Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vera Denise Python Hobo

Exotic bags are always a hot topic of discussion, both around here and on our Forum. Some people love them, some people hate them, and others sit in the middle, fretting about their ethical implications without being able to completely convince themselves to dislike the bags. I was a member of the last group for a long time, but I finally came to a decision about it a while back: as long as the bag uses the skin to its fullest effect, I have no quarrel with it. And I certainly have no quarrel with the Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Denise Python Hobo.

With this hobo, Ferragamo has really taken the natural texture and pattern of python and made it the focal point of a gorgeous bag. The large, centralized pleats work perfectly with the scales’ variation in size and shape, and it’s obvious that great care was taken to make sure that both the natural and man-made design elements worked together symbiotically. Even the color is working for me – I’m not one to slather unnecessary praise on brown or tan bags, but caramel was the perfect choice for this hobo. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $3360.

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  • BeBe

    I think this bag really works! My first designer bag was a Ferragamo from 2004 & I just love that their designs are not blingy & logo happy…they are subtle in their appearance & pay attention to quality. I think Ferragamo bags fly under the radar a bit, but I did notice this beauty is sold out!!!

  • mochababe73

    I could care less about how the skins are used. This bag is beautiful and well worth the money.
    It’s very noble for someone to care about snakes and animal hide bags. I am just not that noble. There’s enough written about Stella McCartney vegan bags as well as those who continue to use animal hides. I say viva la difference.

  • Ana JB

    Im speachless. Loved everything about this bag: color, texture (skin used), shape/design!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I have never felt comfortable with the use of exotic skins for bag use. This one just looks to me like a python all wrapped up and cinched with a clasp. Sure I buy leather so call me a hypocrite but if it resembles the animal too much, and particularly a ‘wild’ one I just don’t feel right. Besides that this bag is is a very drab color and the antiquey clasp makes it look old and boring.

  • Cate

    It’s Miss Vara, not Vera….
    because the bag uses same buckle as the Vara shoes, iconic Ferragamo’s style!
    Love the bag BTW

  • pursemonkey

    Stunning!! Love everything about it from the pleats to the shape to the color. Just beautifully made.

  • chriseve

    This is stunning, absolutely stunning, and the price is rather reasonable for what it is!

  • Elyse

    oh ferragamo… how i love you (fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    nice bag. fb

  • Ellen

    Really beautiful. I usually don’t care for large nameplates, but it works well in this case. (ipad)