Versace Snap Out Of It HandbagDidn’t your mother ever tell you to “Snap out of it!”? Well sorry all you mothers, there is nothing about this Versace bag that makes us want to do anything but stare. Versace has always been known for its nearly unattainable glam, and this bag follows those standards. If someone loves you enough to let you dish out over $1300, you better believe you will be receiving all the eyes and attention there is to be given.

This Versace “Chain Snap Out of It” Bag sets a perfect accent to a woman’s upscale, glamourous style. It is adorned with a strand of Versace charms dangling from the front, with a strass-detailed shell on the chain pull. Our take on the charms is that not only do they visually draw attention to the bag, but also every ear will turn as you pass them on the street. The bag’s features list reads like the Maybach‘s handbook, and ranks within its own class in as pomptuous of a manner as its 4-wheeled counterpart. And when you’re spending a small fortune on a bag, anything less than the most ornate bag is unacceptable.

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