I’m very comfortable in my belief that Christian Louboutin is the best all-around shoe designer on the face of the planet right now. From a large stable of perfect basics to season after season of jaw-dropping art-in-shoe-form, Louboutin does almost everything that he does very well.

Except for handbags.

For some reason, Mr. Louboutin can’t translate his amazing talent into purses. Try as he might, every few months, he releases some more bags that just…aren’t…quite…right. He continues to turn out shoes that are arguably perfect, but I’ve never seen a bag of his and thought, “Yes, indeed, I will pay money for that.”

To me, the Fall/Winter ’08 ‘Armadillo’ line is a perfect example of Louboutin’s problem with purses. Take the d’Orsay Peep-Toe Platform Pump; a seamless mash-up of simplicity and punky attitude with the pintucked leather pleats going all the way down the back of the high, high heel. Great for work or play and downright gorgeous to behold.

Then, take the Layered Leather Hobo. Is anyone else getting ‘black leather fortune cookie’ when they look at this? Because I sort of am. I don’t find it entirely loathsome, but it’s definitely nowhere close to my want list, and even if I received it as a gift, I’d probably eBay it. Whereas shoes often benefit from their designer’s focus on architectural details, this hobo seems almost too architectural and stiff, particularly in a shape (the hobo) and type of leather (calfskin) that is at its most beautiful when allowed to sag and fold naturally. It ends up looking overworked and over-thought – two things that Louboutin’s splendid shoes almost never do. However, if you are interested, you can buy the Hobo through Saks for $1,995.00.

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  • Diesel&Coco

    I LOVE IT!

    I guess it does sort of look like a fortune cookie, but I would never have come up with that on my own.

    In a world where designers seem to copy each other season after season, I am so excited to see something FRESH and NEW! Sure, maybe it’s not the “everyday, every outfit” bag, but it’s sleek and sexy and modern – and about to be in my closet!

  • I don’t know if I love it or hate it… Looks like an armadillo to me. I appreciate the amount of work on it, but it kinda creeps me out.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE IT! It looks like a pillbug! It’s def going on my wish list!

  • hermesmonkey

    This has to be one of the ugliest handbags that I have ever seen. The shoes on the other hand…..will be in my closet if I can find them!

  • dela

    Amanda, you are right Christian Louboutin’s bags always look “overworked and over-thought,” including this one. But, I still like it in a novelty item sort of way.

  • LuvMyShibaInu

    Jennifer, I thought the same thing. It looks like a roly poly!

  • mette

    I think that the bag and the shoe shown match perfectly together.

  • Jaclyn Renee

    This bag reminds me of when my tire came off my car!!! Maybe I’ll salvage the next one, and add a strap. Not too crazy about this! Kudos to those brave enough to rock this look! :cool:

  • me

    It does look like a fortune cookie!

  • debe

    Love it. Very modern with an architectual vibe. Agree with those who are a little bored with all the look alike bags.

  • sputnik

    i love it. i think it’s the first louboutin bag i’ve ever liked.

  • Oliana


  • Koichi Ito

    How about designer Luggages and Shoes for Men? Why don’t Christian Louboutin makes Designer Purse and Shoes for Men? It is about time for Fashion Designer Industries like Casadei SpA., Gucci SpA., Prada SpA., Manolo Blahnik Limited, and Jimmy Choo Limited to make products like purses, clothes, and shoes for Men!

  • LAdakini

    I love this bag and own it in python. It is spectacular and the craftsmanship is brilliant. It is architectural, fits under the arm well, the zipper closes easily with one hand, no struggling in spite of the curve. If you can find one, worth every penny.