It’s good to have goals. Healthy, even. I’m not sure if that applies to shopping goals, exactly, but many of us have them nonetheless. On our PurseForum, our members have taken to calling the ultimate bags of their dreams their “Holy Grails,” or HGs for short.

The scope of what constitutes a Holy Grail can vary widely. For some people, it’s the ultimate bag that they can realistically buy, and for others, it’s the ultimate bag, no matters its price or their personal likelihood of ever hoping to attain it. In both scenarios, rarity often plays a role; after all, conferring HG status on something readily available and within one’s price range seems beside the point. Why not just buy the bag, under those circumstances?

Despite the fact that I’m not usually one for logos (and Hermès is not usually a brand that uses them on bags), my version of the Holy Grail is an Hermès Constance Bag. It’s not necessarily the one above, although that one’s certainly nice; I’d be thrilled for normal black leather. It’s the Hermès bag that most consistently captures my attention, and while we’re picking fantasy bags, I figure I might as well swing for the fences.

Now we want to hear from you: what’s your Holy Grail bag, and how did you arrive at that bag for the title?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • I have always wanted a 35 cm Matte Croc Birkin – I always thought I wanted a grey color, but they’re blues are stunning.

  • ami

    Mine was a Chanel Classic flap when I started getting interested with bags. The plan was to buy one when I turn 30. Got to buy it when I was 25 which is a good thing because if I had waited until I turned 30 I couldn’t have afforded it then. Nowadays, my holy grail is the Chanel 2.55 Reissue.

  • Lori

    The Jypsiere 28 bag in black taurillon clemence leather. It’s $8,500, so I am going to have to wait (which means it will keep going up so I’ll never get there). Or the Celine medium classic bag. Both are a great size for me and so classic and lovely.

  • HfromT

    Amanda, I’m with you on the croc Constance, but to be honest, I would be a afraid of carrying a croc bag! I live in a climate where it snows for at least five months of the year and rains for another two, so I’m not sure I would use it that much. I would love my HG bag to be something I could honestly use, without worrying about it.

  • FashionableLena

    My holy grail bag is the Hermes Lindy, and it doesn’t matter which color. It’s a unique shape and silhouette.

  • Stina Sias

    I have really loved the Soft Lockit since it came out, but I wonder if it is really my holy grail- the reason being, whenever I want a bag badly enough I find a way to buy it. I have never been so compelled to try to raise funds for the SL. Same goes for the Birkin. I have been obsessed with getting a D&G Sicily bag in an awesome print for ages and I finally scored that! I’ve been carrying it for a month and haven’t had eyes for any other bags :)

  • Candace

    I would have to say a crocodile Birkin. Or maybe a crocodile Chanel maxi. Or maybe a crocodile Gucci Jackie. Or maybe a crocodile LV Soft Lockit. I should probably say a high end designer crocodile bag. All are $25k +!!!

  • Also going with the Constance but not a croc version…maybe something more bright like a great kelly green or a grey would be perfect. Then I would only have to decide between the long or the standard shape (decisions).

  • Unapologetic

    A large canvas bank bag full of money.

    • Imgoingbroke

      Preferably $100 bills, right? :)

      • Unapologetic

        I wouldn’t complain if it was filled with solid gold bars either! ; )

    • Sparkletastic

      Absolutely the best answer!!! ????

    • M Green


  • bir

    Hermes Kelly in dalmatian buffalo with GHW becaue its so monochrome and easy to wear im hoping one will show up soon !!!

  • John

    Givenchy Animation Pandora (black/brown combo) from a few years ago.

  • klynneann

    A 32 Kelly. Not set on color or leather, but definitely would love a Kelly one day.

  • Yoshi1296

    Already got my holy grail and I am so happy!! It was the Pre-Fall 2014 black Lady Dior with the blue rose print. I hate buying bags pre-loved so I was EXTREMELY happy to find this bag in the store.

