Juicy Couture English School Girl Velour Day DreamerWhen a name hits the spot more than the bag, you know something is wrong. It is true though. Sometimes the name given to a bag is just too good to pass up. Too funny, too clever, too witty. As much as the Juicy Couture English School Girl Velour Day Dreamer is not a bag that I’m going to be running out to the store to buy anytime soon, the name sure is clever. Actually, rather than use this bag as an everyday bag, I think it would be a cute diaper bag. The bag is made of Juicy soft velour and trimmed in grained leather. Juicy has a way with words. On this bag the phrase “Juicy State of Mind” is embroidered on the front, and accented with golden studs and sparkling rhinestones. The outside of the bag is fun with its many additions. There is also a satin ribbon laced through beautiful goldtone grommets which give the bag a cinch top. There is also an elasticized side pocket. Good news for your arm is that the shoulder straps are wide and made of grained leather- durable and easy to carry is always a plus. Inside you will find Juicy logo lining and an interior gold leather zip pocket which says “Shop!” As if we needed a pocket to tell us what to do! So when I first began on this bag, I mentioned the name. How bout that name? Juicy Couture English School Girl Velour Day Dreamer sounds naughty and flirty. I know I was a Catholic school girl, and that is still used as a Halloween costume because it is that pure girl with naughty thoughts, and I’m wondering if Juicy was looking to make anyone think the same with the name of this bag. Either way, this bag is still going to be available via eLuxury for a reasonable $175.

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