Sogni Darte HandbagSometimes it is nice to see a designer spice up the world of purses and handbags. Luckily a Southern Italian woman decided to add total creativity and life to her new line of bags made in Italy. For starters the handmade Sogni D’Arte Orange Roses Appliqué Handbag. This is not your ordinary bag. I actually thought this bag was made to look like a pineapple, but I think I am mistaken. Either way, it truly is in its own league. Very feminine and creative, made by the little Italian woman with her own shop and brand called ‘Sogni d’Arte’ that means Art Dreams. The bag is made of cotton and shows off a striped yellow and lime pattern. To top it off like icing on the cake is the applique of beautiful synthetic orange little roses with leaves on the front. I still keep looking at it and thinking it looks like a pineapple. Any of you agree? Anyhow the purpose of the bag is to fit around the wrist and accent a cute outfit. For $59 the bag is flirty ingenious fun at Forzieri.

Sogni Darte HandbagGeorge, George, George of the jungle strong as he can be! Watch out for that handbag! (Quit laughing at me) I couldn’t help but need to add some sort of jungle song into this write up because this bag is just BANANAS! Just like the “pineapple” bag this Sogni D’Arte Handmade Green Leaves Appliqué Handbag is definetly the only one of its class. The bag is made of cotton and completely drenched by an applique of synthetic green leaves. I felt a little disappointed to know the back does not have the leaves, rather the back is striped in green. Darn. If the whole bag were saturated with handmade leaves I’d dig it even more! Just like the Orange Roses Appliqué Handbag, the Green Leaves Appliqué Handbag is made to be worn on the wrist. I am a little baffled at how to pull this bag off, but if any of you women are out there who can where whatever whenever, buy this bag at Forzieri for $95 and let me know!

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