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  • Sara

    I’m speechless! No words.
    Except for “what da?”

  • Mtjia

    I love the citron/lemon bag. Better start saving up :-)

  • W S M

    I’m not a fan of these types of posts. People say the same thing about Chanel and Vuitton’s prices. Why would you spend ‘x’ when you can buy something at Walmart for ‘Y’. That’s not the point. For one thing, that’s basically Hermes’ market. I cannot afford Hermes, but I can appreciate that others have the ability to do so. Hermes is nowhere near as innovative or experimental in their designs (as, say, Loewe), but they incorporate design choices to appeal to their currently existing clientele. It’s a club or a cult, depending on how you look at it.

  • FashionableLena

    A person with more money than brains. You can tell just from the pictures that the bags are well-made. I actually really like the shape and silhouette. However, I wouldn’t buy it because of the fruit. It makes a beautiful, interesting bag look juvenile.
    In world of Hermes, those prices for a bag are reasonable. I’m interested to know the dimension of the bags.

    • LadyB

      BRAVO!! That’s my thought exactly! The bag itself would be just beatiful and worth the money, except for that fruit thing at the front. my first thought was: can I remove it? The bag is beautiful….but it is clearly influenced by Gucci latest wave of colourful products. I know everyone is worshipping Alessandro Michele at Gucci, but I often wonder who would wear his creations, and here I wonder the same. We are looking at a bag that would appear on the arm of someone used to attend board meetings in a multinational corporation , or the wife of someone that does that…. Gorgeous bag beautifully made, but… What about the lemon???

  • laura

    Those look like Kate Spade bags.

  • Sandy

    I will not be in line to purchase one, I doubt many will be playing the Hermes game (trying to get the SA to show you a Birkin) to get one of these!

  • JH

    Q: PurseBlog Asks: Who Buys a $6,000 Hermès Bag with a Lemon on It?
    A: Someone with a lot of money or an obsession with Hermes. It does not have to be a person with more money than brains — after all it could be all that brain power that made them rich enough to afford Hermes. Once you go down this road of why spend X amount on Y bag, then why buy any designer bag when there are cheaper ones and if that happens where would Purseblog be. Running a blog on Wal-Mart bags.

    • FashionableLena

      You don’t need to be smart to have money. Look at the Kardashians. Kris Jenner is the brains behind that group. Her daughter’s don’t have two brain cells to rub together.

      • JH

        I’m not saying that everyone with that much money is smart or brainy. All I am saying is why assume that because someone buys these bags, that they have more money than brains. One can be quite smart and very wealthy. Plus what seems like a huge amount of money to one person is literally a drop in the bucket for others.

  • Josh Craig

    This collection reminds me of something Betsey Johnson would make. Too bad Hermes didn’t release this during the launch of Beyonce’s album “Lemonade.” I’m sure she would’ve purchased the lemon ;)

  • Crystal

    These bags serve two audiences:

    A) Hermesheads, (e.g. die-hards who own at least 10 Hermes products)—the 1% of the 1% and drop money on Hermes products without a second glance. Since the “embellished” aesthetic is trending right now (see: leather stickers, custom straps, etc), these bags are Hermes’ way of being part of the trend without selling out. They are designed for someone who already buys Hermes products and wants to add something “embellished” to their lineup of bags.

    B) Trend collectors—people who buy into trends and get one bag from each house. So this type of person would buy bags from each major fashion house per season or year—she probably owns the Gucci Dionysus AND and multiple Fendi straps for her Peekaboo, and so on. Again, a 1% of the 1% (if she has that kind of money), but slightly different buying pattern.

    C) Aspirational Hermeshead: The lower price point on these also may serve as a “gateway” purchase for those who can’t afford the traditional B and K bags but want to own Hermes.

    But the real reason they’ve made this is… Hermes runs, in economic terms, what’s known as a “seller’s market”—they can sell their stuff for whatever they dang want to because they control the scarcity. And the math works out for them!

