Luella Luca Haircalf Bag1Today is hectic. After the most wonderful month spent in Germany and all over Europe, it’s time for me to be packing my bags (by bags I mean I packed my life into the hugest luggage imaginable) and heading back to the states (well what is left of Florida- bye bye trees). On a quick side note- everyone who may be affected by Hurricane Katrina is in my thoughts. Stay safe- and remember that possessions are only that. I, unfortunately, know all about Hurricanes from growing up in Florida and losing our house to Hurricane Andrew in ’92. To all of you in the path of the storm, stay safe and we all are thinking about you. Back to some business- handbags and purses. So while I vehemently try to re-pack, which is not going as well as planned, I allowed myself to get side tracked to browsing some bags. Lovely how my mind thinks. Speaking of lovely, I saw this Luella Luca Haircalf Bag and also fell in love.

Luella made a huge impression into the fashion world with its high end designer Luella bags, which we all love so much. This bag adds a different flavor to the mix of the usual Luella bag (the Gisele). The Luella Luca Haircalf Bag adds a touch of sophistication with this haircalf treated bag and adds a touch of flare and fun with the grommet and stud detail. The bag features leather trim, a single strap with ring detail, a fold-over tab with a hook closure, suede lining, and of course- the signature heart-shaped charm which grabbed my attention first. The bag is simple and lovely. To add this lovely one to your endless handbag obsession, buy it at Saks for $1,295.

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  • Lisa

    I agree with you on this bag! Its understated elegance mixed with tough grommets and rings makes this bag a great day-into-night bag!

  • Roy

    Love the bag, except for the heart, but I’m a boy, so there…I’m sure most will find the hearts cute :)


  • lori d

    It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I’m going to assume that it actually has hair on it? DOn’t get me wrong – I am a diehard luella fan, but any bag covered in hair really is kind of gross.

  • Roxie

    This is my kind of bag!

  • Lori

    you know if you like this bag you might look into one that’s out for fall by Isabella Fiore = dammit i’ll find the name again and post it – it’s even better than this one (seriously – and I am a Luella whore) and also wayy less $$
    never thought I’d dig an IF bag, but this one’s got me drooly I’ll try and find a link!

  • Lori

    Isabella Fiore – fall ’05 “Quilty pleasures”

  • billyjoe


  • kat

    Just got the IF Quilty Pleasures tote (turquoise) and I am in love. Never thought I’d go for Fiore either, but go get one if you can (they’re totally sold out in my city). Functional & fits over the shoulder too.
    The Luella hairy bags freak me out. They look like a horse. I know that’s the idea but me no likey.

  • iluvbags

    I just found the Quilty Pleasures bag at a store in my city. It was a return from someone who had it for two months!!! In perfect condition. I couldnt beleive it. That bag has been sold out for months EVERYWHERE!! I really love that bag. I hope Fiore continues to make great leather bags. I’m not too crazy about the beaded and flowery looking ones

  • Luella Purse

    I know it may be hard to believe but name is Luella Purse. I work with children with HIV/AIDS at Iris House in NYC. I was wondering if in the spirit of what we have in common and some very powerless children, you may be intrested in donating a “Luella Purse” as an auction item at our fundraiser being held at the Museum of the City of NY on May 10th? I can be reached at the above email or at My sincere thanks for your consideration.
    Cordially, Luella Purse

  • Phil

    Looks really stylish. Is it very heavy ? I recently bought a Miu Miu leather bag. It’s cool but quite heavy.

  • Phil

    :razz: The bag looks really stylish. Is it very heavy ? I recently bought a Miu Miu leather bag. It’s cool but quite heavy.

  • Naggy

    That brown is so rich, like a deep milk chocolate. (ipad)

  • KY

    The bag looks nice, but not for me. (ipad)