Gucci New Large Jackie HoboFinally, a new Gucci bag that I don’t hate. In fact, I really don’t hate it! I quite like it! Not only that, but it’s something that I’ve been wanting them to try for so long. They took the staid, structured, maybe a bit boring traditional Jackie hobo and made the Gucci New Jackie Large Hobo. It’s a slouchy, modern, younger version of a bag that everyone knows and that really needed an update. They did one thing that I hate, though – they gave it an extra, completely unneccessary, annoying strap. The bag can already easily be carried on the shoulder by its natural handle, and the extra strap is only a few inches longer and makes the bag hang oddly when used. Since the original strap is not a separate, attached piece but part of the bag’s structure, it looks like it would be all up in the wearer’s armpit when using the extra strap.

Luckily, this bag has clips that make the shoulder strap detachable, and that’s the first thing that you should do when you get this bag. Other than that, I think they did a great job. I even love the color; a burnt orange is a great, neutral substitute from boring brown, and I’ve been lusting after a similar shade since Balenciaga made a similar one (rouille) in 2006. So fret not, ladies, Gucci hasn’t gone crazy, despite their disappointing Resort collection. This slouchy, boho take on a structured classic is a good start to making up for lost time. Buy through Saks for $3100.

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  • ijm

    i love the style, but HATE the price tag. I’ll have to lust for it from afar for now.

  • janis

    This comes in python as well!!! Gorgeous.

  • Sara

    Personally i think its terrible, it looks like you’ve got a kidney or a lung hanging of your shoulder…what do you think?

  • Cat W.

    love the bag too but not the price for sure….just have to keep dreaming.

  • Otter

    LOVE it — but $3K — no way. I would feel like a total sucker. And I agree — the Resort Collection was just bad. Come on Gucci — get it together.

  • Merve

    the same hobo over and over again YAWN. My mum bought a gucci print bag like this like 8 yrs ago…get it together indeed. And 3k you kidding me?

  • M_butterfly

    Love it but I agree that the extra handle was unnecessary. They could have left it out and sell the bag for at least $1K less LOL

  • lavinia

    You are right: too expencive!!! Gucci and all other designers are moving to the moon with prices…believe me in the next 6 months nobody of us would even go near them… luxury will be luxury!!! But if you go to the gucci web site ( you could find wonderful bags at lower prices. For you americans there also were sold (we as european did not have this chance) and it worth while…believe me

  • Jessica

    OMG!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I agree hate the price tag :-( Cant wait til I am a working gal and can afford an indulgence or two every now and then.

  • Megusi

    With all of the additions to make this the ‘New’ Jackie bag, it doesn’t even resemble Jackie O’s style anymore. I’m honestly a little disappointed with that.

  • misss60

    looks like a boho-hobo lol

    i like that it looks more casual but still chic…i would definitely wear this bag!

  • surferirl

    it comes in a small gg hobo for $1,995 (smaller if your petite like me and this bag would drown you) our in shiny crystal gg for 2,365! Love it

    Michelle O’ should make this her icon.

  • Tiffany

    I love the color, but the style is too western for my taste!

  • Fashion Archives

    Nice color. I love the shape too!

  • Love Pink

    too expensive for this …They’re overprice when the economy go down. I rather get Jockey Python hobo for $3200 than get this bag.

  • Cindy

    I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for Gucci to come up with a bag that I really like. I have no idea why, but suddenly I am obsessed with the Large Black Horsebit Python Hobo……and now this one – it comes in a CORAL PYTHON that has my heart racing! Wait…maybe I’m actually having a heart attack because of what these two bags could do to my bank account…..

  • Gianluca

    The price is fair.

    For one bag in leather you take 7 hours work
    python: 9
    and croco: 13 hours

    it´s a very special stitching and everything is handmade in Italy,
    of course the price will be high.

    If you want to have one, you have to put your name on a waiting list (in europe). so come on, this is luxury and special, everyone wants but only a few will get it.

  • Azeezat

    I love…….it,but it ‘s too expensive

  • fashionista

    i love it but the colours is to bright i think

  • daria

    it is a beauty but really expensive. love the color!

  • Melania

    omg the price is a STEAL, and this bag is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been buying Gucci bags every season since the age of 16 (my very first Gucci was from my dad, and my mom and I had matching ones) whether they’re clutches, big hobos, zip wallets, or messengers and I only carry Gucci. I own this bag in black and my mom has the coral and we both LOVE it!

  • addychoo

    Am in love with this bag, but wished the price tag was more friendly though

  • Discount Shopping

    Large tote bags because i carry alot of stuff in my bag

  • Zendy

    i need to know the prices of the old style Jackie-o collection .. for certain bags .. my ex-boyfriend sold my bags on craigs list .. and i need to know the prices of certain bags.. anyone who is a gucci fan please contact me !!!

  • Ed hardy shoes

    I love the color.Ed hardy shoes

  • Sher77

    I just bought this bag. The leather is incredible! It is very big, but very slouchy, so that helps. I haven’t carried a Guccci bag in years, but this is one gorgeous bag. I am still deciding if I’ll keep it, because of the size.

  • Lina

    As usual I bought mine from the Chic Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I have the red since I’m a sizzling red-head! The bags is absolutely flawless and I got this one @ the Chic Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m contacting her now to see what’s new..going to use my X-MAS money..YES!!! For the hottest designer bags without breaking the bank contact Carliss @ the Chic Boutique CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF.

  • beanyce126

    jackies are always a good style. (ipad)