Recently we introduced handbags by Beatrice Amblard, who is the designer of April in Paris. Her bags are stunning, all hand made, and one of a kind. While many of you loved the exotic crocodile and lizard bags she designs, you were wondering the prices of her leather handbags. You asked and we found out! Here is a list of some of the brilliant April in Paris Leather Bags. Remember, each bag is made to order and you have the option to pick from various leathers, colors, materials, etc. Find out more at April in Paris online.

april in paris anne
1) Anne bag, grain calf | $3500

april in paris bea
2) Mini Bea, grain calf | $2800

april in paris lima
3) Lima bag, grain calf | $3400

april in paris greta
4) Greta, two-tone, stingray calf | $2800

april in paris anais
5) Anais with detachable clutch, grain calf | $3800

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  • kemilia

    So not my style, and the prices, wow. If I had that kind of money, it would go towards Chanel or a couple of B-bags.

    The first one reminds me of the ‘pocketbook’ my grandma used to carry, except hers was black patent. Lots of women like the structured look so these might appeal to them.

  • Jahpson

    that looks so classy. I love it.

  • Contessa

    That’s exactly my first thought! The kind of bag my Grandmother would wear!!

    I see similar ones at retirement homes all the time.

  • Contessa

    ….definitely something Queen Elizabeth II would wear!!!

  • suzana

    they carry a hint of trying to look like an Hermes bag

    • Mr B

      I don’t think that’s surprising, seeing as how she used to work as an Hermès craftsman.

      I didn’t comment on the last post on April in Paris; the debate got quite heated. At the risk of flaring a new one, I’ll give my opinion on her bags.

      They look well-made; you can tell that whoever made them knows what she’s doing. The colours and materials are great too. What’s lacking is design. Now I know that each bag is a collaborative effort between craftsman and customer, so the latter knows what she is getting is unique. For example, the ‘Lima’ bag above looks like something a hobbyist would produce (if a hobbyist were to use such materials). The bags are too simple. She is going for a ‘classic’ look, but classic doesn’t always mean simple. The little ‘bee’ logo (because her name is ‘Bea’, geddit? So many people referring to is as ‘a cute bug’ last time…) doesn’t fit in with the overall aim; it detracts from the ‘timeless’ look. Finally, as others have said, the prices are too high. While the ‘Anne’ bag may merit such a price, the others’ asking price is outrageous. That ‘Lima’ bag again: $3400? If people buy that from her, then she is a clever woman.

      • william

        I completely agree.

  • mette

    The last one `Anais ´in my opinion is the best of the ones shown. These bags seem very well made but lack the softness I require from a great bag.

  • Linda

    They look dated, stiff and boring.

  • Maria

    theyre too simple and boring! and the price is too high..

  • GeorgiaT

    BORING! Not even the candy colours are able to liven up these bags.

  • Celine

    BOORRRINNNGGG. i’d rather buy Hermès!

  • whiteoleander

    it’s obvious none of you are her target market. i heard she has been in business for about 8 years so if her designs are that boring, she would have been out of business a long time.

    • Mr B

      That’s really no defense now is it? I’ve heard that the high-street store has been in business for a long time, so if their $30 handbags were boring they would’ve been out of business a long time ago. Just because people *buy* the bags, doesn’t mean that the styles aren’t boring. I think what people are buying is the meticulous craftsmanship that she provides. It’s a case of price elasticity too; were the prices lower, she’d have less customers, and less prestige attached to her name.

  • hns4ever

    I think her bags look quite well made. Simple but timelss.

  • Skylla

    They look Hermes like at all means.

  • Irina

    the anne bag belongs on a 95 year old’s arm.

  • GeorgiaT

    Ha! So true!

  • whiteoleander

    so true that all of you have no taste or the slightest idea about custom? definitely.

  • francesca

    If any of you had half the talent she has you would be grateful. Just think that lois vuitton or chanel or any big company like that, they’re bags are all made in factories in china for about ten dollars and sold for thousands. If you’re going to support Hermes who’s ripping you off completely go ahead and buy one of thei ugly tasteless bags. Or you can have a beautifully hand made purse that’s unique and won’t be seen everywhere like a kelly or birkin bag. Take your pick but if you really need to say anything stupid like they’re boring or dated, you might want to keep it to yourself and just TRY to make anything comparable. These bags are amazing and have such elegance and beauty to them. Definately not something my grandmother would wear, much to modern.

  • mary

    I’m in SF and her store is actually located 5 blocks down from where I live and all I can say is wow. Her stuff is amazing and she is really talented. You can see the fabrics, materials, and the equpiment that she uses to create these bags. Everything is design and made and put together by her and you can see even if you are just walking by her store front. It’s not necessary my style but I wouldn’t say it’s not worth it.