I’ve heard that turquoise is the color of spring this year. Ok, well, I heard it from something that Megs said on Twitter, so maybe I can’t claim any original research in the “color of the season” category, but turquoise sounds just about as likely as anything else. I have seen a lot of hot pink bags for spring, though, so I’d like to nominate that for second place.

Anyway, turquoise: perfectly lovely, glad to hear that it’s going to be big in the next few months. I much prefer it to orange or an alternative that looks equally terrible next to my skin. So, time to find a good turquoise handbag, I suppose, and the Jimmy Choo Rahmyn Snake-Embossed Hobo is one of the strongest contenders that I’ve found.

Most of the Jimmy Choo bags that I’ve seen recently have been trying way too hard to be special and interesting, and the thing that I find refreshing about this one is that it isn’t striving to be cooler than it is. Instead of being covered with a ton of unnecessary embellishment and hardware, Choo’s designers chose to do expertly dyed leather in a seriously drool-worthy color and simple shape, and it works so much butter than trying to make an average bag spectacular with glitter and fringe.

Embossed leather is not my favorite option, but it looks like they did a fairly unoffensive job of turning this bag into faux snake, so I’ll let it slide this time. The contrasting snake trim is a nice touch, and the texture works to make the bag less boring than it would have been in regular leather. I can already imagine how lovely this will look against white linen when the weather turns warm. Buy through Nordstrom for $1495.

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  • HPrince

    According to PANTONE, turquoise is THE colour for Spring 2010!

    • CATHY

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  • Mochababe73

    I am not a fan of embossed leather, but this bag is sooo pretty. There is something to be said for a well-crafted, simplistic bag. It can be both beautiful and functional.

    Funny how turqoise is the in color this year, and I have a Michael Kors turqoise handbag that I have been carrying for the last two years (in rotation with other colors of course).

  • Sue

    This Jimmy Choo bag is gorgeous and the color is absolutely TDF (I only wish it was a bit cheaper). Great find Amanda!!

  • Actually, I ADORE this bag! The color, the design, perfect.

  • CarolineLondon

    I love it, embossed leather included.
    To be honest, snake skin kind of freaks me out! :)

  • Ping

    I have turquoise Hermes LINDY bag which is gorgeous. Normally I don’t do this color, but it’s my daughter’s favorite color:) so sometimes I see something gorgeous like this and will get it and pass it down to her down the road:)

  • AA

    I love it! & I think it is worth every cents!

  • Terri

    I like that it’s a true turquoise color. It not only looks great with white but also looks great with chocolate brown. Just a note, I think you meant to say that it works better not butter than…. Or did you? Hey it’s Monday and I’m not the grammar police! :)

  • Terri

    Oops instant karma at work, it’s Wednesday!! That’s what you get when trying to be cute!!!!

  • sfitting

    love the color but I can’t get into the Snake-embossed leather.

  • atrophia

    The color is so pretty, and I love how the silver looks against it.

  • Cheryl

    The turquoise color and the design or the bag are absolutely beautiful. Nice job!!!

  • hec

    love it divine very jimmy choo

  • inidaclick

    Just seen an outfit that matches this perfect. Thats a reason to buy both. Wonder what i can fit in it

  • connie says

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous !!! I love the contrasting textures and the color is beautiful, but knowing how colors change with each new season I would apt to want it in a more nuteral shade.

  • jm

    If I didn’t already have a turquoise Jimmy Choo Maddy, this would be mine…

  • dc

    love the color!its so cool…;(fb)

  • Elyse

    gorgeous! If I was in the market for a turquoise bag this would be it (fb)

  • Michelle

    Need this turquoise jewel in my life. Jimmy Choo did it right this time. (ipad)