First off I have to say thank you for being so patient with our sporadic, random, and lack of postings this week. I caught a nasty flu-like, incessant headache, cold/flu/virus and have not quite been myself. Luckily we have had our new writer, Amanda, there to pick up some slack.

Vlad and I wanted to update you on some Purse Blog and Purse Forum happenings (really, we should check in more often!). We are working on a site re-design that we both are awaiting like kids giddy for Christmas morning. We love our design now, but it is time to bring it up a notch and phase out the colorful and funky designs and bring in a more sophisticated magazine look. Vlad is working with our design team to get this up and running in the soonish future. I always want the results much sooner than they can be delivered, so I am thinking sometime in August. The new design will also be incorporated into the Purse Forum.

The Purse Forum has become one of the top 50 busiest forums on the web. We have 126,898 (as of 9:56 am EST, July 25, 2008) and are adding around 200 new members a day. Where do they all come from? Well, everywhere and it is insane. But thank you all for coming, registering, and being part of our community! If I were Vlad I would dish out other stats and numbers, which he loves to do (something like 295,747 threads and 7,039,594 posts and much more), but I am not and this is about all I know for now.

In other news, we are looking to open three new sites in the next month. We have been working on them, another reason we have been really busy, and are excited to finally launch. One I somewhat dabbled with previously but have not been following through regularly. It is My Couture and will be related to all things fashion oriented, from Designer Fashion to Designer Accessories. We will start working on this regularly next month. The other two sites I will not reveal quite yet, but they are both directly related to Purse Blog and I am super excited!

Our new focus for Purse Blog is bringing you product reviews of bags. Our review section will continue to grow as we bring you exclusive product photography of some of the latest and greatest bags. Vlad is the photographer, as he is a huge photography buff, and this has continued to merge my passion of handbags with his passion of photography. We hope you enjoy this new addition to Purse Blog and we know that it is setting us apart from other handbag and fashion sites.

Lastly, we have hired our first full-time employee who will begin working for us August 1st. Vlad and I work full time on Purse Blog and Purse Forum and the added help is much needed! Furthermore, we absolutely love our new employee (it is my sister, of course we love her!) and are looking forward to having her on board and continuing to expand our business. We will tell you more about my sister once she arrives.

This is all we have in news right now, but I think it was time to update you all so you know a bit of what is going on. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for your continued support and we will get backs to the bags now :mrgreen:

P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • Beautylicious

    Thanks so much for the update, Megs! It all sounds very exciting to me. Can’t wait to see the new designs! And congratulations on hiring your sister.

    I love tPF and I’m glad so many other members from all over the world feel the same. :mrgreen:

    I hope you feel better soon :smile:

  • Megs

    Thanks so much!!!! Just thought it was time to update everyone as we have so much going on or planning to go on!

    Love having you on the forum :mrgreen:

  • Mid-

    Great update, Megs!

    “bring in a more sophisticated magazine look” sounds so intriguing… can’t wait!! Thanks so much for maitaining the fabulous community!!:smile:

    • Oh I hope we do just that now, bring the magazine look, now I am worried we won’t provide! JK

  • shan

    WOW! Those numbers are astonishing!!! I cannot wait to be a part of the business!

    • We are soo thrilled to have you on board!!

  • I love it just like it is!! I cannot wait to see the new stuff. I know it will be amazing.

  • lula_bernie

    Thanks for the update! I am very excited to see the upcoming changes!

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the update and am very much looking forward to the newly designed website and all the new stuff that you and Vlad will be introducing!

    I’ve been a follower of the PurseBlog for about 6-8 months now and have always found your reviews and personality of everyone in your team to be fun, extremely down to earth and refreshing.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much Jamie!!! We want to come off to the readers how we are in “real life”. I am just a girl who loves handbags, Vlad is a guy who doesn’t mind that I love them and loves computers, and we want to continue to be true to ourselves and all of you.

      We are really looking forward to expanding and having you all grow with us!

  • dimon

    This is interesting news because I have loved the glossies since age 14 and am wondering how the sophistication can be translated on to a computer screen. Living in France I appreciate that you travel here often and discover with Vlad all that Europe has to offer in luxury products, and yet have a grounded American sensibility about quality and a general don’t-try-to-take-me-for-a-fool with those prices attitude. Furthermore, I love the TPF and have used it to research shoes, sunglasses, watches and of course purses. Keep up the good work and I hope your success with the new blog design is bug free!

  • Veronika

    Congrats on all of the success of the Purse Blog!!! I can’t wait to see all of the new designs!
    You guys are doing an awesome job!!! :smile:

  • VANmiracle

    Can’t wait to see the new magazine look. I am having so much fun on the Purseforum and I think its an amazing platform.

  • Oh Wow! I’m so proud of you guys. I used to never post and just sneak in and out but now I can’t wait to have something to share on the forum. Congratulations on all your success, can’t wait to see the new look and the new sites.

  • babyboo

    Megs thats such cool news to hear!! as an old tpf memeber its amazing to see just how much the PF has grown.. congrats on everything and to your sister too

    hugs to all

  • splbkean

    Почему Вы так думаете? У меня своё мнение на этот счёт. Но тем не менее материал интесный и прост для восприятия

  • bmw-talk

    Great list with some I missed, so thanks! (Hey that rhymed :) )