Dolce and Gabbana Eel Python HandbagSo the trend in high end bags seems to be the use of various exotic skins. I really adore some and others not so much. Like I said before the whole croc/gator thing doesn’t really do it for me since I see them as predators. And as much as a real snake like a Python would scare me if I had to encounter one, the skin is absolutely gorgeous. But I am not sure I have heard of eel skin being used before. Actually when I think of eels I think of electric eels that are supposed to be ohh so bad, you know, like the ones that were in The Little Mermaid. But Dolce and Gabanna has decided both Eel and Python delicacies need to be made into one bag. This is where the Dolce & Gabbana Eel & Python Handheld Bag was born.

Dolce & Gabanna is known for their high end exotic beautiful creations. The exotic eel and python bag shows off the ingenuity and beauty of Dolce and Gabbana. The bag features a flap top with diary-lock closure, double shoulder straps, gold tone hardware, and of course signature print lining with an inside zipper pocket. Sizing up at 9″H X 13″L X 6″W, I could see the bag being used by an elite fashonista business woman. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, combining the simplicity of the brown style with the intricately delicate eel and python skin. It is one of a kind and the price reflects that: you can buy the bag at Saks for $2,150.

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  • AJ

    I’ve seen eelskin bags from Japan before, received one as a gift. The skin is incredibly soft and smooth and awesome to the touch but very very delicate.

  • wow, that bag is gorgeous! but i really dont feel like wearing reptile and fish skins around…:(

  • Laura Larson

    The Avery Griffin leather holster was included in the Oscar’s gift bag for presenters of the 2006 Academy Awards. This sleek holster clips to your belt loop or purse and holds your cell phone, PDA, ipod, keys, cash or plastic. Available at

  • lucy

    Do you know how much torture goes into making these things? Animals are skinned alive for gods sake, I am not an animal rights activist by any means, but the production of these handbags is particularly cruel and really, who cares how soft it is, you would not skin a baby for a hand bag, they are also pretty soft.

    • Benjy B.

      If you eat meat, poulty, fish, then shut up! If you sit on leather seats, wear a leather belt, or own a pair of leather shoes then shut up! Don’t you think cows and fish feel pain when they are slaughtered for our use? That doesn’t seem to bother anybody though! Let’s face it, Animals have been slaughtered for human use since the begining of time so get over it! Worry about the thousands of children starving to death on a daily basis who would love to eat the python or crocodile meat that is harvested along with the skins for bags!

  • Nathalie

    on the contrary, in most countries the snakes that are being used for your pathtic excuse of fashion is actually the worst thing you can do because they kill all the things that ruin crops and harvesting processes in those countries, if yuh stop killing the snakes, then the crops will grow food and the starving people can eat real food like the rest of us instead of feasting off of your leftover snakes you ignoramous!! and so what if they have been killed for thousands of years, there’s always time for change and the time is now. For someone to claim this as ingenuity and beauty of Dolce and Gabana well to you i feel sorry that you’re that small-minded!!

  • Philippa

    That bag is TDF!!! I love it

  • Maggie

    Wow! This is Gorgeous!! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I love eel skin, and I would like that in a wallet. (ipad)

  • KY

    Looks nice, but not my style. (ipad)