Clockwise from top left: Ralph Lauren Collection Ricky Satchel, $4495 via Net-a-Porter. Ralph Lauren Collection Tiffin Tote, $2595 via Net-a-Porter. Ralph Lauren Collection Cartridge Bag, $2895 via Net-a-Porter. Ralph Lauren Collection Laced Metallic Tote, $1995 via Net-a-Porter.

For being such an enormous, world-renowned brand, Ralph Lauren Collection handbags can be mighty hard to come by. Even though I often see full-page ads for the Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag in glossy magazines, the only place I’ve ever seen one actually for sale was in a Ralph Lauren boutique, which seemed like an oddly narrow retail scheme for a bag that could potentially garner lots of sales at department stores and high-end online retailers if customers were able to become more familiar with the brand’s accessories.

Well, it looks as though Lauren is coming around to that way of thinking. Yesterday, Ralph Lauren Collection launched on PurseBlog favorite, and the initial handbag offerings include the absolutely drool-worthy Ricky satchel, as well as the Ralph Lauren Collection Cartridge Shoulder Bag, Ralph Lauren Collection Tiffin Leather Tote and the Ralph Lauren Collection Lace Metallic Tote. Take a look at some larger photos and let us know what you think, after the jump.

The Ralph Lauren Collection Ricky Satchel, $4495 via Net-a-Porter.

The Ralph Lauren Collection Tiffin Tote, $2595 via Net-a-Porter.

The Ralph Lauren Collection Cartridge Bag, $2895 via Net-a-Porter.

The Ralph Lauren Collection Laced Metallic Leather Tote, $1995 via Net-a-Porter.

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  • Kat

    The only one that caught my eye was the metallic tote, but I worry about how the metallic finish will wear. I think there’s some risk of color transfer there.

    But why are they so expensive?!? The leather doesn’t look like it’s anything special.

  • Mila

    All four are so cute!

  • binkysmom

    reminds me of Dooney & Bourke (I like their leather bags). Very pricey D&B

    • AshleyG

      I was thinking the same thing about their similarities. D&B really does have some jewels in its leather collections…

      I’ve adored the Ricky satchel since the first time I saw it. It’s the kind of bag I’d buy and use everyday until it fell apart.

  • shueaddict

    I like some of them but I can easily think of better ways to invest 4k into the handbag market

  • Irene

    Love these bags…classic styling. The more worn they get…the better they look. The quality of the leather is incredible…need to see them in person to appreciate. I love the metallic tote…but not sure how this one would wear though.

  • lisa

    i think they are way overpriced and would much rather invest in a bottega or chanel, or louis bag than these. also, are they hand made? where are they made? the draw of the other high end bags is their history, the artisans that put them together and the value of the bag and how they will last and always be classics…

  • Max

    i remember last year i went to Macy San Fran (i didnt know much about the brand back then) and there was a RL bag like the first one but bigger made out of canvas or something i like it and i was going to buy it buy i pick up the tag to see the price OMG $2500 for THIS !!!!!! seriously the price is wrong or something no way $4K for the first one+the Big stitching of the bag is not a very neat job to ask for $4K but if it’s cheaper i’d buy it !

  • Lucinda

    I think the Ricky satchel is TDF, but agree there are better places to spend 4k on a bag…

  • mermaid2

    Big fan of their clothes, especially blue label and lauren..but not too keen about their bags!

  • Mochababe73

    Love the Ricky bag, but like others, I don’t see the name Ralph Lauren and think $4000 handbag.
    Someone mentioned Dooney, and they’re right. In my fashion magazine, I saw an ad for an all-leather Dooney in the exact color of the Ricky. I would buy the Dooney and put the rest towards a Chanel.

  • rose60610

    My sentiments echo many found here. Yes, the RL bags are pretty, but 2K on up? I like lots of things by RL, many clothes and home furnishings (he isn’t a billionaire for nothing), but the bags don’t have the same cachet as Chanel, etc. Maybe it’s the ol’ “charge a fortune and people will think they must be great” routine. I’d pop for a Louis Vuitton in Nomade leather before I’d get a Ricky, lovely as it is.

  • Sarah

    When I see the name Ralph Lauren, I think of polo shirts and Polo cologne, not handbags. They look great, and at first glance I didn’t see the last number and thought “oh, hey! $449 isn’t bad! I may look into….oh.”

    For $4500, I’m heading into Hermes territory, not to a brand that evokes scent memories of guys I dated in the 80s. No matter how well they may or may not be made.

  • JenG

    Love them all!

  • delaney

    Love the Ricky satchel! Price is definitely overboard…

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Love the metallic bag…the rest, not so much.

  • Chels K

    The Rickey satchel is quite luscious but yeah I’d go with a Dooney or a Coach or my beloved Tano if I wanted a bucket.

  • dela

    I love Ricky bag and I have seen it on sale on RL website few times. Still, way too pricey. RL offers so many products at the opposite ends of the price spectrum that it is hard to differentiate one life from another. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I am happy that Hermes and Chanel don’t to that. Too much saturation.

  • KellyX

    Way too pricey isn’t it.why would one spend $4000-$5000 on a Ralph Lauren leather bag when you can get another premium designer one with exotic skin?

    • rose60610


  • Perry Phalla

    I believe that Ralph Lauren hasn’t made that big of a leap yet into high fashion for what they are charging. Who is behind the marketing and design team? Victoria Beckham and The Row have done so much more than what Ralph Lauren could accomplish.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Love RL clothes, but these bags don’t look very special – especially for the price.

  • Sil

    it seems everyone loves the silver one, but that’s the only one i didn’t like :p
    but those prices!! are they kidding? at first i had’n seen the last digit either, but then i realized they were 4k!
    no, thanks!

  • Emily

    I’m in love with Ralph Lauren in general and these bags are definitely no exception! My mom has a navy blue Ricky and she loves it. I actually prefer it over a Birkin because Birkins are becoming too mainstream these days, everyone has one! Loving these bags!

  • Demi

    I like the first one, BUT I would never spend that much money on a Ralph Lauren bag!!!! What they’re asking is outrageous!!!! If I could spend 4k on just one bag, it would be either a Chanel, or an Hermes one! Defenately NOT a Raplh Lauren one!!! Sorry, but I’ll have to pass…


    I agree with Demi the Ricky Satchel is nice but that is way too much for a RL bag. If I were going to spend that much I would buy the large Chanel Maxi or the large Chanel Flap over in the beige color.