Hermes Steeple Canvas Horse Tote, $2700 via Hermes (for now)

Hold on to your horses, folks. Or at least hold on to your Hermes Steeple Canvas Horse Totes – prices for the most expensive handbags in the world are about to get even higher.

We’re hearing from multiple people, including Mizhattan and Jim Shi’s Twitter account, that prices brand-wide are about to rise 9% at Hermes. There’s some conflicting information over when exactly that will happen – some say the end of January, some say January 24th specifically, some say early February – but whenever it happens, it’s soon. If you’ve been waffling on whether or not you should make a purchase, it’s decision time.

Hermes cites the need for the increase as the ever-rising cost of raw materials, specifically silk and crocodile. While it may be factually true that those things are more expensive than they were a year ago, it would be just as factually correct for Hermes to say, “Why are we raising prices? Well, duh, because we can.” The Hermes customer is not a woman who can be accurately called “price-sensitive” in the first place, and even though everyone grumbles about increases, it never seems to stop Hermes bags from flying off of shelves. Get to shopping, ladies – it’ll be a lot more expensive in a couple of weeks.

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  • M Martell

    There goes my dream of ever purchasing a Hermes! lol

  • Sandra Rowley

    I guess there are a lot of us just simply looking for the status symbol. That is the only reason that I can think of to spend the more that twice as much for a bag as other premiere designers. Can you tell me that the Birkin is that much better than say a Celine Luggage Tote to warrant the huge difference in price? I love bags and believe you get what you pay for…to a certain extent…and then you are just being ripped off. Buy the Celine/YSL/Chanel/Balenciaga/LV bag instead and go on a vacation too!

    • Stacy F.

      Hear, hear!

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      So true! No bag can match the experience of discovering another foreign part of the world!

    • Wesley

      Like you Sandra, their bags are with super crazy prices. For anyone who dream for a Hermes, please awake!!!

  • Kates

    Yeah, I gotta agree with Sandra. I think the Hermes Kelly is one of the loveliest bags ever, and I have no doubt it’s exceptionally well-crafted, but after a certain point, you’re paying for “Hermes” not the bag.

  • Margot

    Agree with Sandra. I want to carry couture, but would not certainly buy a kelly and stop travelling!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    100% agree with Sandra Rowley and I believe overpaying for a status symbol just feeds the cycle of comparing ourselves to unreachable celebrity standards, often losing ourselves in the process. The truth may come painfully to some daydreaming women, but they do not need to emulate celebrity excess to make an impression on the world.

  • Mirna

    Like it’s not ridiculously priced already! Thats crazy. I see nothing special about a birken. There are plenty of great quality leather bags out there that we can buy. Tory burch,Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs make bags that are nicer in my opinion. Let’s not forget the leather LV bags!!! They’re the same company I’m sure it’s the same quality leather :)

  • mochababe73

    As much as I like the Hermes as a luxury brand and would love a Birkin, the bag just looks impractical and cumbersome anytime that I see someone with it. You can’t even through it over your shoulder, and it looks like it weighs a ton.
    Like Chanel, I can scratch Hermes off of my wishlist.

  • rose60610

    Wow. Darn it. I still want an Hermes bag. But I’m not going to buy a bag just because it’s in stock before a price increase unless it’s exactly what I want. All this “Hermes wait listing” garbage turns me off. Hermes is beautiful, dreamy and all that, but I’m not going to wait around an eternity before the Hermes gods decide I’m “good enough” to anoint me with a friggin’ purse.

  • 19yearslater

    This is ridiculous. A CANVAS bag that looks like it features a decapitated horse for 4 figures?

  • Eleanor

    A three thousand dollar CANVAS bag (we may as well round up)? My response isn’t appropriate for print. It’s mindblowing. Three thousand dollars?

  • Katharine

    While I agree that many do see any Hermes bag, whether a Birkin, Kelly, Jypsiere, Constance, etc. as a status symbol, I think it’s a bit hasty to insinuate that those who choose to purchase Hermes bags are being “ripped off” compared with those who prefer Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or other premier designers. For me, I prefer to chalk it up the the old “to each his own” adage. Personally, I do consider the price of a Birkin worth it. I really value the craftsmanship that’s behind the bag, and to be honest I think of it as a work of art–of course, there are many, many people who would disagree with my assessment, or think of it as silly, and I respect that. I’m also not someone who has a Birkin at the cost of giving up other luxuries like traveling (which is a luxury in and of itself, and not necessarily one that everybody unanimously values above other things, whether these are bags, cars, or any number of things). While I completely agree with many of the above posters that a lot of celebrities (Kimmy K, I’m looking at you) and other people want a Birkin simply for the show of it all, there are just as many people who want the bag because they love it, not because it’s a status symbol. Lord knows I don’t view mine as a status symbol–more of a tote to lug all of the novels I’m reading around with me! And an incredibly heavy tote at that ;). But a tote I love nonetheless :).

  • melodymouse

    We all spend our money on different things and have different priorities. Some people invest in real estate, others ride ultra-light carbon road bikes, some may buy paintings, antique furniture, handbags or shoes. It’s nobody elses’ business. I would love a Hermes bag, but can’t afford it at this stage in my life. Maybe in twenty years, things will be different and I will buy one. And I will love it. Tacky celebrities who flaunt their wealth while so many people are currently suffering terrible financial strain, make me sick. But if they want to buy a million Birkins, that’s their business. And let’s face it – if you are going to spend $2500 on a bag, and extra 9% shouldn’t really stress you that much. If it does, maybe it’s not the most sensible financial decision to be making and a sign that you shouldn’t really be buying it. That said, ugly is ugly, and even if Hermes paid me I wouldn’t carry that revolting canvas horse bag.

  • Bir

    Here we go again !!!! But ……still …….the best of the best !!!!!

  • J Umm

    that is just ridic

  • Gloria

    Hermes bags are quality bags! People who can really afford these bags don’t care what they cost…. and that’s who the Hermes’ market really is. I am fortunate to have a couple bags but that’s probably it for me. But I SUPER enjoy them.

  • vaudyvoo

    i second u gloria, i love the hermes birkin not bcoz i want to show it off by owning a birkin but i really LOVE the bag and appreciate the craft of the bag. it is actually the most desirable bag that anyone can dream of.

  • monica

    yes it is very expensive. yes their marketing strategy is very clever. i used to think it’s ridiculous to buy a hermes bag. but at a certain level, certain age, certain position and point, you somehow might change your mind and buy it anyway. money is just money, if you can afford them. enjoy it however you want it. i bought one eventually. i do love the bag not because i need to show or prove something, i just like the fact that you have to hunt for it. it’s a fine quality and heck yes, i am enjoying it. yes it’s silly, a lot of hungry people out there but i guess there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life the silly way once in a while. i am planning to hunt a few more btw. :))

  • Kate

    I love my Birkin. I don’t use it to show off. Where I live no one even notices it, which I love. I mainly use mine as a tote when I travel. Sure it was expensive, but worth it IMO. I love to admire it even when it is just me and my bag.