Marc Jacobs Collection Leather HandbagWhen I was little I do remember a time when the shiny glossy look was in style. At least I thought it was. I believe that was the time of the pleather shiny pants. Anyone else remember trying to pull that off? Well, if I am alone in that, then I really was way off on my own track- way out in right field. But I swear it was in style, and hey, my mom told me it was too! When I read the descriptions of bags, I don’t usually look for glossy leather. But the picture of it makes the bag look luxurious, and I really think this may *actually* be in-style.

The Marc Jacobs Collection Icy Leather Sienna is truly striking. This is one of those bags that is crying out for attention, rightfully so, and deserves all the glances it may get. The hobo-shaped shoulder bag is made of emerald grained leather with a fine polish which gives off the glossy look. There is polished metal hardware adorning the bag and two golden zippers under the bag to expand the width (who wouldn’t need that!) Adding a little fun to the bag is the snapped front flap pocket with golden padlock detail and the sumptuous suede interior with a zipped pocket and plaque inside. This gorgeous hobo is available through eLuxury for $975.

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  • SandyShopper

    Those are nice. I’ve heard a lot about the seatbelt bags

  • Zippy

    Beautiful finish! I appreciate the expanding element and if I was allowed one bag, this would be it.

  • chemlex

    That is a gorgeous bag. I’ve never been a fan of Marc Jabobs (and his constant two pockets on the front bags) until recently. This bag and “Grace” are on my most wanted list.

  • billyjoe


  • juddie

    wow i luv the color

  • Gail

    Great site, I need to work on mine ( Nice bag, there are new designs of this bag though.

  • Eva

    I have it, and love it to death, it was my first designer bag and the colour is so great, especially in combination with the shiny gold hardware.

  • wildcat


    • Shiva_pac

      Wildcat , i have this bag and have never used it its brand new with everything if you are intrested let me know

    • Alessia

      I have this bag for sale in black. $500

  • Audrey

    Shiva_pac, is your bag still available? What’s the color? Will you post on ebay? Thx!

    • Shiva_pac

      Hello , someone just wants to buy mine she hasnt paid for it yet i will wait 5 more days if not i will sell it again , its brown . I also have new Chloe , Loeffler Randall , Andrea Brueckner , Balenciaga Toiletry case which is extreemly rare and limited !

  • Audrey

    Shiva_pac, will you post on ebay w/pics, details, and how much you’re asking for, etc.?

    • Shiva_pac

      Audrey sure which one ?

  • cb_r

    any chance this is still available?

    • Alessia

      I have it for sale in black, brand new $500.00

  • Naggy

    This is a little boring, and at face value, it’s only strong suit is its color. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice bag, beautiful color! (ipad)