    • shopper

      I’d never consider buying a used bag (I call it like it is, none of this “pre-loved” stuff). I don’t see the point buying used. I’ve looked on eBay and other sites and the prices are almost the same as buying new. Used luxury car,ok. Used luxury bag, no! Bags are personal.

      I think we reach a point of no return with prices. If you desire a particular $4000 bag, then just keep saving up to buy a new one in store. You have the thrill of walking into a flagship and interacting with polished SA’s. You also get a warranty.

  • Vanessa David

    The Chanel Grande Shopper Tote in red patent leather, with silver hardware…big, bold and extravagant. I recently visited Manhattan and made the rounds of a few highly regarded designer consignment stores since I’ve heard that the GST may be discontinued. I discovered a treasure trove of gently loved Chanel that made my heart flutter.

  • Sam

    Chanel boy bag, not sure what colour yet but i want something that will age gracefully ;)

  • alice

    Xmas time, a little orange package for me …inside a So-kelly bag (Hazelnu); it’s not finished there is another package: a 255 jumbo chanel in black…

  • Maya

    Large Chanel Boy bag in black and silver and Hermes Constance (how à propos!) in black and silver:))

  • Hermes Kelly. I’m not sure about the specifics but I’d like a darker color. The Kelly is very lady like, structured and suited to a variety of outfits/occasions. Timelessness plus a long strap for functionality makes this bag the perfect holy grail for me!

  • Sofia

    25cm Birkin

  • ellavanw

    Kelly 32, black with gold hardware

  • Blings The Thing

    Chanel Crystal Strass M/L Flap Bag from 2015. Covered in black/blue/gold crystals. I acquired it immediately because I don’t think I’ll ever see another like it. It’s thrilling to own your HG.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I bought my “holy grail” this past April. A Chanel Python Shopping Tote, (nice and large 12″ high x 15″ wide). It’s the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue and has bright silver chain shoulder straps and dual rolled python leather handles. It’s so beautiful AND terribly expensive but I didn’t hesitate at all. Now I can die happy!!

  • Rashida

    Holy Grail? Probably a large Chanel reissue or the same Hermes Consrance ad well! I just don’t save well!

  • Alex R

    My first HG was a Mulberry Bayswater. Now I have four. Then, it was a Celine box bag. Now I have 3. And now, my HG is a Hermes Kelly in dark green. But I don’t think I will get it, because once i own it, I will lose interest. How strange that people always want something else. Strangely enough though, I think my first HG remains the ultimate one. I love those Mulberries to bits, and it is still my favourite brand. I hope they never discontinue the Bays. If I were to choose between these brands and bags, it would still be Mulberry Bays.

    • phlox

      With you on the Bayswater love!

      Your post got me thinking that sometimes the Holy Grail bag is unattainable because if you got it, it would render all your other bags to the unused pile. Sometimes the dream, and the chase, is the best part.

  • Karen

    My Holy Grail bag is the Chanel Grande Shopping Tote. I have admired this bag for about 15 years. I just purchased it and it will be here on Tuesday. I can’t wait.

    • Sparkletastic

      I’m happy for you! Congrats!

  • Dan Ben

    Hermes Kelly travel bag in black. <3

    • Kelly Birks

      Yes, Hermes Kelly is gorgeous.

  • Sparkletastic

    Oooh…my eye wanders and taste / mood change too much for one Holy Grail.

    Almost every bag I REEAAALLY want, I eventually buy. If for some reason I don’t buy a bag I crave (can’t find the color / material I want, expense, timing, etc.) another beautiful bag comes along and displaces the one I was lusting over.

    So mine is more of an ever changing list of bags and brands on my radar vs. one bag. Right now Dior (Lady Dior), Chanel Boy and Saint Laurent are catching my attention. But next week, it really could be a totally different bag I fall in love with and buy.

  • La Dauphine Style

    Definitely Hermes but I can’t decide between a 40 Kelly or 35 Birkin.

