I’ll admit it, someone got me on April Fool’s Day. It was my good friend since preschool, Dania. She posted a facebook status saying that she was engaged, and since she moved away last year I knew she had started dating someone seriously, so I totally bought it. It’s hard to get me, and she totally had me fooled – I even sent my mom a text message to let her know, since I’ve known this girl since I could barely go to the bathroom on my own.

Alexander McQueen Leahter Woven Wishbone Shopper

And I thought someone else had gotten me too – more specifically, I was sure that the price tag of the Alexander McQueen Leather Woven Wishbone Shopper had to be some sort of ridiculous joke. Because it’s a pretty cool-looking bag, and I had initially wanted to write that I liked the hardware and the woven-ness mixed with the non-woven-ness, and that I wasn’t sure about the fringe, but I was willing to give it a shot since it all looked sort of edgy and cool mixed together. That’s what I was GOING to write. Before I saw the price. Because for the $6,380 that McQueen wants for this bag, I could buy 4 or 5 other really cool bags, so nevermind. For that, I can basically buy a Birkin. At least a basic one. This bag may be cool, but it’s not six-and-a-half-grand cool. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $6380.

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  • QueenMAB

    AHHHHH – it looks like it should be in a wild west brothel show. And to ask $6,380 for THAT is just a crime of fashion.
    This is something I wish I could unsee.
    Buy that Birkin instead Amanda.

  • KathyB

    Yep, buy a Birkin. This McQueen bag is so far removed from an everyday bag, and I know it’s technically a shopper, but I can get a cloth woven shopping bag at my local grocery for $1.00.

    $6,380 for a shopping bag??? I don’t think so…….

  • chime

    you’re gonna have to do better than that McQueen.

  • chirpy_gal

    Its nice but not exquisite !

  • Lotte Decker

    Too much going on in one bag: woven – not woven – and surrounded by fringes – as if the designer was unable to determine which way to go ….

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Certainly…it’s NOT worth the price but it is CLASSIC McQueen…out of this world & he wants you to pay BIG TIME for it!!!

  • Beth

    Oh, I’m so sorry, but that bag looks like a MESS! Too much going on. Like a leather muppet on a tapestry couch.

  • gizmokat

    Ah nooo, way too cowboyish for my personal taste.
    I’m just not a fan of tassels of that magnitude!

  • lisa

    i love this bag but never ever would think of buying that over 2 chanels, noooooooooo wayyyyyyyy

  • hazel

    Blehhhh too much fringe for me, and damn that is a high price, what is it $50 per fringe?

  • Anastasia

    This bag will be out of season before the year is over. I’d opt for the Birkin.

  • me

    What? That should be a prank. And I don’t like the fringe. It just needs to go away.

  • Julia

    What a funny april fool’s day story. I like the handles but that’s just too much for this bag. The price is always the ending factor! Booooo! :(

  • stella

    Blah, I don’t like it. It’s yucky. And the price could get me a whole bucketload of much better, more suitable and versatile bags, I agree. I’ll totally pass on it.

  • Laura

    Sorry, this thing is ugly!!!!! Just way too much going on!

  • Linda

    This bag looks like road kill…just awful!!!!

  • Mama M

    Reminds me of cousin “It” on the old Addams Family TV show.

  • Carolyn

    Alexander McQueen is the designer of the moment but that price is ridiculous. The fringe is too much

  • Jimmy

    Have you guys seen this thing in real life? Because that sort of makes it understandable why it is so dearly priced.

    The thing is in fact INCREDI-GIGA-NORMOUS. Probably uses 3 times more leather than a birkin ever would. DIdn’t really try it anyhow, my guess is that this beast is heeeaavy. Though I find it completely repulsing in any case. blah.

  • Kendra

    I love the black frillies, I love it so much! Where can I get one? (fb)

    • Lina

      You can contact Carliss at The Chic Boutique @ michellejones700@gmail.com. I don’t know the address of the store because I don’t live in Atlanta. I went once and bought the Gucci Jackie Hobo and have been ordering from her ever since via email. But again hun, if you email her and ask for her photos and prices she’ll send it to you. Her bags will leave you breathless….I’m not sure how she does it at her prices or where she gets the bags from but THEY ARE SPECTACULAR. I buy 2 bags a month! See for yourself…

  • Lina

    I have one, it’s a very stylish and HOT bag that I get a multitude of compliments on. Got mine in Atlanta, Ga. @ The Chic Boutique. I don’t reside in Atlanta so I have no idea of the address, but if you contact Carliss (This is the owner) @ michellejones700@gmail.com and request photos and information she’ll forward all pertinent info to you for purchase. I believe the bags are BLACK MARKET as I only paid $550 for mine, but I was provided all the extras that come with a bag purchased from store. The manufacturer/care booklet, Authenticity Card, Storage Cover, and Actual shopping bag. I’ve had my bag for 2 months now and had it authenticated and IT’S REAL!!! I’ll never buy another bag from a designer store. AT MINIMUM CONTACT HER AND ASK FOR HER PHOTOS…I CAN PROMISE YOU, YOU WON’T BE SORRY OR BROKE…