Hermes here, Hermes there, Hermes everywhere! With the help of our fantastic members, a comprehensive Hermes catalogue is in the making, with pictures and informations on just about every color/style/shape of bags that Hermes released in the recent past. If you’re a fan, or want to become one, I suggest you head over there and check it out yourself. I suggest putting on a bib though, heavy drooling is guaranteed. :-D

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  • P Ks

    would like to receive an iformative catalogue for hermes bags for man and women collection

  • david keavney

    Considering that no where ,is there available a Hermes catalogue…. yes bring it on.Take care David

  • Gary

    There is in fact, contrary to the above quotation, a catalogue released by Hermés twice a year.

    It includes a variety of items from mens and womens ready to wear, jewelery, bags, furniture, fragrance…. the list is endless.

    If people were less afraid to actually just call the store and ask, then they would discover this.

    I don’t understand why people are in such awe and apparent fear of this store.

    THe staff are friendly and quite fun, and the items they sell are exceptionally good quality, but it is just a store.

  • sandy

    it is not so much an awe or fear of the store itself. it’s customer service. it’s like that at all shops, unless you make a purchase, they will not give you a catalogue! i’ve experienced it many times myself. i don’t always buy something when i go shopping and i notice the difference in customer service.

  • sasja

    I bought an Hermes tamoure Beach basket Bag but can’t find it anywhere in the internet. Is this an old style or a limited edition collection?I bought it in HongKong just this week. Thanks

  • Joanna Ang

    Very good and happy to see that a Hermes catalogue will be born soon. I would love to have one. Keep me posted.

  • Naggy

    I’d like to see a catalogue of theirs since their website is so hard to navigate. (ipad)

  • Jenny

    Agree! …. the website is so crappy.