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The Gucci Bags Carried to its Cruise ’25 Show

Outside of the show and front row snaps

Gucci showed its Cruise ’25 collection in London earlier this week, and we shared the bag focus from the runway: the Blondie. While we wait to see Sabato De Sarno’s continued vision for the brand, we also have snaps from arrivals and the front row before the show.

Of course, this means we will be delighted by Gucci bags galore! The brand dresses VIPs and celebrities, but most attendees come to designer shows wearing designer wares as well.

Front Row Snaps

The front row saw a slew of major names, from singers to supermodels to Salma Hayek Pinault. Two major reoccurring themes when it came to the bags were the Jackie in different sizes and the now brand-defining Gucci Rosso Ancora color.

Dua Lipa Gucci
Dua Lipa | Gucci Jackie
Dua Lipa Gucci
Kate Moss Gucci
Kate and Lila Moss
eiza gonzalez gucci
Eiza González | Gucci Jackie
Demi Moore Gucci
Mark Ronson and Salma Hayek
Poppy Delevingne Gucci
Poppy Delevingne | GG Marmont Shoulder Bag
Davikah gucci
Davika Hoorne
Alexa Chung Gucci
Alexa Chung
Park Gyu young gucci
Park Gyu-young
Emilia Schule Gucci
Emilia Schule | Gucci Jackie
Xenia Adonts Gucci 2
Xenia Adonts Gucci
Xenia Adonts | Gucci Bamboo 1947 Bag

Streetstyle Snaps

Outside of the show, we saw the themes remain the same. The Rosso color in nearly every bag (again a lot of the Jackie) was a major theme. We saw it the clothing, shoes, and other accessories as well. A little pop of pink was a nice color change, too! We see the Blondie making a debut in the Gucci Rosso color, showing this color and bag is here to make a statement.

Images of front row courtesy of Gucci, images of street style by Claire Guillon for PurseBlog.


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Jodie Whitworth
Jodie Whitworth
5 days ago

For me the Rosso will always be Valentino.