We don’t delight in bad news around here, and a price increase is just about the worst news that you can ever expect to find on a handbag blog. (We’re lucky that way.) Unfortunately, that’s what this time of year brings for Hermes lovers, and NYC shopping blog Mizhattan reports that we can expect a noticeable uptick in price for everything from Birkins to Colliers de Chien to flasks. How much? That depends.

The price increase is rumored to be between seven and 10 percent, depending on product, which would raise the price of the brand’s marquee handbags by over a thousand dollars apiece for higher-end leathers and exotics. It seems as though the increase will phase in start any day now and running through the beginning of February, and as Mizhattan mentions, it seems logical that bags would be among the first pieces to see the hike because of their importance in the Hermes product lineup.

Hermes also increased its prices at the end of January last year, and it seems as though the brand will continue to do it until the market won’t bear it anymore. Birkins, Kellys and all of Hermes’ other bags still fly off the shelves as fast as they can be cranked out, it seems as though we have a ways to go before a slowdown. Does the price increase make you any less likely to buy something from Hermes, or are price increases just part of being a luxury consumer?

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  • Faiza

    awg…..what’s new? :/

  • Sandra

    At some point, we as the consumer need to put our foot down and stop purchasing their products. At what point are you just being ripped off?? I will be the first to tell you that you get what you pay for, to a certain point. When you compare Celine, Prada, Gucci, Valentino ,Louis Vuitton, and Chanel bags….that to me are priced more appropriately… brands like Hermes and VHB, why the big price increase. You are paying for a status symbol, saying that most luxury brands just do not impress you and you are beyond them…..and Hermes is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • skimmilk

    I don’t think many people in the middle-class with a right mind would actual purchase a Birkin. However, the small percentage of upper-class who are thriving in this economy probably will cringe…as they make their Birkin purchase. The fact that it’s increased its price will only make this product more desirable. For the upper-class, or just the fact that a purse is a material good–it’s not about need, it’s about want. I think if someone of that wealth wants a purse and there is a $1,000+ increase, they’d still get it.

  • newmommy

    Unfortunately, this is a trend that has been around for years and could continue forever. Ugh. On a positive note, there are times when Hermes price increases seem downright reasonable in comparison to the nearly 20% increase of other luxury brands. Worse, there have been years when other luxury brands have instituted steep price increases twice in the same year, resulting in some products (i.e. Chanel bags) nearly doubling in retail in a short time.
    Personally, I have less issue with price increases than resellers who profit from scarcity by charging 50%-100% over the current retail price for Hermes. Clearly, if people are willing to avoid boutiques and pay 50%-100% over the current retail for an Hermes bag, then Hermes still has plenty of room to increase their prices, while still being “accessible” for those who can afford it.

  • Joneka

    I personally don’t care what a bag cost, if I like it, want it and can afford it I shall buy because when I die, only the people left will be fighting over moneis that they have not worked for and will buy all the nice things with my hard earned money

    • sable

      How true Joneka, unless you have children to worry about. But even now, children, as they grow into their adulthood, can be so rude and brutal, they don’t care about their elderlies anymore. So, yes, indulge what life can afforded you. As the old saying goes, “we only have one life to live thru”.

  • Lori

    I have been buying bags for years and have a lovely collection. At this point though I refuse to just give my hard earned cash away to these greedy companies. I think brands should charge a fair price, but not overcharge just because they can. I think both Chanel and Hermes should be a little more consumer friendly if they want to remain on top for much longer…..

  • chubby

    The whole point of luxury pricing is affected by many factors – increase in cost or access of good leather for one. But another important factor is to differentiate themselves against other brands. By raising the price, they can really filter through their clients and make sure their bags can stay in the market for longer – If luxury becomes affordable, everyone can easily own a Birkin, Classic flap etc. Then to be honest, luxury is no longer luxury.

  • jayd

    Now I can never have an Hermes bag ever! lol

  • Jad

    I believe the price increasing has already begun in Holland. I’m eyeing a rivale bracelet and in september when it was out of stock it costs 421 and now it costs 450 euro. I don’t like another price increase this year!

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