Sometimes I forget about my love of Gucci. I get a little set in my ways and comfortable, much like a long relationship. But then something catches my eye and I every feeling of love I have for a brand comes back ten-fold. Gucci was on my long-time, back-burner love corner for a while, but most recently it has moved back to the forefront of my mind. From the absolutely stunning 1970’s bags, to this glamorous 1921 bag, Gucci is on a roll.

The shape of the bag is already stunning, but finishing it in cherry crocodile adds the cherry on top. I love crocodile skin, and when the quality of the skin is superb, the bag stands out that much more. The difference in scales is alluring and the cherry hue helps give this Gucci handbag much more dimension.

The collection is a special edition to celebrate Gucci’s 90th anniversary, and to signify this special achievement, there is also a G.Gucci Firenze 1921 light gold plaque dangling from the bag. The single adjustable strap has a 8.3″ drop, and the detachable shoulder strap with 17.7″ drop. True to Gucci aesthetics, the bag is finished with hand stitching, tassels, and bamboo detail. Buy via Gucci for $27,000.

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  • Adriane

    i thought this was called the jackie…?

    • bryologue

      I’m quite confused with the naming as well. First it was a a Jackie-O, then a Bouvier and then now a ‘1921’ bag? Maybe because the strap is now adjustable? Just kidding. ^_^ 

      •  I’ve been confused about the naming as well – but this is right off the Gucci website so I just went with it.

  • Jackiee1970

    Wow.. stunning!!!  Could or would never pay that of course, but it is an amazing looking bag!

  • camilla

    I agree with you 100%. Gucci was my first love, the first designer bag I bought was a Gucci, glamourous, refined, classy. But my deep love “comes and goes” because some collections are very far away from my taste. Not this one…

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Looks like something COACH can come up with in terms of design (minus the crocodile). 

    • Adriane

      wtf? how can it be coach when coach steals everyone else’s designs?

      • Adriane

        how can it be something coach comes up with*

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      Wow, guess I’ve offended the Gucci Girls….lol

  • Chris

    Indeed stunning. 

  • Suz


  • Roger Simond

    Absolutely stunning looks of theAcross Body Bag, the colour is one of my favourite.

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  • Bag is my weakness I am guilty with that. That’s why when I see these bag, this really catches my eyes and I can’t get my eyes off with this bag because it is really beautiful.