PurseBlog was started because of my love for bags. From a young age I remember being drawn to purses, always eying the latest designs and seeing what bags people around me were carrying. Over time, my love has only grown. All of you come to this blog because of your love for bags as well.

We started a new category to share reasons Why We Love Bags. While we will be updating it with our own reasons, we want to hear from all of you as well! Email us your reasons why you love bags and our favorite submissions will be picked and posted.

Let’s hear it!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • 19yearslater

    Yay! I’m excited for the new feature, that doodle is quite cute as well.

  • LDJ

    Cool, love the idea!!! Have you all thought choosing commenter for “What’s In Your Bag?” That would be cool too.

  • Sonja B

    1) Because they keep your secrets, and any man with half a brain is scared of them! Respect the purse!! No man’s land!!! LOL!!

  • Bag-nista

    because they can say a lot about the person who holds them :-)

  • Alyson

    Because they always fit- you only go up a size when you choose to.

  • Anna Yates Krain

    I love holding the color of my bag! I love the admiration I get from total strangers when they see my bag resting next to me like a treasured pet.

  • Marla

    I’ve always been drawn to bags since I was a little girl, but I’m not sure why. Now I think of it as art that I can carry around with me all day!

  • Michelle

    I can’t think of any reason why NOT to love bags. They make everything look and feel better. and they hold my stuff!

  • Jane

    I love bags, brands don’t matter I like the style of each. I told my male friend the different between a clutch, hobo and tote bag he didn’t know what to say. Haha men just don’t get it’s like a security blanket or just something to dazzle others

  • monexy

    I love bags soo much since from my early yrs of growing up,I,m now 20 n got over 25 bags I bet d aint cheap or roadside bags!!! D is dis thing attached to my bags,they have to b branded ranging from prada,louis vuitton,valantino,fendi,baby phat,channel,cartier,burberry,gucci,chloe..not to mention!! I believe there is a vibe a classic bag gives to even the scruffiest outfit,,_u put on ur pair of jean,a tshirt,a slippers,I bet u aint still far from the ordinary,but wit a classy branded handbag? Oh jeez u are good with a refined yet simple look,I also believe handbags is a ladylike piece and a big fashion ststement piece..I hardly feel comfortable without my handbag,,imagine my hands hanging dumply by my side,it makes me tensed and unrelaxed,but with my handbag,even my movement changes,I jus have that confidence and aura using my bag,,,I also realised we love bags because we are simply unique,regal ,lethal women carry bags..not only “bag”unique n elegant bag…past years I realised I judged people more from the bags they carried lolss,funny enough ,getting all matured and experienced.I. Jus realised I don’t expect every1 around me to be like me!!but for all the beautiful elegant ladies out there ,know you rock!!!a good bag does,nt go outta fashion and style,so dnt lash out or feel regreat”pangs”when u spend good “bucks” on a good bag cos its realy worth it*winks*