Christian Louboutin Marianna HoboI really wish that I liked Christian Louboutin bags. I really WANT to like them. I like the brand’s shoes quite a bit, probably more so than any other well-known brand. But more often than not, whenever I see one of their bags, my gut reaction is decidedly “meh.” And that’s exactly what I think about the Christian Louboutin Marianna Hobo.

The bag isn’t BAD, per se, unless you count blandness among the cardinal design sins. It’s just boring, and I’d almost rather see an ugly bag with a lot of personality than a middling bag with very little. This bag does have one positive design aspect, however – the handle. Instead of being a single chain that must support the weight of an entire shoulder bag, Louboutin attached multiple chains side-by-side to retain the industrial look without making the bag painful to carry. It’s a great solution to the irritation of a single chain strap digging into your shoulder under the weight of a full bag, but it doesn’t sacrifice fashion in order to gain function. Now if only I could say such nice things about the rest of the purse. Buy through Saks for $1595.

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  • renee

    UGLY and ridiculously overpriced!! I’d rather carry a paper sak with
    $1594 in it.

  • Ursula

    I couldn’t disagree more. This is a gorgeous bag. Very sophisticated accents for a hobo which is, by nature, a more casual silhouette. This bag is actually one of the first Louboutin designs I find to have hit on something good. Like their shoes, they’re learning to keep things elegant and refined. I’m sure the clientele they cater to will appreciate this bag.

  • Zarka

    I don’t know why but some of Louboutin bags leave a lot to be desired…I don’t know if I would spend a lot of money and get something that lacks esthetically in design (compared to his shoes)…When I look at Louboutin shoes, I want them but when I look at his bags… I don’t have the same urge to possess and buy them…

  • Bianca

    I disagree 100%! Simplicity is the key theme found on the bag. I can get rather dated after all those snake skin fad we have been having. This is one bag a mother can use and hopefully pass down to her daughter many years down the road.

  • mandy

    Completely agree. Meh it is.

  • kate

    how droll is that?

    even the dh says ‘looks like a TJ Maxx find’….

  • hazel

    It’s a little plain for me, but I do like the strap

  • purly

    Is the handle made of chainmail?

  • Rebecca

    Don’t like it one bit! So plain.. so boring!

  • Andrew

    I have recently been trying to sell a few pairs of christian loubourt shoes on ebay as my girlfriend cant seem to correct her buying:wearing ratio and theres a few grand’s worth of quality shoes that she has gone off before even wearing!

    The problem is that ebay is littered with counterfeits and I dont want to sell the shoes at a 10th of their cost. Does anyone know how I can sell them legitimately? I am happy to have them inspected via photos etc prior to sale.