Hey MCM, Donna Karan called. She wants her bag back.

I’m a firm believer that there is nothing really new under the sun, and that well-worn Biblical adage is doubly true when applied to the fashion world. Everything is recycled, reinterpreted, or deconstructed, if not outright ripped off. The best designers manage to borrow from the past and create something new and interesting from their influences. The worst? Well, we might have an example of one of them here in the MCM Leather Crossbody Hobo. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but assume it was one of Donna Karan’s bags – her brand used EXACTLY the same dying technique on several bags last season. Obviously, I was mistaken.

Take a look at this bag. Also, this one. Now look at that bag up there. Those Donna Karan bags were released in the fall, which means that they had been in the industry pipelines for about six months after their initial presentation for buyers and editors. So, knowledge of those bags has been around for about a year, long before this bag was probably conceived.

Fashion’s timeline is wonky, and this could be an unfortunate case of the company sourcing the same leather in ignorance, but that’s just not passing the truth sniff test for me. In a competitive industry that values exclusivity so highly and where lead times are so long, you’d have to think that the Powers That Be at MCM were probably aware that someone else had used the exact same leather with the exact same effect in the exact same color scheme. Karan’s bags were all over the internet and on the websites of several of the industry’s largest retailers at the time that these bags were probably being designed, and if MCM wasn’t aware of them, then someone was seriously not doing his or her job.

Don’t get me wrong – I love this effect. I just loved it more when it felt original. Buy through Saks for $1195.

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  • ShoeQueen1961

    This is an interpretation of UGLY @ it’s finest…

  • Alana

    Not cool MCM, how about a little originality??

  • kORAL

    Dont like at all!!


  • Laurie

    I believe Bottega Veneta used the same dyeing technique (but in brown/cream) this spring as well. There are ads with a large weekender type bag on a hotel bed….pretty sure that was BV…and I too, looked at it and assumed it was DK. This is a trend in leather possibly? Not a direct knock off of style?

    • BV used a similar technique, but it is entirely different (I should feature it). And the color scheme in this MCM bag versus that Donna Karan bag is the EXACT same.

      • Laurie

        Very true, the Donna Karan and MCM bags look like they belong to the same collection, absolutely. I am just commenting on this trend in Leather which was also featured at lineapelle leather show a couple of years ago. I was a fan of it then, almost tie-dye looking. But I prefer the way BV has done it, closer to Tonal rather than so extreme as DK.

      • Laurie – I totally agree. I love the way BV implemented it. I have seen other designers where it is almost a true tye-dye look. But the MCM versus DK is a near color/finish carbon copy

  • Merve

    well they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. MCM and DK live in their own fugly bag world i guess.

  • inga

    Meh! Fugly and fugly.

  • s

    same technique

    different bag

  • Elyse

    it’s too busy! I hope I never see anyone carrying it. (fb)

  • Joy

    okay so i saw this one on saks online
    and fell in love!
    its absolutely gorgeous!
    i love the fabric and design!
    its not plain, but is at the same time, if u know what i mean?
    i love it!
    want it!
    gosh i want too many things lol (fb)