just recently bought a Chloe Paddington bag and I lost my lock a few days after.
    Does anyone know where I can just purchase a lock for my Paddy??? My bag is white so i would prefer a white lock!
    I would like to start using it again- I miss it!

    Let me know


    • sunshineg1

      Definitely ebay. Only from Great Sellers, of course.

  • K8

    Hey i reeli want a chloe paddington in either whisky or dark brown an have seen some quite cheap on can anyone tell me whether these are the real deal as i dnt want a fake. And ne1 with a whisky paddy is it more brown or red cos it hard to tell lookin at pics.

  • Alison

    I brought a large chloe cream paddington bag with a front pocket from ebay, it is made of really soft leather with brown edging but I haven’t seen any on a website so I don’t know if it is fake or genuine, do chloe make a large paddington? As it is too big for me I have decided to sell it, it is still new, if anyone is interested email me at , I can provide photos of it and can put it on Ebay as buy it now.

  • Zoe Kennedy-Rowles

    You have to get tan I love mine blue just seems tackey, buy in style :cool:

  • sarah

    I have two paddingtons and love them both, all tho they are quite different in material which makes me think one is a brilliant replica. after reading the blogs i really don’t know which one is real as some people have a checklist but they list opposites ie key hole upside down! can anyone help? x

  • sarah

    sorry forgot to add they are both definate leather!x

  • HELP?!?

    i bought a chloe paddington at a thrift store recently. i’m almost positive that it’s real, but i just want to be 100% sure it is. i’ve read different comments concerning the metal & zippers. mine is dark brown with gold metal (lock, studs, etc) so is it real if the zipper is gold along with the rest of the metal?

  • catherine

    hi there, I have just saw a limited edition chloe paddington, it is all black including all hardware, padlock etc, it is stated with a authenticity code, is there such a bag? and also how would you check out the authenticity code? thanks, cathy

  • NY

    Usually I use the best file searcher-

  • sara

    woopwoop i got the tan 1 :grin:

  • sushi

    hi,,,hope i can help you…

    the tan is so cute….

    i already have the tan….

    love it…..!!!!!!!!

  • robert

    hi i have bought my wife a black baby chloe paddington bag from a online retailer in the UK, is there anyway of checking the authenticity of this bag, (should get it tomorrow).


  • robert

    i have recd the bag today and even though it is a baby paddington it matches the details of one that it is real, the stitching on this is a mid silvery grey colour. the bag doesnt slouch as much as perhaps it should do because i was stuffed with tissue paper to give it that sort of puffed up look when you open the box! i couldnt find his leather tag with all the numbers on it, which pocket is this in and should this be on the baby paddington bag


    have a good newyear everyone.

  • chloe

    hi my name is chloe and i love all of the bags they are all cool and if i had to pick i would pick the blue or the pink one D:

  • Bill Martin

    If my old lady spent the kind of money this purse costs I’d split her skull with a sledge hammer.

  • Tasha

    Oh My Gosh, My perfect man got me a bronze one for my birthday! Yes a bronze one! Cant get them ANYWHERE! there aren’t many of them but its a wonderful colour so if you can, GET ON! Honestly is beautiful. You’ll love it xx

  • chellt


  • genie

    this weekend i found a paddington bag at a garage sale ..real or fake …3.oo wow it is aqua my favorite color(light aqua) any info? thanks

  • Hannah Bentley

    I just bought a Chloe Bag from a vintage shop and now i have got it home i’m worried it’s fake. It looks very similar to a Paddington but it has two plaits down the front and back and i can’t find a serial number. Do you know anything about these?


    Hey there! Fantastic concept, but can this genuinely work?

  • Amber r

    Hannah, it’s fake, sorry :(. Genie, it’s fake!!!! Help, the top zipper is silver on all of the paddingtons at nordstrom. This is not to say they all are and always have been. I find it to be the only detail I’d change about the bag. On replicas the pads are usually lighter brass where the real deal is a darker and heavier pad. Also the key hole is upside down on replica, and the buckles and rivets maybe several shades of gold. Recently they have started using a “rose” tone for the pads so they appear darker in photos.
    And as for the padlock, if the Chloe is facing up the round part of the keyhole should be on the top. Period. Replicas often have smaller locks also. And always keep in mind that replicas are very good these days. Dare I say some of the designs are so good that the real designers should take the design and make the real deal. So don’t expect each replica to be a knock off of an actual bag! They design their own bags and use a brand and logo to sell it! If shopping on eBay it’s a good rule of thumb to choose the item that doesn’t look like the majority, it’s the real one. Those 90% that look the same are all fake!

  • Sophie

    Hi guys I was wondering if you could help me, I’m after a paddy and the only department store in England I’ve managed to find one is this , but is it the same as the original paddy? I wasn’t sure if the original was a shoulder bag or not?! Thanks :)

    • HandbagAddiction

      It is similar to the vintage ones but the have changed slightly, there were shoulder bags. The vintage ones there was much thicker and nearly double the price.

  • Naggy

    I think the green one strikes my fancy the most. (ipad)

  • KY

    The Chloe Paddington is beautiful! (ipad)

  • Pepa

    Have you meet the CUCLES CAMBRILS bags? What do you thing? I love them