I don’t envy the position that new handbag lines find themselves in. The accessories market is super competitive, in part because it’s super profitable and a great way to reach a wide range of consumers, but that also means that how a new line is positioned at its launch is critically important. The look and price not only need to be in sync with each other, but they should be attuned to what else is going on within the accessories industry. And first impressions are hard to shake – getting that stuff right up front means a lot when consumers are deciding what they think of a new line.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Belstaff‘s new line of high-end handbags gets many things right on its inaugural outing. The prices are akin to those of handbag stalwarts like Prada and Gucci, but what you get for that hefty investment remains to be seen. Even if the materials are top notch (which they might be, I don’t know), they styling of most of these bags leaves something major to be desired, especially at their elevated price points. The very structure of most of the bags feels outdated and a bit low-rent.

The Belstaff Dorchester 36 Tote is the most attractive of the bunch, but Belstaff hasn’t earned my trust in a way that enables me to spend $2250 (or $2850 for woven leather) on it that and still feel confident in the fact that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Prices like that aren’t a given; they have to be earned, and customer bases have to be built. Check out a few more pieces of the brand’s inaugural line below and let us know what you think.

Belstaff Tredington Metal Clutch, $2875 via Neiman Marcus

Belstaff Tread Weymouth Shoulder Bag, $1995 via Neiman Marcus

Belstaff Dorchester 36 Woven Leather Satchel, $2850 via Neiman Marcus

Belstaff Dorchester 36 Leather Satchel, $2250 via Neiman Marcus

Belstaff Ashley Tread Satchel, $2395 via Neiman Marcus

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  • alice

    i think every brand is searching to move on a better level on the market, because the luxury brands are the best in selling at the moment (their new trend to sell juwelery is a good proof of it), so the tendency is to go, to move up. I do not think belstaff can do it now, it’s not so well known to afford it. These too high priced bags will remain unsold. Sorry but this is what I see :(

  • amelia masniari

    sorry, me dont likey all

  • LaDon

    First of, GREAT AUTHENTIC REVIEW!!! Introducing me to a brand and leaving room for personal appraisal! Faith restored! And these pieces are REALLY BEAUTIFUL! lawwwwwd!(I immediately got on their website) Alas the prices!.. Well lets just say i shan’t have a part in their future expansion plans! I’m perfectly content admiring from afar.Thank you!

  • The design that really caught my eyes are: Tread Weymouth Shoulder Bag and Dorchester 36 Woven Leather Satchel. I like how they play with colors and material on those two styles, which also justify the price since doing that will result in many leather wastes. As for the other styles, I know that it all depends on the quality (neat seams, sturdy lining, etc), but just by looking at the pictures, I feel that they’re a bit too pricey. I have a feeling that they could have priced it around Saint Laurent bags.

    • Totally agree that the woven bag is the easy standout of the bunch.

  • LaDon

    Ahem! Ms Mull, on second evaluation, the craftsmanship IS impeccable and the materials ‘de-rigueur’ top notch. I’m attempting a juxtaposition with Bottega Veneta, having a change of heart and my head is following suit to bring about a justification for their price point! Lol! Just to ‘inform you’ so i’m not ‘labeled turn coat’ in future! Lol!

  • Chele

    Unfortunately, this brand leaves me cold.

  • bir

    its amazing what they have done with this brand i just hope they could get rid of the almost to obvious house icon type details such as the tyre marking and handle bars as a group i think we get the heritage subtle identity details can be approached in nicer simpler ways as Valentino with its studs or Tom Ford with its mega tent like zippers.that said i do like the general look and styling of some of the pieces and hope that they can break off their Coach/Burberry look and gives something a bit more british say like a Launer meets the XXI Century kind of thing.

  • dnfl

    really not feeling the tire pattern, the tread weymouth shoudler bag gives me that coach monogram feel ..

  • klynneann

    I really like all of these bags, but the price is definitely a turnoff. It’s a lot for an unestablished (in the handbag area, anyway) brand.

  • LATG

    I am lusting after the large Dorchester I saw at Barney’s. The leather is beautiful and it is an incredibly useful bag that one could keep forever …