Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

kooba callie
Kooba Callie

Today everyone wants to be Irish! Don’t you notice that on St. Patrick’s Day everyone begins to ramble off the list of relatives that makes them Irish. “Well my great-uncle’s sister’s cousin’s friends brother came over from Ireland, so I am Irish”. What it really translates to is “I just want an excuse to drink today, wear green, and sing Irish songs at the bar”. I get it. But when it comes down to it, I am indeed Irish. I was not born in Ireland, but my dad’s grandparents were. Megs is short for Meaghan, yes with all of those added consonants and vowels. No one spells my name properly, but it is the Gaelic way of spelling it. Tonight we are having corned beef and cabbage and drinking green beer. You think I am kidding? I was the kid at school after St. Patrick’s day that reeked of cabbage and still had my lips dyed green from the green water, milk, cookies, pancakes, etc that my mom made the day before. It is quite important in my family that today we all wear green. Many times I downright forget; so before I run out the door I grab a green handbag and then leave, it keeps me in the clear. The Kooba Callie is done in a green Italian leather which is not only perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but perfect for the color trend of spring. This bag features triangle ring hardware and a double top shoulder strap with a 7″ drop. There is a magnetic closure that leads to a large interior zip pocket and two cell phone pockets. Kooba bags are great handbags that last for seasons and really add a funky touch (take the Kooba Sienna for example, a totally edgy bag that was a huge hit!). Buy through Saks for $645.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy being Irish for a day!

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