Finally. Someone at Gucci has thrown out a life preserver to save their Resort 2008 collection from complete irrelevancy, and that life preserver is the Sukey Large Python Tote. We’ve spoken previously about the fake-tattoo-covered shortcomings of the 2008 group of bags, and they aren’t pretty. The Python Sukey, however, is nothing short of gorgeous. The reason that it works so well is that the shape of the bag is extremely simple and the surface of the python skin is unmarred by exterior pockets, decorative doo-dads, and unnecessary seaming. The python skin itself takes center stage, and the beautiful combination of cream, tan, and brown scales make a perfect fall bag, even for a girl that isn’t that enthusiastic about brown in any form. Bravo, Gucci. I knew you could do it. This bag is so beautifully simple that it almost makes me forget your past sins. Buy through Saks for $3,195.

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  • Purse Luver

    When will registration be opening for the Purse Forum?

  • MizzJ

    Eh, I’m not feeling this bag either, I think it’s possibly too snake-like??? haha Better luck next season Gucci.

  • daisyjane

    Way too snakey! Good shape though.

  • kiva.b

    sukey large tote is so hot is felicity.

  • Jennifer

    We’re in 2008! We can’t kill a snake for a handbag!!!

  • Geoffrey

    Why can’t we kill a snake for a handbag?

  • dee

    Jennifer is right, killing snakes only for a bag is cruel!!

  • cornelia

    You have to kill snakes all the other animals are gone…

  • Lotte Decker

    I wished there were a little more tolerance – some women love genuine snake/ alligator/ostrich – other women don’t. Nobody is forced to go for *genuine* if they disagree – but the choice should be the buyer’s.
    By the way, there are some excellent *faux* materials (more expensive than regular imprinted leathers) that can easily pass for the real stuff.
    Thank,s for reading my comment….

  • Anna

    I do so love the brown python. It is gorgeous

  • Anna

    can’t decide between the LV Mahina XL bronze and the sukey large tote brown python. advise anyone?

  • ana

    get the sukey large tote brown python

  • Anna

    I did get it. arrived a week ago. My God you’re right! Gorgeous!