Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Tartan Bag Those who attended a parochial institution may receive tingles up and down their spine when they see this handbag. Yes, I went to a Catholic grade school and high school. Does underlining you perfect black pen (of course never blue) cursive name, class, subject, and date with line formed by a red pen and ruler ring a bell? Ding ding over here. My schools were both amazing and ridiculous at the same time. And the uniforms, they were hideous. In grade school it was a skort and in high school it was a plaid skirt paired with penny loafers, a button up white blouse, and the 2-2-2 rule (two earrings, two rings, two necklaces, preferably holy garments at all times). I am not sure JPG realized the emotions he would evoke when designing the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Tartan Bag, which implements woven tartan with its trench style overlay. The shape is great and the trench style overlay adds a chic dimension, that is alluring and also odd at the same time. The shape is very reminiscent to the Dior Detective Bags, featuring two front flaps with decorative buttons and a belt and buckle that encircles the base. Yet, I still am left with images of uniform detentions in my mind. Available through eLuxury for $1495.

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