Jimmy Choo HM 2

We had a fairly lively debate a few months ago when the Jimmy Choo for H&M collaboration was announced, and now we’ve finally got a comprehensive look at what the partnership will yield when it hits store shelves November 14.

The collection includes shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry, and a few items of clothing, all done in the slightly 80s glam-punk look that Jimmy Choo has been fond of lately. There are only a few bags, but they’re certainly worth a look. Most of the bags and shoes are real leather, so this is not nearly as bargain basement as a lot of low-end collaborations are. I wouldn’t call myself overly impressed, but rather pleasantly surprised. Most of the collection is genuinely attractive, although the bags are not the high point.

More photos after the jump.

Jimmy Choo HM 1  Jimmy Choo HM 2  Jimmy Choo HM 3  Jimmy Choo HM 4  Jimmy Choo HM 5

More info via The Daily Mail.

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  • Jem

    I rather like the bright pink box clutch and the star clutch but the rest I could take or leave really

  • tadpolenyc

    wow, these bags are…not pretty. at least the some of the clothes and shoes look pretty cool. i don’t know if they’re worth standing in line and fighting the mob for however.

  • Ally

    I’d take the zebra clutch.

  • SocialStylist

    oohh, sadly they look more like H&M and less like Jimmy Choo.

  • Handbag Lover

    I can’t see going to H&M for Jimmy Choo. Gosh, seems cheap and what will that do for the name of the brand. I like the exclusiveness of having a jimmy Choo and this to me isn’t the way to go! Just like going to Macy’s to now get Tiffany’s, but hey who am I, maybe i am wrong.

  • Rachel09

    i really like the pink clutch rather nice :)

  • Kimberly Marney

    I am hearing “We Got The Beat” in my head right now…..

    • papertiger

      really? I’m hearing the Scorpions’ ‘Winds of Change’ :D

  • ofMONACO

    Love the lacquered pink clutch. I just wish it were a more neon hue like the pricier ones that are about to come out.

  • Michael St. James

    yikes…i had high hopes, but these bags are really fugly!

  • Terri


  • mandy

    Slightly disappointed.

  • Rebbeca

    Pink is soo cute !
    I wish I had H&M here : (

  • jburgh

    I hope this move doesn’t backfire on Choo. The bags look cheezie to me.

  • Jeannie

    Not really impressed with these. The only one that I think I would wear would be the bottom left black purse. They all look rather cheap to me.

  • emily*

    Hot pink and zebra print.
    Looks cheap and too Avril Lavigne “girlie punk rock”
    not a fan.

  • Merve

    The shoes are pretty cool, the bags are definitely not.

  • J

    I wouldn’t have guess these were Jimmy Choo’s design.

  • Claire

    What you are seeing here is H&M shoes and bags with a [cheap blue] Jimmy Choo label…. Tamara Mellon, what the hell are you doing??

  • Kate

    the pink clutch is a cute high street version of the gold Jimmy Choo Kase clutch, perfect for the ae group that shops in H&M!

  • Natalie

    Personally, I think the collaboration has been a good move. Everyone likes the exclusive edge that comes with a designer label, but not everyone can afford to spend a few thousand pounds on a handbag, or a few hundred on a pair of shoes. The collaboration will do the same great thing that high-end make up and perfume does: allow the rest of us to own a bit of designer. We’re all looking for a pick-me-up during the recession; and if we can claim that while we may not be rolling in it, our nails are by Chanel and our shoes by Jimmy Choo, I can’t think of a better pick-me-up than that.

  • GretchenDenio

    Looks like tupperware! Sad but true… :(