The Gucci Pineapple Collection Presents a Playful Take On Iconic GG Supreme

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Alessandro Michele will forever be known as one of the great changemakers in fashion. Since his time as creative director at Gucci, he has been known for his unique designs, often playing with iconic house codes and modernizing them by mixing together aesthetics. In his latest take on a classic, the House introduces Gucci Pineapple, which is a playful collection of pieces that are part collegiate, part streetwear.

Introducing the Gucci Pineapple Collection

Designed to feel youthful yet refined, the primary focus of this campaign is men’s, but as Gucci has leaned towards more gender fluidity in the last few years, the collection can truly appeal to whomever. Recognized by its iconic Gucci GG Supreme print and classic Gucci Web stripe, bags and other pieces from the collection are juxtaposed with a pineapple and rose print, defining the collection and adding a playful, colorful element to an otherwise classic print. Distinctly Gucci à la Alessandro Michele, Gucci Pineapple is said to be inspired by noble families’ coats of arms and their signature element of historical flags.

The pastel print is complimented by deeper hues of blue and green, a contrast between the two worlds of streetwear and collegiate culture. Gucci Pineapple feels light-hearted, fun, and fresh, including a range of RTW and accessories. The pieces are presented in new campaign images designed to convey the collection’s overall light-hearted mood. You’ll want to book a vacation ASAP after viewing the images, and Gucci has you covered with the bags to get you there. The campaign, which was shot at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, perfectly encapsulates the mood with its vivid backdrops, bringing to life the bright pieces of Gucci Pineapple. Discover more below.

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