With all the thinking I’ve been doing today about Hermes, it seemed particularly serendipitous that I would come across this utterly lovely photo of a very fashionable lady carrying the Hermes Constance on photographer Tommy Ton’s Jak & Jil blog. While this design doesn’t have the ardent and ravenous following of the Birkin or Kelly, I think we can all agree that its lines are elegant in a way that only Hermes can pull off. The curve of the gussets, the sharp corners of the handle attachement – it’s all perfect. And what’s even more perfect is that the Constance costs thousands of dollars less than a Birkin. Maybe this is the Hermes bag for me.

It’s easy to love a bag when it’s caught by Tommy Ton’s camera, but this design is striking in real life as well. The shape and structure are almost deceptively simple, which calls even more attention to the bold H closure and spare, austere details. This is the kind of handbag that you could use day in and day out for the rest of your life and it will never, ever look dated. For more information, visit Hermes.com.

[Photo via Jak & Jil]

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  • Seejayluvsbags

    This bag looks fresh & clean cut. I love it.

  • bb

    LOVE IT!!!! Looks gorgeous with the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rose60610

    I first saw this bag MANY years ago. I loved it then and I love it now.

  • MizzJ

    OMG now I have a new Hermes bag to love and lust for. This is definitely a bit flashier with that giant H, but I think Hermes does logos in a way that is still classy and bold, not gaudy.


  • mia

    I have been wanting one of these bags for months now! except for it’s hard to find the right color if any at all… -_-‘ maybe i just have bad luck. lol

  • louch

    I absolutely LOVE the Constance and if I could afford one, I would buy it in a heartbeat. The photo is amazing – turquoise with beautiful H orange. Sigh. One day!!

  • MJ

    The color looks like gold, but not orange??
    Gorgeous bag anyway!

  • Kat

    Definitely Constance > Birkin/Kelly. I’ve always liked this, it reminds me of the Celine box bag with it’s shape and simplicity. I’ve seen pictures of it in croc and it is to die for!


  • Ron

    When everyone thinks of Hermes, Birkin is the first thing that comes to mind. Truth is, Hermes is an amazing leather & bag maker, and the Birkin is the not the only work of art Hermes has created. I love the Constance, and its gorgeous but i feel like its not gonna get the respect and prestige it deserves.

    I love the Birkin, but I feel like it steals all of the light from all of the other great bags Hermes makes. The Birkin is like the popular, beautiful older sister in the Hermes family & and all of the rest of the siblings are left out in the cold.

  • 19yearslater

    I prefer this to the Birkin.

  • P

    Like time I checked, in spite of its smaller size, it’s not “thousands of dollars less than a Birkin.”

    • From all of the pricing that I checked before I wrote this, Birkins tend to cost several thousand dollars more. A Birkin sized for everyday use starts at about $10,000 total, this bag starts in the high four figures for the same leather.

  • DJ

    I dislike the giant logo. Tired of companies trying to make me a walking billboard.

    • ninjaninja

      Celine has something similar without the huge, obnoxious logo.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Love, love, love.The last time I asked, at Hermes Buenos Aires , her price was around $8.000, the normal leathers…(Snif!)

  • Nyzinga

    Beautiful classic bag! What does one cost today?

  • Lynne

    I was just thinking about this bag! Just saw new Woody Allen Movie Midnight in Paris, in the movie, Rachel McAdams carries this bag, even in same color! And her mother in the movie, carries multiple birkins.

  • Chele

    Although the Kelly and Birkin are most people’s holy grails, I prefer the Constance – gorgeous, easy to get into and a shoulder bag to boot.

  • lucy

    The bag show in Midnight in Paris was terrific. Not only 2 Birkins (including one amazing croc bag) and a Constance, but a beautiful Dior and a Chanel I am currently trying to hunt down. Oh, and the movie was really good too! Very funny. :- )

  • Bir

    I like it I to don’t love!!!!! The the logo but the craftsmanship is beautiful!!!!

  • Nicole

    No offense guys but HERMES has no style or sophistication – when it comes to handbags – to make it luxurious. And that is NOT an opinion, ’tis a fact.

    And that is why CHANEL and DIOR exist.


      You are gross, and your opinion is disgusting…” ‘Tis a fact”.

  • Eva Marie

    This is IT. something that a woman can have wether she is 18 or 78 and would still look great to carry.

    Simplicity is beauty. :) Incredibly beautiful !