    • Kelly Birks

      I prefer Birkin 35cm. Its shape is more beautiful with a easy carrying size. I only buy from my most trusty supplier in China. Their qualities are the best since i’v seen hundreds different suppliers.

  • jc

    well…..I think it will be the birkin alligator or kelly ostrich….

  • MissFluffyCat

    My head says Chanel Reissue, but I wonder if that’s just a subconscious trophy bag for me, because my heart says a blue-grey Bottega Veneta Rete Tote …

    • phlox

      Very important distinction!

  • Dylan Propst

    I really want an alligator Ralph Lauren Ricky, preferably in black.

    • Lisa

      I think the RL RIcky is one of the most beautiful bags made, and it seems to be almost entirely overlooked by sites like PB — maybe just bc it’s American and not French? Similar size, and I suppose, similar aesthetic to the Birkin, but the Ricky lock and rounded flap details make it stunning and distinctive.

      • Dylan Propst

        I agree! I have a Soft Ricky and it’s such a well made bag. I use it everyday and it’s the perfect size.

  • My HG right now is a black box calf Kelly 32 but I don’t mind owning a croc Constance either ;). I think the Kelly will be my HG for the next few years. But I see myself wanting another more expensive bag right after I purchased a Kelly. Once I was truly happy with a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, then Mulberry and now it’s all Céline and Chanel. Is Hermès really the last stop in the quest for a HG bag?!

  • Lisa

    I’m always hunting for a Chanel lamb jumbo in the perfect shade of red with SHW. I could buy caviar with SHW now but this season’s red is too light/bright for my taste so I’ll have to keep searching. I’d love to own Hermès for the quality but none of their bags get my heart pounding. Maybe a Jypsière 28 or Bolide one day….

  • Ese

    My holy grail would be def a Constance, preferably in bright pink or blue lizard. Though I wouldn’t pass on another material or colour :D
    Next to that I’m dreaming of a Chanel Chevron All Black…….sigh

  • Jennifer McGee

    I’m going to go off the reservation and say a Valentino Rockstud Tote in Nero. It’s a little edgy but quickly becoming a classic. I’ll take the pumps too.

  • phlox

    My Holy Grail bag, sadly, doesn’t exist. It would be the Nine West “From Russia With Love” satchel done high-end, in leather, with super durable gold hardware. Until that exists, everything else would be an approximation.

    In undergrad, the slouchy, sloppy, hardware-strewn bags were king – think the Chloe Paddington or the Balenciaga Motorcycle. But this bag! Found at Winners of all places! (that’s the Canadian version of Ross…) it was the Golden Ratio of bags; it easily carried everything, had a deliciously strict structure, I remembered where EVERYTHING was it it (no fumbling for keys, etc., thanks to the handy back pocket…). But alas, it was PVC plastic and cracked and fell apart after two years of constant wearing. I got a ton of compliments on it. But it was also an object lesson in buying quality. I have since moved on to actual designer-quality bags, but they never came close to this little lady.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    A Hermes Birkin 30 in Chevre or Fjord leather and GHW. I don’t care which Color. If I get one, then I’d stop buying handbags. This I promise :-)

  • The Constance, a Celine Box Bag, and a Bottega Veneta Cabas.

  • Janie

    My holy grail has to be my Chanel Maxi w/ Caviar leather & SHW. It goes with everything and adds an instant elegance to any outfit I’ve worn with it. I love that bag more and more everyday!

  • Denise

    Black Hermes Kelly Retourne 32 with gold hardware in Togo leather & my black quilted medium Chanel Boy with silver hardware.

  • Velmamith

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  • Kelly Birks

    For sure Hermes bags. I love both Kelly and Birkin.

    • Kelly Birks

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  • melvel

    Hermes Birkin 35 in Togo, in a rich sapphire blue with gold hardware. I can only dream for now.