A while back (yes Leslie, a long while back- my apologies!!), I had the pleasure of chatting with Leslie Newton a bit about her line of handbags. The line she has that I am head over heels in love with is her Curious George line. Growing up that little monkey was a big part of my life. My mom always read me every book and I watched the shows and owned so many items with my favorite primate (and of course the man with the yellow hat). Leslie has started a company that is flourishing and now has one of my favorite characters of all time. I am sure so many of you will fall in love with this line and wish to purchase something from it for a very special person (me would be great, or family and friends I suppose ;-) )

Leslie Newton Curious George Dr Bag

The Leslie Newton Curious George Dr Bag shows off a yellow suede body with snakeskin trim. The focal point is the Swarovski crystal face on the front. For a fun inside, there is Curious George lining. The bag measures 11″ H x 16″ W and is available for $350 via the online store.

Leslie Newton George Suede Tote

Next we have the Leslie Newton George Suede Tote. This bag is one of my favorites because of the pink suede which is trimmed in brown leather and also shows off Swarovski crystal accents as George’s face on the front. The tote closes with a magnetic snap and has the cute monkey lining on the inside. Dimensions are 16″W x 14″H x 5.5″ at the sides. Buy it for $330 through Leslie Newton online.

Leslie Newton Curious George Suede Phone Tote

The Leslie Newton Curious George Suede Phone Tote is one of my favorite accessories from this line. Who doesn’t seem to own a cell phone these days? To protect your cell this holder comes in pink, blue, yellow, or green suede with Swarovski crystal to form George’s face and a snap closure. Perfect gift for a price of $90 via the online shop.

Leslie Newton Curious George Banana Make Up Bag

And lastly Leslie has designed a quirky and funky make up bag that is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! The Leslie Newton Curious George Banana Make Up Bag is a yellow leather banana shaped bag that resembles the fruit George loved so well. Finishing off this make up bag is CG lining and a cute banana zipper pull. Get crazy with this accessory for $90.

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  • chloehandbags

    I love it!!! I, too, remember Curious George!

    As I’m sure some of you will know by now (!),I don’t agree with the snakeskin; but what a lovely idea! A+++

  • mel

    i love the style and the monkey will bring in the younger generation i do not like the yellow purse at the top but like the other person said it goes along perfect with the curios goerge look a+++

  • Gen

    Oh my GOODNESS! This is such an amazingly adorable bag! I love it. My best friend and I bought this bag and we literally get stopped in the street with complimenting it and asking where we bought it. I truly adore this line of bags!

  • Kyndra

    Curious George ROCK :!: :grin:

  • Lou

    They’re Megaa Lushious! xXx :razz:

  • Jovie

    It makes me go bananas

  • Naggy

    Wow, are these for a 2 year old? (ipad)