If Hermes’ continually increasing profitability and Louis Vuitton’s recent shift toward capitalizing on its history with more high-end, all-leather products is any indication, the ultra-high-end leather goods market seems to have a nearly infinite hunger for heritage goods, and French heritage in particular. To help meet that voracious need for fancy purses, 19th century French leather brand Moreau has relaunched and its bags are exclusive to Barneys in the US.

French design and craftsmanship have always been markers of quality and status in fashion, and that’s why those brands are having such a moment right now. Not only are high-end western costumers constantly looking for something more special, limited and expensive than those behind them who are looking to keep up with the Joneses, but consumers in the burgeoning Asian markets seek out heritage goods as de facto indicators of their newly high social status. Because those Asian markets have become sophisticated more quickly than most, a flashy logo bag won’t do the trick; consumers are increasingly looking for pieces that are exclusive, handmade and include a sense of history on their price tags.

That’s where Moreau comes in. Originally founded in the mid-1800s in France, the brand has been revived, at least in part, to capitalize on its origin story. (There is, after all, only so much heritage to go around. It’s a non-renewable resource.) The brand’s limited, rather simple collection of bags will all be made in France, by hand, in Moreau’s saddlery. The look, as you might expect, recalls some of Hermes’ basics, but in a good way – classic, functional styles that whisper about their pedigree instead of shouting. If you’re the kind of woman whose friends’ closet are already full of Hermes and you want to pick up something new that they’ll actually ask about with curiosity, perhaps one of these Moreau bags is for you.

Moreau Bregançon Zip Tote
$3,100 via Barneys

Moreau Bregançon Zip Tote

Moreau Bregançon Open Tote
$2,890 via Barneys

Moreau Bregançon Open Tote

Moreau Chenonceau Messenger Bag
$3,200 via Barneys

Moreau Chenonceau Messenger Bag

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  • Or

    Another Celine look-alike??? why are we being punished?

    • Just wait until you see the Balenciaga bag I’m writing up for later this week.

  • kemilia

    These are sure boring.

  • Webaj

    I saw these bags in Barneys BH…I like the basic style but they are very heavy!

    • louch

      I wondered about the weight – they have that very “heavy” look. I think they are lovely and simple but the price is ridiculous. I would prefer Hermes any day (my bad :))

      • jennifer

        I saw them at Barney’s too! I love them…and I love the leather big time…but some of them are heavy…that’s a bummer…beautiful quality and workmanship…gorgeous stitching too…and the edge dye is pretty perfect…too bad about the weight…I think Celine is pretty heavy also…though love the styling and the leather. Thick , delicious,chewy leather usually comes with weight issues.

  • lilay

    Knock a 0 off the end of the prices and they might be more believable.

  • Guest

    they look so cheap…
    i’d rather get a chanel or something else for that price

  • Edía Paff

    the moreau pattern is amazing though. i dont care for their leather bags, but the printed bags look amazing!

  • Edía Paff

    EVERY POST: “this looks like celine”
    there should be auto-block for posts like that

    • andré

      what’s your problem about accepting that celine launched the luggage bag and every other label started copying? it’s the market, happens all the time. btw, your posts saying that all the time are so annoying as the ones saying that ‘looks like celine’.

      • louch

        Agreed andre. LOTS of bags look like Celine at the moment – it’s a trend and it’s a fair call to make the comment.

      • Edía Paff

        if anything moreau tries to catch the attention of hermes, moynats and goyards clients regarding their design.
        their signature print is reminiscent of Louis Vuittons damier.
        so yeah, ppl can say what they want obviously, but “it looks like celine” is neither especially true in most cases, nor is it helpful in any way describing an esthetic, as celine has a wide range of shapes and designs

      • Edía Paff

        maybe everyone else could accept that celine didnt invent the square.
        also its not like ppl just make that comment, its always written in a displeased kind of way as if all those brands should just stop making clean lined bags already.