    They produce an average of 70,000 Birkins per year, so let’s say they produce 1 lemon bag for every 10 Birkins (7,000 bags)—1/20 (3,500 peeps) of their existing customers are die-hards who would buy anything Hermes puts out, and the other 3,500 are comprised of the Trend Collectors and Aspirational Hermesheads. In short, there are definitely at least 7,000 people in the world who would buy the first bag, which makes $42 million dollars for Hermes right there. That kind of moolah is good enough reason to do anything. ;-)

    • mary

      that’s alot of mathematics but i bite =D

    • lulilu

      By your definition, I am a “Hermeshead,” and I can tell you that, as cute as it is, there is no way I would pay that much money for that bag. Hermes does make a lot of cute, whimsical things and some are not terribly expensive, but when it does things like this, I just SMDH.

    • Celia-Sallie Weaver

      They are cute, but just not for me :-)

  • bir

    heres the thing Hermes does this they have done it for ever because Hermes is imagination and i do like Hermes i will recognize it because they do things that are not on the script for a luxury brands. example…..the sac a malice in the shape of a boat or flag,or having made the first ever all black bags or the shadow bags and the mini coin purses in shapes of fruits and animals …….. hermes is filled of these odd little things…… and i like it and i would adore this little bag with the lemon for easy summer walks……

  • That leorangebliss chick

  • Is it weird that I read $6K and thought ‘hmmm that’s cheap for an Hermes’? Lol

  • Morgan Cohen

    The title of the post made me laugh. Someone who obviously loves lemons

  • Smithy

    I know who would buy it — Yolanda Foster with her love of lemons and money she’s made from marrying rich.

  • Yoshi1296

    It’s kind of hypocritical for people to think buying this is “dumb” or “irresponsible,” while they buy other bags that cost the same. Let people buy whatever they want. They aren’t taking your money to buy it. And not everything needs a specific demographic to appeal to. Hermes just did this for fun, that’s it. Buy it if you want, or don’t.

  • Kenzie

    Maybe Beyonce (“Lemonade” reference)?

  • kathrin9674

    I like it but I don’t like it 6.000 USD enough.

  • MissDemeanor

    For rich mothers to give their grown up teen daughters for “fun”. Personally I think they’re hideous.

  • 787878781

    If i could afford it. Yes. I am a health professional so a lemon bag would be great.
    To all complaining about the cost… these bags are HAND sewn, by artisan leather experts… just think how many people get to pay rent with people buying these kinds of bags.. the seamstress, the leather producer, the farmer who produced the animal, all the people working for Hermes the landlords of the stores and factories Hermes leases from, the transportation employees, sales people, the janitorial staff at each of Hermes stores, and factories… the advertizing agencies and all who work for them, and thereby all magazines where they advertize and their employees… and the magazine outlets… the US Postal service sending out the magazines to subscribers… – i could go on but digress. Complaining about a high cost for a high quality item is just jealousy and short sightedness of the big picture. Be happy someone can afford this bag and employ soooo many people. The 1% of the 1% employes the other 99% = ie. the “trickle down” of economics.

  • emily

    People who can afford to get more than classic bags.

  • Christine Cheng

    I have the Citron 22 Clutch. It was not that expensive, cute and fun to wear especially in the summer. I collect their smaller unconventional pieces that is not too popular with everyone else. I don’t collect K or B, but get offered to buy them on a regular basis when the shops gets them in. As Crystal puts it, I definitely falls into the Hermesheads category, but I shop sensibly and do not have a specimen of every single one of their bags. I like to use the simple & slick designed bags with a relax feel to it. Like the Picotin which I have 3 sizes in different colours, um I wear their coats and jackets as well as simple tops. Its the craftsmanship of a bag that I appreciate, the simplicity of it’s design and wacky witty sense of humour in it. Their clothes, I love its quality. Their cashmere coats this season is lighter than those of Loro Piana’s. Amazing & in fun colours. (Hermes bags are most expensive in the US and much cheaper to buy in Paris & London.)