Photo via Marie Claire

The Row has two interesting and and seemingly incongruous distinctions: It’s a clothing line owned by former child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and it’s one of the most expensive ready-to-wear lines in the entire industry. By all accounts, the prices of The Row’s garments come as a result of the Olsens’ desire to make clothing in as exacting and precise a way as possible instead of just having Another Celebrity Clothing Line, and even if the prices are out of your budget, their desire for quality instead of another quick buck is to be commended.

With the sisters’ bag choices being a topic of discussion in the fashion world for some time, it was only a matter of time until The Row launched a line of bags, as it has for Fall 2011. And wow, are these things expensive. The price points for the regular leather day bags and smaller lizard and ostrich bags are in the $5000 range, but I’ve been unable to find firm prices for the alligator pieces. To me, that means, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” And, well, that’s probably true. The bags will be available exclusively through Barneys and As many photos of the collection as I could find, after the jump.

Photos via Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar

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  • ninjaninja

    See, nothing beats a classic.

    • mimi


  • lisa

    I have several pieces from the ready to wear collection and the quality is fantastic. its quickly becoming one of my favorite lines! i cant wait to see the bags- they are probably out of my price range but I will love to see them at barneys.

  • Silversun

    These pieces look lovely and classic, but am I the only one thinking they come across as a little devoid of personality?

  • gdaddo

    Ridiculous…why anyone would spend anything for products “designed” by these two utterly devoid of taste vanity cases boggles the mind. OOOH…the Olsen twins!!!!

  • rose60610

    Their gator pieces pale in comparison to the swank Ferragamo gator tote from the other day in this column. I’m not a follower of these pixie-twins but I have to hand it them for their success.

  • Karen

    These bags look eerily similar to Victoria Beckham’s…

    • mimi

      yea, they do.

      • mimi

        especially the clutches, tote bag, and the last one…

  • Chels K

    I admit, I am quite taken with the first bag. I’d proudly tote that to work.

  • Titiana

    not impressed at all….

  • Kat

    Lovely. Everything (except maybe the backpack) is timeless. I’m sure the quality would be impeccable. I really like the grey clutch and the one beside it but for those prices, maybe I would invest in an Hermes Constance or the Celine box bag. I would probably have more color options, too.

  • suparna

    the tote reminds me of the fendi twins tote the girls made famous a while back

  • MizzJ

    The bags are gorgeous and I’m sure they’ll be pretty successful. I think it’s been long enough now that we can take them seriously as designers!

  • marinaharbour

    Yes you can see the quality is good, they look nice… but nothing NEW or SPECIAL!!!

  • Demi

    They are nice bags, BUT with that money I’d rather buy an Hermes bag! Sorry Olsen twins!

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Of course everyone has their own opinion and taste, but for me there are no lovelier bags than Hermès bags.
    Although I like the Olsens croc tote and the two clutches, if they are so “exclusive”( translation : expensive) as you say, I will always go for Hermès.

  • Jennifer

    Great looking bags! I think that we’ll see similarities to a lot of the designer bags since ‘classics’ & structured are the buzz words of the fashion industry.

  • mochababe73

    I have a subscription to Marie Claire, and I thought that the prices were outrageous.
    In all honesty, I could care less that the Olsen twins “designed” them. I just find them to be boring. While their style is not my own, I expected something different and alot more interesting than these bags.
    Like everyone else, I would rather save my pennies for an Hermes. Or a couple of classic Chanels. Definitely not something from The Row.

  • QQ

    i would much rather buy one of these (i esp like the ones they were toting at the met or some gala–can’t remember which) , than an hermes. hermes is so stuffy and pretentious and reads OLD LADY to me. the olsens are carving their place in fashion, albeit slow, but successfully. they deserve it. why should they be wrote off simply because they were child actors? that seems so petty. yes the designs are incredibly simple, but i for one, am excited to see how this aspect of their line evolves. in case you don’t remember, victoria beckham was just another tacky spice girl back in the day, and she has seem to do moderately well in the same arena as the row. hate on, haters.

    • Baron

       I bought a bag and my husband is ready to kill me for spending the money!  I am going to sell it opn EBay today..  it is the python tote and I never used it! .  I paid 19,000.00 at Barneys and I am going to start the listing at 14,999.00.  IT ROCKS!! Sorry to have to let it go! Please take a look or email me.

  • JJ

    I love the Dr’s style satchel, but the price is outrageous. I love the clean lines, minimal hardware and basic timelessness of the styles. I also think the Twin bag is ingenious – a 2-sided bag made from two different types of skins/colors. It’s like you’re getting two bags for the price of one (altho for that price, you can probably buy 4 or 5 other bags!). It’s obvious at those prices that they’re designing these bags for a specific type of customer and want the bags to remain pretty exclusive. I am curious to see whether or not they’re an instant success and sell out or if they end up sitting on store shelves for months, eventually getting marked down sometime next year

  • Babs

    Derivative…these styles have been done over and over. I would never spend this kind of $$ on something from a no name designer…the Olsens are not DESIGNERS they are designers…

  • JJ

    Um, slap four F’s on the handles and you got the Fendi croc tote (MK actually has one!) Almost identical.