Beverly Hills Lifestyle MagazineYou might remember a couple months back when we talked about a new amazing partnership with high end luxury, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. The newest issue just hit the stands and I have to say, it keeps getting better and better. Since we are in the midst of the Holiday Season, it should be no surprise that this issue is all about extraordinary gifts, people and places. Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine continues to gather amazing articles that you need to see.

For our article, we picked three occasions during the holidays and a fabulous handbag to go with it. From a family gathering, an office party and of course New Year’s Eve, you’ve got to check out our picks and some more great photography by Vlad (see page 96).

Check out Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine!

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  • Jane

    Congratulations! Great article, I am surprised that they didn’t plug the website, but maybe its somewhere else. Perfect choice in bags, if you can afford luxury than those are the bags to purchase.

  • susan

    Beautiful photographs, and great choices.

  • Ana

    For some reason, this magazine really bothers me.
    Not only does it seem pretentious and snobby and tacky,
    ‘profiling the most interesting people in the world’
    and they chose Kim Kardashian?

    • Sean

      What is tacky about the magazine!? I think Ana is has not really seen the same magazine I am looking at. I think it is one of the most beautiful magazines I have ever seen. Ana, I think you need to retake a look of the magazine. Also why are you so negative?

      • Ana

        I’m not sure why you felt the need to include the personal jab at the end. Do you know me? Anyway, if you believe it’s a beautiful magazine, more power to you. If I believe this magazine is ridiculous, that is my opinion, and I am entitled to it.

  • Sarah

    I love Kim! I am so excited to read the choices. Get all of Kim’s clothes here