Ghurka Goatskin Horn Hobo

Do you ever sit back and wonder how big your handbag collection would be if you had money like whoa? As in if you were Mrs. Bill Gates. I seriously wonder if there would be any stopping me. The way I see it, I spend a few hours a day looking at and writing about bags that I love (well usually I love them). For fun let’s say that I love 2 bags a day. That’s 2×365 which brings us to a staggering 730 bags. Can you image owning 730 bags? Could you wear them all? Umm, probably not- but I sure would try. Better yet imagine the fortune you would spend on them. Then again, if you were Mrs. Bill Gates it still would not phase your bank account.

For yet another bag that I love today, let me send my attention to the Ghurka Goatskin Horn Hobo. Nothing extraordinary that you see right away, but when I keep looking up close this bag possesses a simplistic exotic beauty to it. This bag is designed from parchment (tan) goatskin with cream railroad stitching. I dig the chunky stitching on this bag- it goes hand in hand with the goatskin in my opinion. Because of its simplicity, the bag utilizes a knotted shoulder strap with shiny horns to set the bag apart. That was the deciding factor on my love for the bag. So different and unique, that I want it. I haven’t tried the bag on, so I sure hope that the horns don’t dig into your shoulder. Also you will find side flap pockets with tassels and suede lining on this 15″H x 18’W x 5″D bag. If I were Mrs. Bill, I would buy this bag for $895 through Neiman Marcus.

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